What is Included in Bridal Hair and Makeup Packages?  

Any bride will be quick to tell you that planning a wedding includes some of the most critical decisions to be made from minute details. Likely, none of these decisions have to do with a detail as important to almost any bride: how she’s going to look on her big day. So, that means bridal hair and makeup packages are designed to help ensure that every bride not only feels pretty on her special day but also confident while walking down the aisle. Here’s a closer breakdown of most packages.

Initial Consultation

Many bridal hair and makeup packages include an initial consultation. In this session, the opportunity for a bride to meet with the stylist and makeup artist is there to discuss what she has envisioned for the wedding day. By meeting with the stylist and makeup artist during the consultation, she can discuss what kind of look she’s going after and even take looks through portfolios to decide on which type of styles will accompany the dress theme. This consultation ensures that both the bride and artist are on the same page, setting the stage for a smooth experience.

Trial Sessions

Trial sessions are one of the most important parts of various packages related to bridal hair and makeup. These trials are held weeks or even months before the wedding day so that the bride can get an idea of what she will look like regarding her makeup and hair. In the trial, the stylist and makeup artist will set up exactly what has been discussed previously during the consultation. This session is very critical in modifying anything to achieve perfection on the actual day. This peace of mind also goes a long way in allowing the bride to be relaxed, with no last-minute surprises.

Day-of Services

On the wedding day itself, the bridal hair and makeup package will include full application of both hair and makeup. This could be in the comfort of your own home, a hotel, or even at a wedding venue to have convenience and comfort for all. It includes hair services, from intricate updos to flowing curls, as well as makeup services—from a totally natural look to a fully glamorous one based on the bride’s taste. High-quality products will ensure the look is long-lasting and durable throughout the day’s events.

Touch-Up Kit

Most beauty packages include a touch-up kit. A basic touch-up kit would include products like lipstick, blotting papers, and a bit of setting powder. The kit should enable the bride to stay on top of her look during the course of the ceremony and reception so that she is picture-perfect all day. 

Additional Services

Many bridal packages include extra services for the bridesmaids, the mother of the bride, or any other person in the wedding party whom the bride feels is important. This ensures uniformity, from the bride to members of the wedding party. Some packages even include on-site touch-ups throughout the day, prepping for the photo session, and before the reception.


Bridal hair and makeup packages are designed to cater to and fulfill all beauty requirements of the bride-to-be on her special day. These include everything from a preliminary consultation and trial sessions to services on the actual day, not to mention the take-along kits for touch-ups. A professionally done bridal hair and makeup package is worth every penny if it gives the bride confidence and provides beautiful photographs that will be cherished throughout her life.

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