Is It Ok to Use Expired BB Cream?

Did you know that it is not ok to use expired BB cream? Read the article and find out why!

Is it ok to use expired BB cream? Virtually all makeup wearers have been in that situation where there’s a questionable bottle in the back of your vanity or cabinet. Most find themselves hesitant to use the product, whatever brand it may be, if it’s past its expiration date. Others aren’t even aware that makeup … Read more

What Goes First BB Cream or Concealer?

Do you put BB cream on before concealer?

Many women ask the question, which comes first, concealer or BB cream? This can be an important decision to make, especially if you want to hide under-eye circles that only come out at night, or other imperfections that need concealing before you put on your BB cream. There are several schools of thought on the … Read more

What Is BB Cream vs Concealer?

what is the difference between BB cream vs concealer. Which is better?

Finding the right beauty product can be a daunting task, even overwhelming. This guide will help you choose the best base product to suit your makeup needs. How to choose? We’ve all been there- staring down the endless rows of skin-tinted bottles and tubes, wondering how we would possibly manage to figure out the perfect … Read more

How to Make BB Cream Not Look Cakey?

How to Make BB Cream Not Look Cakey

Your BB cream–beauty balm or blemish balm–should not look cakey or patchy. In this article, we answer how to make BB cream not look cakey. Both men and women use BB creams to perfect the skin. They’re also great for busy multitaskers who want to add a light wash of color with their moisturizers. No … Read more

How to Keep BB Cream on All Day?

How to Keep BB Cream on All Day

How To Keep BB Cream On All Day? BB cream is the perfect skincare product for a flawless complexion. The cream makes the face look well finished, smoothes out the facial complexion while looking natural. When looking for light makeup coverage, this is the best product. Because it is a light skincare beauty product, you … Read more