What Kind Of Flowers Did Mary Poppins Wear In Her Hair?

What kind of flowers dit mary poppins wear in her hair

Now here’s a question I never thought I would ask myself (or that my niece who is 6 years old would ask me)! Last weekend I visited my aunt and spend some time with my little niece which is always fun because it brings me back to my childhood! Thanks to her mom she is now in her Disney phase, and since her mom is a huge fan of Mary Poppins, she has seen the Mary Poppins movie a bunch of times. When we sat and played with some dolls she out of the blue asked me: ” Do you know what kind of Poppins did mary Poppins wear in her hair?” 

Of course, I didn’t know the answer so I couldn’t tell her… But it sparked a thing in me where I just had to know!

So, What kind of flowers did mary Poppins wear in her hair? Mary Poppins wore Daisies in her hair. Many related plants also share the name “daisy” so to be more specific, the flowers Mary Poppins wore are often called the common daisy.

Below I’ll explain a bit more about the flowers in Mary her hair.

Why did Mary Poppins Wore Flowers In Her Hair?

As you might know (because you know the movie), you know that Mary Poppins did not exactly wear Daisies in her hair. She wore them on her hat and it was beautiful! 

But why did she wear them in the first place? Now that is a question that only the writers of the show could answer but here’s my honest guess. Mary shows up with a proper hat, nice heels, and a long coat, just like all other nannies in that time would do. But the different thing is that her hat had quirky flowers, the heels were brightly colored purple and the special carpet bag was enormous if I remember correctly. I think she did all those things to stand out and get the extra touch of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious :). That’s also why I think Mary Poppins Wore Daisies in on her head/hair. To stand out and let everybody know that she’s a real special nanny. If you think otherwise please let me know cause I would love your opinion on this!

How to dress as Mary Poppins

Below you’ll find some pictures of Mary Poppins and her awesome outfit! If you haven’t watched the movie lately, you need to do so! It is nice seeing a classic once in a while. I can only imagine how after seeing the pictures you find yourself thinking: “how do I look like that?” Well that’s what I’m going to tell you below :).

By Trailer screenshot – Mary Poppins (film) Trailer, Public Domain, Link

Coats are important

You can’t see it from the above picture, but Mary Poppins wore many coats over the course of the film. From jackets to peacoats. So you can just style your jacket accordingly to the Mary Poppins you want to be! Choose for the colors black, navy, purple, or grey. They all work well for this look.

Red Bow Tie

Another thing that is important is her red bow tie! You see it multiple times on the film and it is just a classic to wear if you want to be Mary Poppins for a night. Below you’ll see her wearing it and you can go find your nice-looking alternative :).

By Trailer screenshot – Mary Poppins Trailer, Public Domain,

Vintage Blouse

Next is the vintage white victorian ruffle button up blouse! If you watch the movie closely you can see her wearing almost at all times. Now, this item can be hard to come by but I know that you, the fashionista you are, can find a gem that works!

A black skirt

A black skirt is important to the real Marry Poppins look. It looks amazing, sophisticated and you’re almost halfway there just by wearing this cute skirt! TIP! If you go for a knee-length skirt you can use black tights to finish the look. Ideally you would go for an ankle length black skirt.

The finising touch – shoes!

Now I know that you can remember her wearing these awesome vintage oxford boots that just look amazing! I don’t know if you can see it on the first picture of her you saw earlier, but when you google it I know you can find them. TIP! Be smart and go for a little heel on these oxford boots. It gives that nice touch to real look and it gives you a posture of real confidence which she sure as hell did have!

Now that you know which flowers Mary Poppins had in hear hear (head) in the movie, and you know how to dress like her, you are good to go nuts on this outfit! I would love for you to experiment with it and send me a message if you’ve found a look that works great for you!


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