What Happens If You Put Brown Dye On Purple Hair?

what happens if you put brown dye on purple hair

Yesterday I saw a girl walking on the other side of the road, and I couldn’t stop watching her. I couldn’t stop watching her because she had beautiful purple hair. You know like the ones that are done in movies. Perfect hair with the perfect color for the girl who fits it just right!

I noticed that I was just jealous! Not everyone dares to give their hair such color and walk down the street with it.

Luckily you see more and more girls (but also boys) doing this. 

That’s why I got the idea to do this to myself! But when I talked about it with some girlfriends and thought about it a bit further I didn’t think it was a smart idea. Just because I was a bit scared. What if I want to go back? How does that work then? Can I do that right away?

So that’s why I started doing research right away… Maybe I could convince myself to give this a try! 

All this searching brought me to the fact that eventually, I could go back to brown locks with brown hair dye and that is why I wrote this article. What happens when you put brown hair dye on your purple hair?

So, what happens if you put brown dye on purple hair? When you put brown dye on purple hair, your hair will turn brown. It is as simple as that. So rest assured. If you want to go back from purple to brown you can. Just use brown hair dye to make it all like never before.

Why would you dye your hair back to brown?

Although it looks fantastic of course, purple hair can also look a little too extravagant. If you thought it would be fantastic for you, but you regret it later on, it might be better to go back to tan after all.

But why do most people go back to brown?

Let me start by telling you that dyeing your hair from brown to purple is quite a challenge. This is extremely true for brunettes. You’ll have to spend an enormous amount of time at the hairdresser’s and taking care of your hair is also something that takes up a lot of time.

So why do people go back?

First: Because it doesn’t look as good as they had in mind. Of course, it could be that it would look great in your mind, but if you find out for yourself that this is not the case. If you don’t feel confident it might be better to go back to the old, familiar tan.

Second: Some people might like the idea of it being fantastic for them, but the sudden attention they get can be very overwhelming. For some people, it is better to have it for just a party (because then you can wash it out than it is to have it for a longer time. You might also find that purple hair isn’t great for the formal work that you do. In this case, I think that you should’ve thought about that earlier ;).

Okay for me the first part in finding out if I wanted to go through with dyeing my hair was to find out why people would go back. That way I could see if I had considered these options. But then I started thinking… What if I already have the purple hair and want to go back, how would I go about it?

How to dye over purple hair with brown color?

First of all, you should know that it is not very easy to go back from purple to brown hair. So many questions come up… What exactly happens when I put brown hair dye on my purple hair? Can I damage anything? Maybe I should bleach my hair first? 

Now it is the easiest way to just go to a professional hair salon. That way you don’t have to worry about all the questions I asked above. But, that’s only for you if you want to put time and a lot of money into it. Reversing your purple hair color can cost just $200.

So, how would you do this if you want to do this at home?

The first thing to pay attention to is that you buy the right brown hair color. Go for a brand known for its good hair color. This is not the time to be cheap. Whether you go for permanent hair color or temporary hair color is of course your choice.

Once you’ve bought all the essentials you can get started.

Step 1: Read the instructions on the packaging carefully!

Step 2: Now you can mix the brown hair color with the oxidizer that you have been given. You can do this in a bowl of plastic or glass.

Step 3: Mix the hair dye color and the oxidizer.

Step 4: Before you start dyeing your hair make sure you cover the skin around your hair well. This means covering the neck, ears, and the skin behind the ears for the paint. This can easily be done with an old towel. 

Step 5: Put on your gloves!

Step 6: Now make partings in the hair. If you have long hair, split your hair into 4 zones. If you have short hair you can do it in 2 zones. You can separate them by using clamps.

Step 7: Now you can start applying the brown hair color. Make sure you cover all the hair well.

Step 8: Make sure every nook and cranny is covered with hair color.

Step 9: Leave the brown hair color in the hair for 20 to 30 minutes.

Step 10: Rinse all the hair dye out of your hair.

Step 11: After 3 to 5 minutes you can use the conditioner and balm that came with the hair dye box.

Step 12: After you did all that you can go and wash your hair with shampoo and dry it with a towel.

What if putting hair dye in your hair isn’t an option?

If you’ve just changed your hair color, it’s hard to immediately go back to the color you had.

Coloring your hair is a chemical process and this chemical process causes damage to your hair. The hair dye makes use of chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and this is a chemical that puts stress on your hair. It makes your hair weaker than it was before. If you change the color of your hair again within a short period of time, it can cause hair that falls out, breaks, and doesn’t look healthy anymore. To prevent this you shouldn’t dye your hair.

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What is the best thing to do if you don’t want to dye your hair again? The best thing you can do is wait until your purple hair grows out. It can take a couple of weeks before your purple hair will fade. But this does preserve the healthiness of your hair and that is worth a lot more than dyeing your hair and damaging it in the process.

Besides, below you’ll see a couple of pictures of women who rock faded out purple hair! 

An example of faded out purplre hair!
This example is a girl with purple hair that is full on.
This is an example of purple hair that just starts to fade out.

Final thoughts

After I had answered the questions for myself, I came to the realization that I did not want to color my hair. I personally think that it does not suit me and that it is better not to do it. 

Of course, this does not mean at all that you can’t try it yourself! If you like it you can always experiment. In the worst case, you either go to the hair salon, or you let the purple color fade away.

Luckily you now know what happens when you put brown hair dye on purple hair, how to color your hair if you want to try it, and what the considerations are for trying a new hair color or not! Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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