Do You Worry about the Growing Deeper Creases Around the Mouth and Chin? Let’s Probe Their Occurrence and Correction Methods!

You can think of facial wrinkles in terms of crow’s feet and grooves on the forehead or between eyebrows. All these primarily affect the upper facial profile and can be easily treated with Botox. But you also need to care for your lower face area, which can develop smile lines, creases on the upper lip, and deep fold spanning mouth to chin. Creases and folds in the lower facial region become prominent with age, denting your overall face’s natural beauty. In this context, the problem of the appearance of folds around the mouth, jaw, and chin needs special consideration because they often make you look sad and bitter, apart from affecting your youthfulness. This wrinkle condition is called marionette lines. So, dig into this for more details.

  • Why should you worry about marionette lines?

Other popular terms for this lower face wrinkle are puppet lines or melomental folds extending from the sides of the mouth to the lower chin. It has been called so after marionette string puppets, which contain vertical lines in that part. These lines make you appear visibly tired or low. The appearance of these wrinkles can be due to the loss of natural collagen as part of aging. A protein like collagen keeps the skin plump and firm. In your 20s, your skin often dehydrates or becomes devoid of elasticity, experiencing wrinkles and fine lines. With growing stress levels, sun exposure, and improper diet, collagen and elastin levels are affected prematurely. Sometimes, genes can be the culprit. If you wish to retain the vibrant energy of your face and attract positive attention from people, treating sagging skin is a must.

Medical spas often recommend dermal fillers to correct this issue. Are you in San Marcos? You can explore options for dermal fillers San Marcos to consult with an expert. 

  • Dermal fillers for marionette lines

Although marionette lines indicate aging, you can temporarily eliminate them with dermal fillers and injections. The minimally invasive cosmetic method softens the lines and the depths by adding volume to the skin to lift it. Different dermal fillers are used, such as Juvederm, Restylane, etc. Juvederm can tackle most marionette line problems, no matter their depth. Restylane stands out for its ability to efficiently handle deep and superficial lines. Other filler options are also available. Only a skin expert can suggest a suitable variety for your needs. 

So, if you want faster results and quick recovery, dermal fillers can be more reliable. Customized treatments like these often provide remarkable outcomes without much discomfort. You can avoid surgical procedures for this to enjoy temporary but satisfactory results.

Prevention tips for marionette lines

While you may need professional help at some point in time, a few healthy habits can postpone or delay such requirements. The best ways to keep your face attractive are following a thorough skincare regimen, limiting sun exposure, sticking to skin-friendly food choices, and avoiding alcohol, smoking, and caffeine. Sleep well.

If you still get marionette lines, you can always use recognized med spa services for assistance. Their treatments can address your concerns effortlessly.  

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