Washing Hair With a Washcloth – How to and Why

Washing Hair With a Washcloth

Determining your ideal wash routine and schedule can take some women years to figure out depending on their accessible resources. You may use a routine that was passed down in your family or something you heard online or from a local beautician. While professional advice is often more informed than social media trends, it’s important … Read more

Why Has My Hair No Curl Definition at the Roots?

Why Has My Hair No Curl Definition at the Roots

Women often have specific daily care routines depending on their curl definition and the thickness and heaviness of their hair. Different hair types require more nutrients and vitamins to properly develop and remain healthy over time. Many women struggle to identify their hair type and the best care options to minimize frizz and damage. It’s … Read more

How to Get Hair Tinsel in Curly Hair?

How to Get Hair Tinsel in Curly Hair

Decorating your hair with different clips, hairstyles and add-ons is an easy way to get ready for a party or show people your fun personality. Hair tinsel specifically is woven into your hair usually in the form of extensions to bring excitement and sparkle to any regular style. While hair tinsel was most popular in … Read more

Can White People Have Type 4 Hair?

Can White People Have Type 4 Hair

Type four hair could be found in any culture and race. People who don’t live in diverse communities may find it hard to believe that white people could have type four hair, but it’s possible. The following will help you see why type four hair isn’t reserved for one race of people. Can white people … Read more

Is Amodimethicone Water Soluble?

Is Amodimethicone Water Soluble

Thanks to science and technology, the hair-care industry is tremendously evolving. Currently, we have access to volumes of information regarding our hairs, their different textures, and suitable products to use on them. Nevertheless, the suitability of some products, mainly their contents, continues to raise questions. One common gray area includes the use of silicones. Silicones, … Read more

Can White People Have Low Porosity Hair?

Can White People Have Low Porosity Hair

Hair porosity is one of the many unseen factors that may be affecting why you struggle with moisture absorption and certain hairstyles. Your hair’s porosity determines how easily the hair shaft absorbs water, dictating if products will work or fall flat of your expectations. Porosity is determined mainly by genetics but is also affected by … Read more