Women With Too Much Makeup – How Much Is Too Much?

Women With Too Much Makeup

Beauty, they say, lies in the eyes of the beholder, perhaps this is true and a basis somehow of this article. However, via research, it is clear that throughout time and indeed cultures, society almost always aims to define and set the standards of beauty.

Whether it be the modeling body types, modern-day plastic surgery, cultural diversity and celebrations, and the prevalent use of makeup, we are pushing the boundaries of physical beauty. So much so making the beauty industry worth a whopping $532 billion business.

A significant part of this multi-billion global venture is the makeup industry, with 31% of women 18-39 years using some form of makeup daily. One of the biggest questions relating to makeup products remains, how much makeup is too much makeup? What is the ultimate attraction level? And what are the effects of the subjective yet crucial amount of “too much makeup”?

What Is Too Much Makeup On a Woman

According to Statista, as of 2020, at least 30% of adults living in the US use concealers and foundations, some of the primary makeup products. Makeup is, to some, a way of hiding imperfections and glamorizing the attractive features one possesses.

In some areas of the world, makeup is a sign of mesmerizing beauty, wealth depending on the style and products used or class. However, the critical factor perhaps for attraction stands from the levels and amount of makeup you apply on your face.

Often women tend to apply makeup based on two things, their particular taste and beauty feel, which at times depends on factor number two, what they think will be attractive to men or women. Both matters are subjective and can cause an endless debate. Still, what is the ideal amount of makeup is a question that may get answers from experts.

What Do Beauty Experts Say On Wearing Too Much MakeUp

When it comes to makeup, one ought to go for what makes them happy, and this is according to Instagram makeup artist Anchal. She believes that with the proper blending, no amount of makeup is too much or too little. An echo of thought that trickles down to people visualizing the products separately from your face or other products as too much.

An idea that Clint Fernandes, a makeup photographer, endorses. For him, the line of too much makeup exists when aspects such as your foundation are intricately visible. In such cases, you may have overdone the amount with regard to your skin’s tone and texture.

However, what may seem us an odd look may have been, in fact, a beauty standard back in the 18th century or earlier in China and Europe. Back then, complete white face makeup was seen as a sign of high class and royal beauty, cue the movie Mulan.

Another social media artist shares that she applies the amount of makeup based on personality, one’s overall look, and the occasion. A technique that will match your makeup and energy harmoniously when done well.

How Do You Know You Are Wearing Too Much Makeup?

Your makeup may redefine the balance, face shape, color, and feel of your facial skin, depending on your makeup skills. Consequently, the levels will determine the extent to which the changes you make will alter your look. From a societal POV, too much makeup often reflects characters that seek to strikingly stand out, be fabulous, or look edgy and dramatic. While light make up characterizes minimalism, and subtlety, even office casualness.

In Hindsight, two factors that could determine what amount of makeup is too much are the look and occasion you are wearing your makeup to. For most women, light makeup is won when often performing their day-to-day activities, including school, work, friendly outings, and short trips.

Edgy and perhaps more stand-out makeup looks are often for partying, classy events, photoshoots where these women aim to be the most beautiful and sexy version. Here are some tips from experts about the telltale beauty signs you are wearing too much makeup.

  • When all the products on your features stand out, you are wearing too much makeup. It is best that you practice the makeup rule of only allowing one feature to stand tall and minimally blending in the rest.
  • One sign of makeup unattractiveness and too much of it is an apparent foundation line often separating your jawline and neck. The best solution for this is ensuring your makeup color choices match your skin tone. Makeup does not act as skin tan. Rather go for the tan first.
  • You smile, and there it is, the lipstick stain on your teeth. A clear indication you overdid your lipstick.
  • If you are using almost all your shades on your face, you are traversing the thin line of too much makeup and moderate makeup. Be creative with your color mixes, but don’t go all rainbow.

So Does Too Much Makeup Equate To More Attraction?

A universally accepted answer could be that any amount of makeup will surely enhance your beauty when applied correctly or expertly. Researches showing three pictures of a woman wearing no makeup, light makeup, and glamorous makeup show attraction varies with the different levels.

According to the studies, heavy makeup was often a sign of more edginess and sexiness, while light makeup, while attractive, also exuded trust and likability more. In one research by Graham and Jouharin 1981 women with makeup were viewed as more competent in cleanliness, organization, security, and better personalities than women without makeup.

Recent studies such as one in 2013 by Jones, Kramer, and Ward show that the three photographs offer slightly different views and perceptions. The people shown in the photos find the moderate makeup look more beautiful, saying the makeup worn during the nights out was seemingly less attractive than the other versions. However, noteworthy is that women found the heavy look more appealing.

The research also indicates that the women believed other people preferred or liked more makeup than their desired look. A conclusion they were wrong about but is often as a result of the social media, media, and entertainment cultures. Something the study summarized as “…Women are likely wearing cosmetics to appeal to the mistaken preferences of others. Mistaken preferences that are more to the perceived expectancies of men, and, to a lesser degree, of women.”

What Does It Mean When a Woman Wears Too Much Makeup

Women and men differ in their physical features. With makeup, women get the chance to further accentuate such features as their eyes and lips for attractiveness. Apart from that, it hides away the so-called imperfections such as blemishes, with blushes giving you a healthier look.

While the amount of makeup you put on your face does not relatively define who you are, a study by Fieldman and Hussey showcased personality traits along with makeup use. Extroverts who are seemingly more mainly confident used lighter makeup compared to introverts and conformists.

Makeup can also have tremendous effects on our bodies. Here are some occurrences to expect from wearing borderline too much makeup.

  • Applying makeup creates a coat on your pores, reducing their ability to breathe or creating clogged pores. Consequently, this leads to skin breakouts or irritation of the skin. Thoroughly wash away your makeup before bed and allow your pores some breathing space.
  • Another standard rule in makeup is not neglecting the regular cleaning of your makeup tools and bag. Dirty makeup tools can cause skin allergies or eyes and mouth infections.
  • Some common makeup touch-up spots include the sensitive areas around your eyes. Constantly applying loads of makeup causes you to stretch the skin in these areas, making you susceptible to wrinkles.
  • The debate on the best choice between organic and safe beauty products and common cosmetics is still ongoing. However, the use of a lot of either options can cause some side effects to your skin’s condition. It is recommendable you research on the products and ingredients they use and their effects on your skin and general body. Regularly visit the dermatologist for skin checkups.
  • Another classic sign that you wear too much makeup is requiring too much makeup remover when washing off the makeup. Too much makeup remover may also be a source of harm to your skin if not rinsed out well.
  • Too much makeup does not always have a bad effect, and it can boost your confidence, body positivity, inspiring your look to seem more mature, pretty, dramatic, and sexy. While it is always great to look amazing after your makeup, don’t be dependent and feel self-conscious when without it. Remember, we are all beautiful.

Is It Rude to Tell a Girl She Wears Too Much Makeup

In various instances through this article, we clearly define makeup beauty as a rather subjective subject. Clearly, depending on the personal reflections and desires, therefore having an opinion about how a girl wears her makeup can often be irking and judgmental.

To an extent, results showing the different perspectives associated with women wearing makeup can oftentimes indicate sexism. That stems from men’s results associating heavy or grungy makeup types as making women seem less moral, more sexually active or with lesser sociosexuality restrictions, or less emotional. Something feminists refer to us internalized misogyny.

Too much makeup is a matter you will have to define dependent on your beauty intentions and health. However, they are the right and correct ways and techniques to use any amount of makeup on your face. Know what is right for you and always be happy when your face is all perfect.

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