What Should I Do With My Hair After the Keratin Treatment Wears Off?

What Should I Do With My Hair After the Keratin Treatment Wears Off

Although having frizz-free hair is appealing, pressing, ironing, and relaxing your hair can all cause damage. Smooth strands, in other words, are usually at the cost of healthy hair. A keratin hair treatment is a popular solution for frizzy, difficult-to-manage hair. While keratin hair treatment can make hair smoother and sleeker, it’s best to know what to expect before committing.

Keratin treatments are now one of the primary hair straightening techniques, particularly among African-Americans. Continue reading to make an informed decision about keratin hair treatment! The secret to smooth, lustrous hair for many women lies at the end of a keratin treatment. Because keratin treatments are shrouded in mystery, I’ve put up a short guide to explain everything.

So, What Is a Keratin Hair Treatment?

Traditional natural hair relaxers contain hazardous chemicals not present in Brazilian keratin treatments. They also don’t include any of the chemicals found in perm treatments. Instead, the “active” element keratin, which is a family of fibrous structural proteins and the fundamental structural material that makes up hair and the outer layer of your skin, is used to straighten your hair.

Keratin is a protein that makes hair strong and lustrous. A keratin treatment is a chemical procedure in which salon experts coat hair strands with the protein to smooth and shine. While there are several types of keratin treatments, they all entail digging into the hair follicle and injecting keratin into the porous parts to make hair healthier.

How Does Keratin Hair Treatment Work?

Keratin treatment helps de-frizz hair while also straightening and loosening the natural curls. It’s not the same as a relaxer or texturizer because it’s made up of a distinct chemical. A keratin hair treatment can last several months, and experts can customize formula blends to your hair type and needs. Because you mold the hair with heat afterward, keratin treatments are essentially a physical treatment.

Depending on your hair length, thickness, texture, and the treatment formula utilized, the treatment might take anywhere from two to four hours. A hairdresser will use a keratin solution on your hair then, all through the procedure, blow-dry and seal your hair with high heat.

Keratin covers each hair strand and rests on the cuticle. Heat, generally in a flat iron, is employed to seal the keratin solution into the hair’s cuticle. Eventually, keratin treatment will wash out of your hair. On the other hand, relaxers and texturizers break down the hair’s chemical bonds, and you can only remove them by trimming and growing out your hair.

During a Keratin Hair Treatment, What Should I Expect?

First off, the time it takes to execute a keratin treatment is determined by the formula used by the hairdresser, as well as your hair texture and the amount of hair you have. Expect your salon appointment to run two to four hours. Your hairstylist will wash your hair first when you arrive, then either apply the keratin treatment to wet hair and let the formula soak into each strand for around half an hour, or blow-dry your hair first and then apply the treatment.

Heat activates the treatment. Depending on where the treatment has to be sealed in, your stylist will use a flat iron on low to medium heat to go over any coarse strands, and you’re set! Remember, the treatment’s outcomes differ from one person to the next. It essentially consists of repairing the damaged areas of the hair.

After treatment, you should expect your hair to be shinier, less frizzy, and easier to manage. Someone with excessively curly hair may have less curly and straighter ringlets. A person with wavy hair, on the other hand, would have straight and polished hair.

What Are the Gains of a Keratin Treatment?

Curly hair responds well to keratin hair treatments. Keratin treatment fully smooths out your hair and keeps it frizz-free since it plugs in the porosity gaps in your hair strands. It’s hard enough to use a relaxer on hair that has already been processed without risking overprocessing. Keratin treatment comes in handy, as it is ideal for hair that has been treated, dyed, or enhanced.

If you’re thinking about getting a relaxer again, I recommend a keratin treatment. It reduces frizz and tangles and strengthens your hair. Hair becomes glossy, silky, and manageable, making it healthier. Keratin is a wonderful alternative for folks who have breakage from relaxers. Alternatively, suppose you ever desire to make a shift from relaxed to natural hair. In that case, keratin treatments are unquestionably a good compromise because it gives you a little breathing room as the relaxers grow out.

What Should I Do with My Hair After a Keratin Hair Treatment?

Follow these methods to extend the life of your keratin treatment:

  • Keep your hair dry. Water and moisture can result in some protein treatment being washed away from hair strands, becoming porous and frizzy, and leaving marks in the hair. You shouldn’t wash your hair for a few days following the treatment or engage in any strenuous physical activity since you don’t want to sweat.
  • For keratin treatment aftercare, keep your hair down. For the first several days after the treatment, wear your hair down and straight to prevent dents.
  • Invest in a silk pillowcase or pillow, as cotton or other materials might cause friction as you sleep, causing frizz and shortening the life of your keratin treatment.
  • Use conditioners and shampoos that are free of sulfates. Avoid hair care products that contain harsh detergents such as sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium Laureth sulfate. These detergents deplete natural oils and keratin in the hair, causing your treatment to wear out faster than planned.
  • After getting a keratin hair treatment, get some styling blow dryers and flat irons. These are the finest items to use to keep your tresses smooth and straight.
  • Reapply the keratin treatment every three to five months as the keratin treatment wears off.

When Does The Keratin Treatment stop working?

The effects of the keratin treatment on your hair will start to fade three months after you apply it. You’ll notice that your roots will have a different texture than your mid-lengths and lengths. Your endings will also feel harsher. It’s that simple. It would be best to touch up the keratin treatment when you see it is starting to wear off. The keratin treatment does not last indefinitely. The roots of your hair will differ from the rest of your hair as it grows.

The good news is that keratin does not entirely wear out. Only the keratin accumulated on the hair’s surface, i.e., the cuticles, is removed. The keratin that was deposited in the hair core is still present. As a result, your hair is healthy on the inside, and all you need to do now is apply more keratin. As a result, you’ll need to reapply for the keratin treatment. The more you use, the less often you’ll need to touch it up.

How Do I Keep My Keratin Treatment Looking Great After a Touch-Up?

The countdown to your next visit begins as soon as you leave the salon. To extend the effects of the keratin, you can use some specialized items that you should include in your beauty routine to space out the application. Let’s begin with shampoo.

Try Keranique Scalp Stimulating Shampoo, which promotes hair development by stimulating circulation in the scalp. If you color your hair and want to protect it, the Brazilian Blowout Anti Frizz Shampoo is the best choice.

These shampoos will prolong the keratin’s life and prevent signs of wear as soon as they arise. OGX Brazilian Keratin Therapy and Keranique Volumizing Keratin Conditioner are great options. Leave the conditioner on for about ten minutes to deeply hydrate it and protect the keratin you’ve applied.

Bottom Line

A keratin hair treatment is the best option if you have curly hair and want to give it a makeover. When using keratin, you must consider the density of the hair and its texture, among other factors. Because heat bonds keratin to the hair, select a hairdresser who understands the ideal conditions for your hair elements.

On the high side, keratin treatments offer numerous advantages. Overall, keratin treatment might be the way to go for you as it’s the most effective technique if you’re aiming for the hair of your dreams.


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