Why Is My Hair Turning Red Naturally?

Why Is My Hair Turning Red Naturally

For many people, their hair is their pride and joy, and if they’re anything like me, then they spend lots of money to keep it looking its absolute best. Hair color is a big deal, so when hair starts to gray due to aging, many people opt to dye their hair. However, how do you manage things when you notice that your hair is turning red naturally? This can be quite alarming, upsetting, and even confusing. Here is an overview of why your hair might be turning red naturally, and what you can do about it.

What causes hair to turn red naturally?

Spending extended periods of time in the sun can cause hair to become red naturally. The UV rays from the sun cause all colors to fade, even colored inanimate items. Hair is obviously no exception to this rule, because it’s easy to notice streaks of blond or red hair after spending only a few hours in the sun.

Are there any other reasons for hair to turn red naturally?

Yes, there are other reasons why your hair could be turning red naturally, and it doesn’t involve you being transformed into a red M & M. Depending on where you live and where your supply of water comes from, your hair could be tinted red from an accumulation of mineral buildup that results from hard water deposits of calcium, lead, iron, and copper.

Hair can also become discolored due to certain prescription medications. Depending on the type of medication you’re taking, your hair could become bleached, darker, or red.

Despite what people may believe, the overuse of certain hair products can cause your hair to become red. If you use a certain shampoo or conditioner, it could cause your hair to become red over time.

How to prevent hair from turning red from the sun

If you’ve identified the cause of the red tint in your hair, then it will be easy to prevent further reddening in the future. If the cause of your hair naturally becoming red is due to radiation from the sun, then you should ensure that your hair is covered whenever spending extended periods outdoors, in the sun.

You can opt for wearing a hat as I do. It’s not necessary to wear a sunhat unless you’re trying to protect your skin from the sun as well. Any fashionable hat will suffice.

Preventing hair from turning red due to hard water

If you have determined that your hair has been turning red due to hard water in your home, then you should invest in a high-quality water filtration system. This will filter out these minerals so they won’t end up in your hair and on your body, enabling your hair to remain its natural color.

Maintaining your hair color when you take certain prescription drugs

If you suspect that your prescription medication may be the cause of your hair turning red, then you need to discuss your suspicions with your doctor. Perhaps you could be switched to a different medication that doesn’t cause hair color changes, depending on why you’re taking the medication and what alternatives are available.

Avoiding products that turn your hair red

If you have noticed that using certain hair products is the cause of your reddening hair, you should probably switch to different products. Before choosing an alternative, be sure that the alternative won’t cause the same problem or you might waste time and money by switching.

Is there such a thing as sunscreen for hair?

The sun offers many health benefits, including the fact that it helps with the production of the essential mineral vitamin D. Despite this fact, the sun can be very dangerous and damaging if misused or used in the wrong way. This is why there is a sunscreen that specifically made to use on the hair and scalp.

Can dyeing hair reverse reddened hair?

If you choose to dye your hair because you’re tired of your hair becoming red from the sun, then that can certainly seem to be a good way to reverse hair that is naturally turning red. However, you should be aware that just because you dye your hair doesn’t mean that it won’t eventually turn red again.

What if I like my hair to naturally become red?

If, after your initial alarm over your hair naturally turning red, you realize that you actually like the red highlights, then that is great. Many people struggle to find the right hair color to help them achieve the color that they desire, but if you’re able to achieve this goal by doing practically nothing, then you should consider yourself to be lucky.

UV-damaged hair

Even if you like the red tint that the sun gives your hair, the UV rays are likely to cause damage to your hair while simultaneously tinting it red. The UV rays can cause your hair to become dry, brittle, and lifeless, due to loss of lipids and elasticity. If your hair has been chemically processed, then it’s even more vulnerable to damage from UV radiation.

Reviving hair following UV damage

It is very possible for hair to be rejuvenated after sustaining UV damage, as there are numerous treatments available to be done at home, or at a professional salon. Washing your hair with moisturizing shampoo that is free of sulfates and phylates, and more, and using a high protein hair mask or conditioner can work wonders for restoring damaged strands.

Diet and hair randomly becoming red

Many people underestimate the power of diet on hair color, but believe it or not, you diet can definitely induce changes in hair color. Diet can increase or decrease the amount of melanin, or pigment, in the hair, changing its color. Black hair, which has high amounts of eumelanin, and brown hair, which has moderate amounts of eumelanin, are more apt to randomly become red due to diet.

Will hair return to normal after staying out of the sun?

Your hair will, in fact, return to its normal color if the sun caused it to turn red. However, it may not happen overnight, so you must be patient.

As you can see, it’s normal for your hair to develop a red tint if you’re spending a lot of time in the sun, as the sun’s rays can fade your natural hair color. In the spring and summer months, when everyone spends more time outdoors, and therefore, is exposed to the sun, I wear my cutest hats to keep my hair protected.

However, if I forget to wear a hat on some days and I end up with red highlights in my hair, I don’t make a big deal about it, because it’s actually kind of attractive. It’s certainly better than dealing with an unexpected bad hair day, which is the absolute worst!


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