About Me

My name is Joy-Lee

The Founder of “We Value Beauty” and a passionate makeup stylist who started as an early teenager as a complete beginner to now helping 100s of people getting the looks, feels and beauty standards they deeply want.

Makeup, haircare, and skincare can be confusing and very expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing. There are lots of brands, lots of tactics, and lots of inaccurate information. For the ones just starting their journey into the beautiful world of beauty, it’s essential that they have access to accurate information about all aspects to make an informed decision. With We Value Beauty I aim to give people the information they need so that they can shine like never before.

I’m not doing this alone. Thanks to all my friends how are my test subjects on a daily basis. With their help, I can provide comprehensive and easily accessible information about all that lies within the range of beauty.



Joy-Lee is a Dutch woman with over 10 years of experience in the makeup, haircare and fashion space. The passion was there at an early age but really came to fruition with several internships at different fashion agencies. There she learned a lot about styling, beauty, hair and skin care, and giving people the freedom to dress as feel as they like! Nowadays Joy-Lee is working at a fashion and beauty boutique and currently consults with several clients from varying backgrounds to get them to feel beautiful about themselves!