What Makeup Should a 7th Grader Wear? (And How)

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It’s a rite of passage for girls to start experimenting with makeup. If you’re a teen or pre-teen obsessed with the beauty gurus of YouTube and TikTok, you’re definitely not alone! So, if you ask yourself “what makeup should a 7th grader wear”, read on because you get all the information you need below!

Before you start painting on the winged eyeliner, however, you should think about what’s actually possible for you as a 7th grader wanting to wear makeup. Here are just a few things to consider:

  • Cost of the products
  • Skincare and skin health
  • Age-appropriate looks
  • The rules of your parents, school, church or community

There’s a lot more to style than just copying what Instagrammers are doing. If you’re wondering how to get started with makeup as a 7th grader, here are some tips, tricks, and techniques for doing it right!

What kind of makeup is appropriate for a 7th grader?

There are countless kinds of makeup out there, but here are some of the basics to start your collection:

  • Moisturizer: These products are designed to purify and hydrate your skin while also preparing it for the makeup that you’re going to apply over it. They include primers, toners, tonics and moisturizing creams. They’ll ensure that your makeup goes on smoothly rather than being flaky or cakey.
  • Coverage: Foundation is the most well-known type of coverage makeup, but there’s also concealer and tinted moisturizer if you aren’t quite ready for a full face of foundation. Many types of BB cream can also provide coverage.
  • Lips: Lipstick and lip liner might be a bit much for a middle schooler, but there are also glosses, balms and chapsticks that can give you a bit of color without going overboard.
  • Eyes: The basics are eyeshadow and mascara. More involved makeup routines might involve eyeliner, eyebrow pencils and eyelash extensions.

There are also products that you can buy for specific purposes. For example, a bronzer can be used for contouring, and blush can be used for putting color in your cheeks. You probably don’t need these yet, but it’s good to familiarize yourself with them as you start your makeup journey.

Don’t forget to invest in high-quality makeup tools such as brushes and sponges, too!

What makeup should a 7th grader wear?

Young teens shouldn’t wear heavy makeup. This includes things like thick foundation and concealer as well as crazy gradient eyeshadow or deeply colored lipstick.

This might be disappointing to hear when it seems like everyone else in the world is wearing elaborate, magazine-ready makeup. There are even young influencers doing it, so why can’t you?

The short answer is that they’re doing it for Instagram, not everyday life. No 7th grader is actually going to algebra class with celebrity glam makeup. They’re washing it off as soon as they get their selfies.

For day-to-day living, the right makeup for a middle schooler is light, fresh, and minimal. This is sometimes called “bare” or “natural” makeup. It isn’t caked on, and it doesn’t drastically change your look.

Natural makeup can do two things:

  • Hide your flaws
  • Accentuate your best features

If you’re prone to breakouts, for example, natural makeup can hide pimples under a thin layer of concealer that matches your skin tone. It won’t look like you’re wearing makeup at all; you just won’t have acne anymore.

Natural makeup can also highlight the parts of your face that you like. If you have great cheekbones, for example, a light sweep of bronzer can make them stand out. If you have beautiful eyes, a little bit of mascara can make them “pop” without the need for neon eyeshadow palettes.

Many makeup brands have “natural” lines devoted to neutral shades with subtle effects, including:

  • Maybelline’s Fit Me Concealer, which comes in a wide range of skin tones
  • Neutrogena’s Mineral Sheers that are designed for light and loose coverage
  • Garnier’s SkinActive BB Cream, which combines everything from moisturizer to sunblock in one naturally-shaded product

There are also brands like bareMinerals and Burt’s Bees that are devoted to natural looks and eco-friendly ingredients entirely.

Should a 7th grader wear makeup at all?

While there’s nothing wrong with wearing makeup, there are some disadvantages to consider, especially when you’re young.

The biggest drawback of wearing makeup is the damage that it can do to your skin. It can cause everything from redness and irritation to full-blown breakouts and acne or rosacea flare-ups.

The most common cause is the chemicals inside of the makeup. They might react badly with certain types of skin or cause problems if you have certain skin conditions. This is one of the reasons why you often see makeup advertised as “for dry skin” or “for oily skin,” so that buyers will know which type is right for them.

Makeup can also cause breakouts since it covers the pores for hours at a time. This can lead to your skin getting clogged with sweat, dirt, oil, and all of your various creams and powders. The problem gets even worse if you don’t properly wash off your makeup at night.

Last but not least, some types of makeup can increase your risk of sun damage. This is partly because of their chemical composition and party because of the fact that many makeup wearers don’t put on sunscreen like they should. Who wants to ruin those perfect smokey eyes, right? But it’s absolutely essential that you protect your skin even while wearing makeup, so either find a sunscreen that you can wear on top of your usual products or find makeup that contains UVA and UVB blockers already within it.

How to experiment safely?

You’ve done your research. You’ve found some cool-looking BB creams and eyeshadow palettes. You’re ready to start experimenting. What do you need to know before you start?

1. Take care of your skin. Always wash and dry your face before applying makeup, and wash and dry it before bed, too. Remove all traces of the product before your head hits the pillow. You should also consider investing in high-quality moisturizing products that will replenish the nutrients in your skin after all of your scrubbings. Face masks are great for this, especially when they contain hydrating ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E.

2. Don’t do anything permanent or semi-permanent. You’re too young for eyebrow tattoos and other kinds of drastic, long-term beauty treatments. Think of makeup the same way that you’d think of a haircut. If you aren’t sure that you’ll still like it in a month, don’t do it.

3. Read reviews and product labels. This is especially important if you’re buying things that you’ve seen on YouTube and TikTok. Influencers get paid to endorse certain products, and they don’t always do their homework and make sure that those products are safe. Look at what reviewers are saying before you buy anything. Look for reviews like “This stuff make me break out” or “It contains much more salicylic acid than advertised.”

4. Always ask yourself about the side effects. Did you know that curling your eyelashes every day can cause them to fall out? Did you know that kohl eyeshadow can contain lead, which can lead to lead poisoning? It’s fine to experiment, but be smart about it. Ask Google “is it safe to ____?” before you do it.

What to look out for if you want to wear makeup

As a 7th grader, you’re probably playing around with lots of styles, fashions, and beauty trends. That’s perfectly okay. How are you going to know what you like without trying different things and seeing how they make you feel?

Before you go crazy with makeup, however, there are some things that you should consider.

  • Cost. Beauty products can get expensive, especially since you have to replace them regularly. How are you going to pay for your new hobby?
  • Time and effort. How long does it take to create your look? You’ll probably want something quick and easy for school mornings. You can save your crazy experimentation for the weekend.
  • Maintenance. Makeup wears off, especially if you play sports or spend a lot of time outdoors. You might want to carry a small makeup bag in your purse or backpack for on-the-go touch-ups.
  • Rules. Your school might have rules about girls wearing makeup. Ask for a copy of the dress code or student code of conduct to figure out what you are and aren’t allowed to do.
  • Side effects. Again, you’ll want to pay very close attention to the potential side effects of your makeup routine. If you notice any blemishes, breakouts or other signs of skin damage, stop what you’re doing and reassess.

Wearing Makeup as a 7th Grader: The Bottom Line

Most girls will start experimenting with makeup sooner or later, and middle school is a perfectly normal time for it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to cover some blemishes or put on some fun eyeshadows. Just make sure that your makeup routine is safe, age-appropriate, and budget-friendly for a 7th grader!


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