Why Does My Hair Dry So Fast? (Is My Hair High Porosity?)

Why Does My Hair Dry So Fast

The genetic characteristics of your hair determine what hairstyles and products will best suit you. As you try different styles and attempt to match your friends or influencers, you may find that your hair tangles too easily or frizzes up.

Some looks may not work for your due to the natural characteristics of your hair you don’t understand. Products may not be as effective and seem to disappear in a flash during the day. If you’re struggling with hair that looks and feels dry, you may be struggling with high porosity.

Having high porosity hair affects the overall structure of your hair and the layers of individual hair shafts that can determine if your hair keeps a shine or is easy to manage. Women with high porosity hair often struggle to maintain a healthy glossiness.

By recognizing your hair’s porosity, you can more easily find the right products and styles to fit you individually, improving your overall hair healthiness and look.

Why does my hair dry so fast?

Dry hair can be caused by issues with your scalp or with the actual hair structure and makeup. The oil in your scalp works to lubricate and protect the strands of hair from all external damage. A change in hormones like menopause or new birth control can affect the health, strength, and elasticity of your hair, leading to more hair loss and dull limpness. While body changes are normal as you age, a thorough care regimen and the right products can extend the healthy lifespan of your hair.

Your hair may also struggle with drying too fast due to your environment. If you’re often under the sun in a hot environment or swim frequently in salty or chlorinated water, your hair will lose its natural protection over time and suffer extensive damage.

Wearing hats and swim caps can protect your hair and skin from scalding conditions that strip away moisture and damage the hair cuticles. Health problems including eating disorders and hormonal imbalances can also wear down and separate the cuticles from the hair strands, leaving the hair defenseless.

While there are many factors outside of your control that affect your hair porosity, you care regimen also plays a huge part in the health and moisture level of your hair. Using harmful chemicals in treatments or too much heat too frequently can result in dry, damaged hair that takes months if not years to grow back to its regular luster.

Avoid washing your hair too frequently and check your shampoo for harsh chemicals or additives that may smell nice but cause long-term damage. Choosing the right shampoo is the foundation to establishing a healthy and effective care routine.

Knowing your hair’s porosity, or ability to soak up and maintain moisture, can help you identify the cause of your hair problems and find better solutions in the future.

Why does my hair lose moisture fast?

Struggling with finding the right products and care regimen for your unique hair can be stressful. Trying to keep up with new trends and have fun with your look and style is an amazing part of enjoying modern culture and trendy social media.

Your hair should provide you with limitless opportunities to look great and express yourself. High porosity hair can make styling and maintaining your hair more difficult but not impossible. With the right preparation and research, your hair can be flexible and elastic without sacrificing its natural healthy sheen.

Your hair may be losing moisture too quickly due to its natural porosity, improper product use or even harsh tap water. Your hair is sensitive to many environmental factors by being directly under the sun and gathering dust and particulates while being outside.

The products you use to regularly clean and style your hair can build up, disrupting the healthy rhythm of oils that keep your scalp and hair strands naturally lubricated and protected.

Consulting a professional beautician can help you better determine the products right for your hair type. They can also test your hair porosity and determine the best care routine to restore and improve your hair.

Beauticians are trained to evaluate the products you’ve been using for damaging additives or perfumes and instead suggest healthy alternatives. You can also get a deep, clarifying shampoo cleanse to rinse away buildup and let your scalp breathe and heal.

Fast-drying your hair can be beneficial when you’re trying to get to work fast in the morning, but it can lead to lasting issues down the road. Just like skincare, eating well and exercising, taking care of your hair is essential to keeping you feeling happy and confident in yourself and your appearance.

How do I stop my hair from being so dry?

A trip to the salon or expensive products isn’t necessary to better your hair health and improve your moisture levels. You can add a variety of new and easy steps into your regular routine at home to experience great, lasting results. Your hair may be suffering under the weight of split ends and damaged hairs. A small trim or a large haircut can minimize the unpleasant feeling of dry hair and relieve some weight from the scalp and follicles.

Only wash your hair when necessary and not every day. Spotless clean hair isn’t necessary for every regular trip to the store or errand outside the home. Look into new and interesting hairstyles that minimize the oil sheen and consider using safe dry shampoo options.

When you do wash your hair, turn down the temperature to a cooler or lukewarm setting. Hot water can cause damage to the scalp and to your rate of hair growth.

Dry your hair with a wrap or towel and avoid using too much heat. Blow dryers, flat irons, and curling irons cause long-term damage even with consistent heat protectant use. Your hair will thrive when you use air drying and fewer chemicals and sprays.

Consult your beautician for great natural oils and supplements like biotin you can use daily to restore elasticity and minimize breakage and frizz.

Revolutionizing your hair health doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can add steps conveniently into your routine and determine which products are best for your hair. Work with your natural genetic porosity and moisture levels to find routine care that supports healthy hair growth and a beautiful, lasting shine.

Is my hair high porosity or is it just dry?

Many women struggle to determine what’s causing their dry hair. High porosity hair is a common genetic issue that causes frizziness, excessive breakage, or high water and product absorption rates. High porosity is characterized by the hair cuticles being too far apart, preventing moisturizers and water from being adequately absorbed by the central medulla in the hair strands.

Inappropriate hair care, damaging shampoos, and too much heat can also affect your hair cuticles, lowering their ability to absorb and retain moisture.

You can easily test your hair at home to determine its porosity. Wash your hair as normal and thoroughly dry. Take a strand of your hair and drop it into a glass of room temperature water. If your hair floats at the top of the cup for a period of time before floating to the bottom, you likely have low porosity hair that takes a while to dry and suffers from frequent product buildup. Medium or normal porosity is indicated by the strand floating near or around the middle of the glass.

You’re likely suffering from high porosity hair if the strand sinks immediately to the bottom of the glass. High porosity is passed genetically and is likely to affect other members of your family. The condition can be worsened by the care and products you use regularly. Unfortunately, just like with your skin type, body type, and other inherent features, generic high porosity hair likely can’t be changed.

If you determine you have high porosity, your best option is to find the regimen that works for you. Add more natural oils and butters into your routine, giving ample moisture opportunities to benefit your hair strands. Leave-in conditioners and masks will revitalize your scalp, follicles, and cuticles for lasting protective moisture.

Don’t give up on healthy hair or on creating styles and looks that fit your personality. With research, professional guidance, and personal trial and error, you can directly tackle and manage your hair’s genetic properties. Healthy, shiny hair is manageable for every woman no matter her porosity or natural moisture levels.


Your hair may be dry due to the environment, your care regimen or genetics. High porosity hair can cause breakage, frizziness, and difficulty finding effective products. After self-testing your hair and determining the porosity, you can take initiative and practice more informed and healthy hair care. Natural high porosity doesn’t mean you have to suffer from dull and unhealthy hair. Appropriate washing and drying habits as well as quality moisturizers can change your hair in beautiful and fantastic ways.

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