Why Do Some Guys Hate Makeup? (Is It Hate or Preference?)

Why Do Some Guys Hate Makeup

Makeup is a huge part of our current everyday life. Bright, eccentric looks are commonplace on magazine covers and posters as well as in movies and music videos. Makeup can even be used to make a woman look more natural and bare-faced even though she’s actually wearing a full face.

There are a variety of popular makeup looks, from the bold and beautiful to the soft, nude look. Unfortunately, this widespread popularity has led to some polarizing opinions. Many men can’t stand the look of bold makeup on the women they date and know.

Here’s a look at some of the possible reasons the men you know and maybe trying to date can’t stand your makeup looks.

Why do some men hate makeup?

There are a number of reasons men don’t like and perhaps even hate makeup. For many men, they find makeup to be false advertising that doesn’t represent who they’re dating and chatting up. Foundations and blushes can cover up flaws or blemishes on first dates that men will later see when the makeup is off.

Makeup can hide discoloring and disfigurements, and prosthetics like different noses and lips can completely change what a woman looks like until after they’re already home. The idea of catfishing someone comes from the belief that a woman wearing heavy makeup is lying about what she looks like to be more attractive to men.

Men want a woman who is naturally beautiful and tends to want to see more natural looks on the women they date. They want pink cheeks and lively color without the unnatural shades of foundation that end at the neck. Too bright of lipstick or dark eye shadow can be off-putting. Fake eyelashes can make a woman look like she’s trying too hard, and drawn-in eyebrows look like they could be smudged or wiped off.

The brighter or bolder the makeup look, the more likely a woman is to get a lot of notice from the people around her. This sort of constant male attention isn’t attractive to men who want to know their girlfriend is loyal to them.

While the overdone look of makeup can turn men off, the physical repercussions of it can also be destructive to a relationship. A woman wearing heavy makeup often leaves smudges behind her, on glasses, clothes, and faces. The constant staining of bed sheets can wear down on even the most patient of men.

It’s also difficult when a woman’s makeup can deter acts of affection like kissing and hugging. A boyfriend or husband may want a quick kiss as a goodbye and will walk away with red lips and foundation on his cheek.

If you’re dating someone with mixed feelings about makeup use, it’s important to communicate with them on what they’re feeling and the reasons behind it. They may not have firsthand experience with a woman who wears makeup or has been conditioned to dislike it through media or old-fashioned family members.

This also applies to talking to girlfriends who wear a lot of makeup. With patience, empathy, and a lot of discussions on likes and dislikes, you can find a safe middle ground where everyone is happy.

Do they hate makeup or is it just a preference?

Not all men hate makeup, whether it’s bold or natural. Some men just have a preference for bare-face women over those with full faces. Many men may actually be mistaking no makeup on a woman for the crafted natural look.

It can be very hard in today’s culture to know when a woman is wearing makeup or not. There are many looks designed to look natural and fresh-faced, with only the bolder looks able to be distinguished.

A preference is easier to work around than a complete hatred for makeup. A preference can slowly be changed over time with consistent conditioning of new to advanced makeup looks. A man with a preference for little to no makeup may slowly change his mind to like them more if he is exposed to colors and styles that he likes.

It will be a more difficult journey with someone who hates makeup, but it is still possible with patience.

It’s essential when discussing makeup with your partner to determine where their opinions on makeup come from and how strongly they feel about it. A personal preference can come from a variety of reasons, from having an ex-girlfriend who wore a lot of makeup and left a lasting, negative mark on them to just not liking the color red. Every person and their background is different and should be considered when having a discussion about preferences.

Understanding your partner and the way they think is essential in understanding why they may dislike the use of makeup. Reading books like Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus can improve how well you speak the opposite gender’s language.

In the end, it’s important to remember that people can hate things they might not understand or have a lot of experience in. With patience and understanding, it’s possible to encourage a loved one to have a less strict view of makeup. When considering potential romantic partners, make sure you’re on the same page for what you expect from one another.

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