Why Are Makeup Brushes So Expensive (And Which Are Best)?

Why Are Makeup Brushes So Expensive

As an artist, chef, or interior designer, you require the right tools to achieve your desired results. The same applies while you are investing in makeup brushes. But when you do research, you might ask yourself “why are makeup brushes so expensive?” Some people shy away from purchasing those more expensive brushes, but the truth is they are incredibly effective when applying makeup and blending.

These brushes are essential to any part of a beauty routine, especially for individuals who apply makeup regularly. As a beginner, you might not yet realize how vital the brushes are; hence you tend to use any kind of brush available to you. But with time, you get to learn that your makeup doesn’t resemble that of individuals around you, especially if you are using cheap brushes.

The secret to looking extremely good once you put on your makeup is going for the best brushes in the market. They may not be cheap, though they are worth every penny.

Why Makeup Brushes Are Expensive

Makeup brushes are pricey due to various factors, such as the ingredients. The processes of manufacturing high-end brushes are of high quality compared to the making of cheaper options.

Every time you go on a shopping spree for the brushes, you will notice a big difference in quality. The most noticeable difference is the price, but the essential one is the material they used to manufacture the brushes. High-end brushes can withstand a lot of washing without getting damaged, unlike the synthetic variety.

According to the factors discussed above, it is crystal clear that the quality of these brushes makes them pricey and the materials used to assemble them. Lots of time is used up in ensuring every brush is carefully crafted to meet the market standards.
That, too, makes their prices skyrocket.

Is it Worth Buying More Expensive Makeup Brushes?

For those new to the makeup routine or who do not regularly use makeup, it is essential to know that investing in pricey makeup brushes is vital since you are assured of quality. Most newbies do not realize the importance of quality brushes, but that is about to change.

Below are some of the many benefits of investing in high-quality makeup brushes:

Better for Your Skin
You need to treat your skin in the best way possible; hence you will have to invest highly in quality brushes. These brushes feel soft and gentle whenever you rub them on your skin. If you go for cheap ones, most are of low quality, and whenever you use them, you end up with scratchy skin since they are rough. Using low-quality brushes contributes to faster aging.

You get to Save Money in the Long-run
At first, it seems expensive when you have to spend a significant amount on the brushes, but in a few years, you will realize that you made the right decision. The cost of replacing cheap brushes exceeds investing in an inexpensive set of brushes because you will not be required to change them for years if you take good care of them accordingly.

Your Makeup Turns Out Better
The main agenda of applying makeup is to look good. What if you end up looking better than you had imagined? That is the case once you decide to go for the pricey high-quality brushes. Application and blending are made easier hence leaving you attractive. If you use cheap and low-quality brushes, you could end up looking unattractive and tacky.

Therefore, always opt for high-quality brushes since they make your eye-shadow look great. They may be expensive, but there is a need to invest in top-notch brushes. Apart from saving money, experts recommend that these brushes are the best for your general makeup. Consider acquiring these expensive and high-quality brushes today.

Even Application
It is among the most crucial reason why you should invest in a high-quality makeup brush. It ensures that your application is even. Maybe you might be wondering how some of your colleagues can maintain an airbrushed base, yet you find it hard to do the same. The reason could be you are doing it the wrong way, or the brush is of low quality or both. High-quality brushes are easier to use since it ensures your application is evenly applied.

Your Makeup Lasts Longer
These brushes are top-notch since once you use them to apply your makeup, it lasts longer. On the other hand, they are durable and don’t get dirty quickly. That said, it would be wise if you invest your money in a high-quality brush for you to enjoy the benefits.

There are those people who do not have lots of time to spend applying makeup. In such scenarios, they deserve a high-quality brush that is faster in application and gentle on your skin. You don’t have to pay a lot of time to make your makeup even.

Using a good brush will take you just 10 minutes to complete your application hence saving more time to run your daily errands. For example, using a single brush, you can apply powder, foundation, contour, and blush. Saving quality time is critical.

Using high-quality brushes is safe since bacteria and germs cannot easily spread since your fingers or hands never come into contact with the bristles. These brushes are a savior to those who have sensitive skins.

Her's a cute setup with makeup products and expensive used makeup brushes.

What are the Differences Between Cheap and Expensive Makeup Brushes?

Without a doubt, everyone wants a flawless face. Brands worldwide strive to produce different products that will make their customers happy, starting with finishing sprays, applicators, powders, sponges, foundations, and primers, to name a few.

Brushes become an afterthought, despite them being an essential part of any routine. Some people are hesitant to spend vast amounts of money on brushes, despite spending a fortune on other makeup products. Some opt for low-end makeup brushes though it is highly recommended that you go for high-end makeup brushes for these reasons:

Huge Bucks Mean Better Bristles
In simple terms, quality brushes are really about the hair. Experts recommend people to go for natural hair over synthetic or other manufactured materials. Despite the presence of certain exceptions, most low-end budget brands use synthetic bristles in their brushes to minimize the production cost.

These artificial fibers have their pros and cons, but professionals prefer natural fibers. They are more expensive and have a high probability of being found in high-end brushes. Experts recommend that individuals focus more on the quality of the bristles rather than the flashy name brands and packaging.

A name brand is pricey based on extra factors, including counter sales, marketing, and any brand endorsements. If you keenly look at the manufacturer’s products’ guidelines, one will find natural hair brushes in places ranging from your local drugstore to high-end boutiques. On the other hand, those who opt for cruelty-free and vegan products can be sure of getting synthetic brushes.

Lasts Longer
Expensive brushes with natural fibers necessitate extra care and maintenance, such as careful washing, drying, and storing. Experts recommend that you go for a high-end brush since they last a lifetime. When you take good care of them, a clear indication it was worth spending on the brush.

When you go for a low-end brush, it is cheaper but will not last for long. Even after buying a set, each piece will probably last for a few months, then dispose of it. You will have used the entire set in a few years, meaning you will have to purchase a new one. Buying high-end brushes is a one-time investment where you do not need to keep on renewing them.

Synthetic brushes start degrading when you start using them since most of them begin shedding bristles slowly, and in the end, they completely fall apart. Therefore, they are considered a weaker investment when you compare them to natural hairs.

Kind to Your Face
Once you upgrade from using cheap brushes to high-end brushes, you notice the difference immediately. The natural ones are softer and easier on an individual’s face and tend to get softer whenever you use them, whereas the synthetic ones tend to get stiffer.

For those with sensitive skins that quickly get physical irritation, you must go for a natural brush. In cases where one has allergies to animal skins, consider synthetic brushes. It is all narrowed down to realizing what works for you.

There is a Big Difference in Application
All you want is makeup perfection; hence the application process is critical. Natural and synthetic bristles’ structure differs accordingly. They apply makeup differently. The natural bristles can grab more power than the synthetic ones since they have scales and hollow forms. Once you press the brush containing natural bristles, it releases the powder making the application more effective.

Synthetic bristles structure does not allow them to grab or absorb lots of product. On the other hand, this gives them an edge when using liquid formulas, such as foundations or concealer, whenever one doesn’t intend to overdo it.

What Should I Look for When Buying Makeup Brushes?

Before buying a makeup brush, there are things that you need to consider:


If the brushes you intend to buy are for personal use, it would be better if you acquire a few multi-tasking brushes of high quality rather than going for a mass of cheap, low-quality brushes. Similarly, professionals necessitate quality brushes too to avoid the cons of using cheap brushes.

It is essential that you feel the bristles gently before buying. They need to feel ragged or frayed and should not break or lose hair as you touch them. Strands should be firmly held by a base that doesn’t detach.

Purpose and Use
Some brushes are designed to be multi-purposes, while others are designed for a particular purpose only. Therefore, you need to differentiate them and ensure you buy the right brush depending on its purpose.

Weight, Size, and Shape
The brushes have different varieties such as weight, sizes, and shapes. Even those that are designed for the same purpose tend to look different in their appearance. Try out as many brushes as you would like to feel that which suits you best.

Personal Ethics
Nowadays, you can buy makeup brushes that suit all your tastes, including Vegan brushes, and are cruelty-free. The market is flooded with varieties to choose from. Hence settle for what excites you and serves you right.

My favorite brushes
Even though there are all these variables you can keep in mind when buying, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Below you’ll find three of my favorite brushes and brush sets!

SHANY Cosmetics Elite brush collection
Sigma Beauty Basic Eyes Makeup Brush Set of 7
MSQ Makeup Brushes 10pcs Pro Makeup Brush Kit with Makeup Case


Makeup brushes may be expensive, but they are essential in your daily life. On the other hand, not all costly brushes are of high quality if you factor in the number of contrabands that have hit the market. Therefore, there is a need to settle for what is worth your money. Experts can quickly tell you if a product is fake or original; hence consult with them before buying one.

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