Considering Surrogacy in the Czech Republic? A Cost Guide

According to the Czech Republic, Surrogacy is Neither legal nor prohibited. Czech law considers the woman who gives birth as the child’s mother, regardless of the intended mother’s (if her oocytes were used in IVF) or egg donor’s identity. The child’s father is considered to be the man who gave the consent for artificial insemination. After the birth of the baby, the leihmutter tschechien signs a set of documents in which she waives her rights to the child.

Despite the absence of Legislation of Surrogacy, the Czech Republic has become  popular  for surrogacy among intended couples from the United Kingdom, Canada, and European countries. kosten leihmutter ranges from €50,000 to €60,000.

The most important factors while choosing surrogacy clinics in Czech Republic are: success rates in surrogacy pregnancies, experience with legal aspects of surrogacy in the Czech Republic, transparency about costs and fees, donor pool availability (if applicable), gestational carrier pool (if applicable), open communication and support.

Repromeda and Reprofit International are well-known surrogacy clinics in the Czech Republic.

Cross–Border Surrogacy with Czech Birth 

If couples choose agency–assisted surrogacy with IVF and embryo transfer abroad and birth in the Czech Republic, costs range from €80,000 to €109,000.

Full Surrogacy in the Czech Republic

The entire surrogacy process, from IVF and embryo transfer to the baby’s birth, takes place in the Czech Republic. leihmutter tschechien costs range from €56,000 to €79,000. Live birth guarantee programs have a higher price, starting at €86,000 and up. 

IVF Surrogacy 

In vitro fertilization (IVF) using the intended mother’s eggs and the intended father’s sperm with gestational surrogacy costs from €50,000 to €60,000. However, a Guaranteed Program with Legal Support typically costs around €77,000.

Surrogacy with a Local Egg Donor

Surrogacy with a Local Egg Donor ranges from €60,000 to €69,000.

Surrogacy with a Traveling Egg Donor

If Couples are seeking an exclusive donation or needing a global egg donor with specific qualifications, or opting for a premium donor with additional services (such as DuoStim and two egg retrievals within one cycle, tandem cycle (synchronization of intended mother’s and donor’s menstrual cycles and simultaneous stimulation for both donor and intended mother, or a Live Birth Guarantee) should expect to pay additionally between $36,000 and $69,000 on top of the base program cost.

Guaranteed Surrogacy with a Local/Other Ethnicity Egg Donor

The cost for a Live Birth Guarantee package ranges from €80,000 to €89,000 for using a local donor and €90,000 to $109,000 for other ethnicity egg donors (travelling premium donor, live birth guarantee). 

Surrogacy Only with Existing Vitrified Embryos

For intended parents who already have vitrified embryos in their local clinic, the Czech Republic offers cryo transfer with gestational surrogacy involving the transportation of embryos to the clinic, devitrification, and transfer. This surrogacy typically costs between €53,000 and €59,000.

Cost of Independent Surrogacy

Independent surrogacy cost ranges from  €27,000 (minimum) beyond the IVF treatment. 

IVF Treatment Cost:

A single cycle of ICSI with the prospective mother’s oocytes and the partner’s sperm: €3,490 EUR–€5,500

Egg Donation IVF cost:

IVF with egg donation, including a guarantee of up to two blastocysts: €4,890–€6,700.

Sperm Donation IVF Cost:

ICSI using the donor’s sperm (Single Stim protocol, fresh or cryopreserved donor’s sperm, ICSI technique, and embryo transfer): €2,900–€3,990.

Final Word

Surrogacy in the Czech Republic is allowed and opened to worldwide intended parents. The

The Czech republic has more than 39 innovative IVF clinics (equipped with hi–tech laboratories and offering advanced treatment solutions) and much cheaper prices than any other country where surrogacy is legal. kosten leihmutter is much affordable and other medical facilities are also reliable. leihmutter tschechien is nothing but an angel mother.

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