What to Do When Boys Ask Why I Wear Makeup?

What to Do When Boys Ask Why I Wear Makeup

It happened to me, and I think it happened to you also. A guy came up to you and asks if you wear any makeup.

When this happened to me I was baffled by the question. Just because I thought that it was fairly easy to see that I wasn’t wearing any makeup at all that day. It baffled me to the extent that I couldn’t sleep that night and I thought it over and over… 

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I asked my brother about it because since he’s a guy, I thought maybe he would know the answer to the question.

He did! So, for all the women who look up this question, here’s the answer that a boy gave me. Now I know (and he said that also) that now every guy will ask if you wear any makeup for the same reason, but most of them ask you that for one simple reason…

When boys ask why I wear makeup   

What my brother told me is this:

“When a boy asks you why you wear makeup, he’s probably asking this because he likes you. But, the fun thing is that the question that this boy asks you has nothing to do with makeup at all! 

When boys ask “why you wear makeup” they really try to advance their flirting position with you. They are trying to go past the “just knowing you phase and into the “Hi, I want to date you and am here to ask you out” phase.”

Isn’t that neat!? A guy coming to you asking about why you wear makeup when you don’t wear any (or very light) just to get near you and give himself the opportunity to ask you out.

I was baffled when I heard it and am grateful to my brother for this wisdom over the fact that eluded me for quite some time.

So, it’s easy for me now to know what guys mean when they ask such a question “why do you wear makeup? / do you wear makeup” and questions alike.

They are just flirting with you and are just asking you to spend some time with him! 

When a question like this comes out of the blue, as is the case with lots of guys, the motive behind this question is far more important than the question itself.

What does it mean when a guy asks if you wear makeup?

So, when a boy asks you a question along the lines of:

  • Why do you wear makeup?
  • are you wearing makeup?
  • Are there occasions when you wear makeup?

Their motive is as clear as day. They are flirting with you and trying to find an opening to talk to you and eventually to ask you out.

When you find this happening to you, then it’s crystal clear what you need to do… Be ready for him to ask you out!

First of all, it’s important for you to figure out if you like that boy that asked you the question. If you know that you like him, you can accept the date when he finally has the nerve to really ask you out :).

So after all these years I now know that these above questions are just a variation of what they call “man speak”. Men do often but not always mean what they say and this is a wonderful example of it.

What if they don’t mean it like “I like you and want to ask you out”?

Now, just as I said in the intro, not all guys are alike and not all guys will ask this question for exactly the same reason. Most of the time we can assume that it’s the case that he likes you but sometimes it can mean other things like:

1 – He’s just friendly

It can be that he is just being nice to you, saw you powdering your nose in the hallway, and just thought of beginning a conversation with you! I know they say that guys aren’t interested in being “only friends” with girls, but I don’t think of this as true. I think that guys and girls can be just friends just fine! So, it can be that he saw you standing there and just thought it would be fun to talk to you while you powder your nose. What should you do? Embrace it! Laugh with him, ask him some questions to and enjoy your newly established friendship ;).

2 – He’s a makeup enthusiast

It can also be that he’s a makeup enthusiast himself and he’s trying to find out how much you know about makeup so you two can share knowledge! Now, this might not be your first guess, but a lot of guys love makeup and want to enter the beauty industry to become a makeup artist.

To do this, they do need a lot of practice so the fact that he asked you about it can be an amazing opportunity for you to learn more about makeup and get to be experimented on, for him, it can be amazing to learn all the techniques while having an actual live model!

How to find out why this boy asked you why you wear makeup?

This can be a little tricky because it can be a little bit daunting to ask him straight up about it. Even though this can be something you’re scared of, I think you really should. Although, when he likes you I don’t think putting him on the spot and asking “do you like me” is the best thing to do.

When he likes you, you’ll probably see that he’s acting nervous and this can be your biggest clue on not asking him about it. Let him work up the nerve to actually ask you out and let’s go from there!

When it is one of the other 2 options, I think it’s safe for you to just ask! You’ll probably see that he isn’t nervous at all and will likely ask other makeup-related questions when you’ve answered the first one. When he asks more of these kinds of questions it can be great to ask “do you like makeup” or “do you know something about makeup?” This way you’ll find out what it is that makes him interested in why you wear makeup. Because when he’s an enthusiast, he just wants to know and talk about it!

When he’s just friendly, he’ll tell you something along the lines of “no I’m not really interested in it but I thought it would be fun to talk to you about it!”


I hope that by now you know that when a guy asks “why do you wear makeup” it can be for all sorts of reasons! Most of the time it is probably because he likes you and wants to ask you out, but it can be that your new best makeup friend is standing there before you trying to find out how much you know about makeup! He’s going probably going to make you jealous when you hear him talk about it and you see his collection ;).

When he does find you attractive and you like him as well, go on a date! Maybe it’s the man of your dreams who finally found the courage to ask you out! What a wonderful story that would be to tell your parents and everyone who wants to hear about it :).

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