Which Juice Is Good For Your Hair? (Learn The 10 Best!)

Which Juice Is Good For Your Hair

What not many people know is that fresh fruits and vegetables can be great for your hair. Everyone knows that fresh fruits and vegetables are good for the body, but they can also be good for the hair. It can even, if you do it right, measure all your hair care needs.

What we try every day with all kinds of products is to put the right vitamins and minerals in our hair. We do this with beauty products that we buy instead of using the fruits and vegetables that we just have at home!

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices can make sure you have less hair breaking. This makes for healthier hair and healthier life in general! Two birds with one stone, who wouldn’t want that?

This blog article is about the 5 best juices you can use to make your hair healthier! 

So have you ever wondered: which juice is good for your hair? Know is the time to find the answers! Read on and find out which juices are good for your hair and can help you maintain a healthy hair care routine!

Which juice is good for your hair?

Now it might surprise you that you can use the juices of fruits and vegetables to help your hair be healthier, but I want you to keep an open mind here. So… here goes!

Aloe Vera juice

Maybe you already knew, but the juice of an aloe vera plant can be perfect for your hair. It helps to prevent hair loss. The vitamins in the aloe vera juice make the hair stronger. If the hair is stronger, it automatically makes it less likely to break or fall out. The enzymes in the juice also ensure that your scalp is cared for. This means that it can also ensure that you suffer less from dandruff or an itchy scalp.

But how do you apply it?

The aloe vera juice is applied directly to the hair and you’ll immediately notice that this juice also ensures that you get wonderfully soft hair. It’s also the best juice for hair growth! Who would have thought! Aloe vera juice is fantastic for your hair!

Kiwi juice

Kiwi juice, of course I’m not talking about the birds that only occur in New Zealand. No, I’m talking about the delicious fruits! in 75% of the cases they still come from New Zealand, but well, at least they don’t look like a bird!

As you may know kiwi juice is extremely rich in Vitamin E. This vitamin helps enormously with the growth of mane. If you take vitamin E often, you will also notice that your hair grows faster. Vitamin E just makes this happen. 

Kiwis and the vitamins they contain are also very good for the immune system and a good immune system minimizes the risk of hair loss. You can dilute it and put it directly in your hair, but you can of course also eat these kiwis and make sure that the immune system gets better and thus reduce hair loss to a minimum.

Strawberry Juice

Enormously sweet, romantic, delicious with whipped cream and also sensual use. Just some words that come to mind when I think of strawberries… But did you also know that strawberry juice can be very good for you? Not only for your body but also for your hair (of course a healthy body helps with healthy hair). 

Strawberries contain a lot of vitamins C! Vitamin C helps in the increment of proteins in the body which in turn stimulates the growth of your hair. 

How do you use strawberries for your hair?

It’s very simple. You crush a couple of fresh strawberries and apply it on your hair and scalp! 

You can also set some aside so that you can eat them later. This way you nurish your hair from the outside and also from this inside!

Carrot Juice

This might not be the first thing you think about. But just like the strawberries, the carrots are a huge source of vitamin C. They have great nutrinional value because they are also enriched with beta-carotene. 

Beta-carotene creates lustre and a great color in your hair. If you apply carrots to your hair and scalp it will strengthen the hair follicles and in turn restore the quality of the hair. Just like strawberries, Vitamin C ensures that the scalp is provided with the necessary vitamins.

Garlic Juice

At first I thought about the stinking out of your mouth. Not something attractive, of course. Another thought that immediately came to mind was about vampires. Not great either… But then I thought about how good garlic juice can be for your hair!

The fact is that when you apply the garlic juice to your hair, it makes the blood flow better to the scalp. This makes the hair wonderfully soft. Even though this tip comes from historical times, it doesn’t make it any less true. Garlic juice restores the quality of the hair and nourishes the follicles fantastically.

So all you have to do to give your hair all the goodness of garlic is to rub its juice into your hair and massage it well.

Cucumber juice

Not a day goes by or somewhere in a magazine you read about the many advantages of cucumber. It is not for nothing that it has been known for decades that cucumber is good for body, mind and hair! 

The enzymes that are present in the cucumber ensure that hair loss is reduced and also ensures better blood circulation. This better blood circulation mainly benefits the hair follicles. Drinking a delicious glass of cucumber juice every day is great.

A simple, fast and good way to make your hair strong!

Coriander Juice

Coriander juice… For me this used to be just something you used as an herb for eating… But now, I know better! Coriander is very good for the hair! It improves hair growth! Quickly have long hair again after you cut it short? Use coriander juice!

It’s pretty easy to use: Crush and dilute the coriander leaves in water. When a paste is formed you apply it to your hair and scalp and let it sit there for about an hour. Then you go and wash it out!

Guava juice

Guava juice is highly concentrated with antioxidants. Guava juice is also very rich in iron, calcium, follic acid and many others! As I said before, caring for a healthy body is ultimately also caring for healthy hair. You can eat the guava like this, but you can also drink its juice.

Also, if you want to use it specifically for your hair, you can leave the leaves of the guava in a pan of boiling water for 20 minutes and then rub it on your hair (Not as long as it’s still hot, of course. Let it cool down for a while).

Spinach Juice

Popeye uses it for its strength, but many men and women use it for their hair… Spinach juice! Spinach juice is extremely rich in various minerals and vitamins. And as you may know, vitamins and minerals are very good for your skin and hair. By drinking spinach juice you can prevent thinning hair. The juice can also ensure that you no longer suffer from an itchy scalp.

Onion juice

Last but not least we have onion juice. Everybody knows that onions are very healthy anyway. If you put the juice of the onion directly on the hair it will improve hair growth. It also prevents the appearance of white hair. Not only does it ensure hair growth, but onion juice also ensures that any dangerous parasites in the hair will die.

Final thoughts

This way! So now you know exactly which juice is right to put in your hair. As you’ve read, juices from different fruits and vegetables can be used to improve the condition of your hair or to prevent annoying things!

Enjoy the smoothies you are about to make!


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