What is Sash Window Alternatives?

Mock sash windows are a more affordable alternative to authentic sash windows, offering benefits such as increased energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, and enhanced weather resistance. 

They mimic the traditional design of sash windows but have some differences, like a different opening mechanism similar to casement windows. Mock sash windows are made of uPVC, providing good insulation and durability against weather-related damage. 

They are designed with multi-chambered frames and low-emissivity glass for improved energy efficiency, making them a popular choice for homeowners looking to enhance their homes aesthetically and functionally.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mock Sash Windows

Mock sash windows offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional sash windows, providing benefits such as increased energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, and enhanced weather resistance. 


  1. Energy Efficiency: Mock sash windows are designed with multi-chambered frames and low-emissivity glass, enhancing insulation and reducing heat loss, making them more energy-efficient than traditional sash windows.
  2. Durability and Weather Resistance: Made of uPVC, mock sash windows are highly resilient to weather-related damage, do not rust or corrode, and often come equipped with compression seals and stormproof hinges for improved weather resistance.
  3. Affordability: Mock sash windows are generally more affordable than authentic sash windows due to their simpler manufacturing process and materials, making them a budget-friendly option for homeowners looking to replicate the aesthetic of traditional sash windows.


  1. Aesthetic Authenticity: While mock sash windows aim to replicate the appearance of traditional sash windows, they may not achieve the same level of authenticity upon close inspection compared to genuine uPVC sliding sash windows.
  2. Limited Ventilation Options: Traditional sash windows may offer restricted opening options, limiting ventilation; however, modern mock sash windows are now available with improved ventilation features to mitigate this issue.
  3. Cleaning Challenges: Mock sash windows typically open outwards, requiring external cleaning which can be challenging for upper-story windows compared to traditional sash windows that offer a tilt-in function for convenient indoor cleaning.

In summary, while mock sash windows provide several advantages such as energy efficiency, affordability, and durability, they may fall short in terms of aesthetic authenticity and cleaning convenience compared to authentic sash windows. 

Homeowners should consider these factors when choosing between the two window options based on their priorities and preferences.

Popular Styles of Mock Sash Windows

Mock sash windows come in various styles that mimic the appearance of traditional sash windows while offering different functionalities. Based on the search results, here are some of the most popular styles of mock sash windows:

  1. Traditional Mock Sash Windows:These windows have the same look as traditional sash windows but operate differently, providing a cost-effective alternative with a similar aesthetic appeal
  2. Mock Sash Dual Turn:Built from timber sections like traditional sash windows, these windows have a similar appearance but open outwards instead of sliding up and down. They feature a Danish-manufactured hinge system that allows for easy cleaning from inside the room
  3. Mock Sash Edwardian:This style features a single full-height opening sash that can be top-hung or top-hung-reversible. It retains the look of a sash window while offering convenient functionality and the ability to open widely. It can also be supplied with fully-reversible hinges for easy cleaning and emergency egress
  4. Mock Sash Casement:Combining the style of a sash window with the benefits of a modern top-hung casement, this variation is popular in both urban and rural settings. It fits narrow spaces and offers excellent security with multi-point locking and high weather-seal protection

These styles cater to different preferences and architectural needs, providing homeowners with options to replicate the classic look of sash windows while incorporating modern functionality and convenience into their homes.

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