Skincare Guide – Let’s Detect and Counter the Aging Threats with a Proper Hand Care Solution!

A typical beauty routine focuses mainly on the face to retain its youthfulness. While necessary, your hands and nails are the first to suffer aging. You can attribute their vulnerabilities to excessive exposure to sun and chemicals. The signs can appear as sun spots, damaged nails, skin dryness, and fine lines. Keep what you do for your face intact, but pay attention to the health of your hands and nails. Do you see traces of these elements on your hand? Start with a well-formulated skincare regimen immediately. Here is a quick view of a few standard problems your hands and nails may encounter, along with efficient solutions.

  • Frail or ragged nails

Do you know what hangnails mean? These torn skin pieces cling onto the nail beds or sides. These can easily attract anyone’s attention to your hand’s unkempt look. As the first thing, you can snip them with safe nail scissors. However, trimming will only groom the area. It doesn’t prevent such occurrences. You can manage them well by applying nourishing body oil. Please start with the fingertips before spreading it to other body parts for a wholesome skincare. The skin around your nails and other areas will feel moisturized and soothed. Keep your hands looking young with a cream that locks the moisture without feeling greasy.

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

Hands are one of the most abused body parts. These work harder at the cost of losing skin elasticity, leading to wrinkling issues. The primary reason behind such an incident is the low collagen production and moisture loss. Some think cosmetic procedures like laser resurfacing or dermal fillers are the only options. But you can ditch or postpone these expensive processes by embracing restorative skincare products like hand and nail balm. Get something formulated with coconut oil and butter to hydrate the skin and nails and protect them from environmental stressors. Incorporating safe creams and lotions can be more sustainable than expensive restoration works, which don’t offer permanent benefits. You may again need to get them done after some time. 

  • Dehydrated hand skin

You wash and clean your hands several times a day. That’s inevitable for hygiene purposes. However, regular soaps often leave the skin feeling dry and dehydrated. Once the aging process begins, such problems will be more commonplace. How do you lock the moisture of your hand skin naturally? A soothing hand and nail cream with the goodness of coconut oil can achieve this. Ensure you choose a solution made with natural ingredients to reap the benefits.

Damaged skin and nails will need intensive skincare for rejuvenation. Choose soaps, creams, and sunscreens carefully. But your stress will decrease if you indulge in hand care from the beginning. Realizing the significance of healthy hands and nails as early as the 20s can help immensely. It’s the time when you lay the foundation of your future skin. Investing in the health and wellness of this body part from this stage can warrant the desirable long-term effects even after many years. Initially, you may need only a few essential products.


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