Does Hair Grow Back If You Burn It (All You Need To Know)

Does hair grow back if you burn it

Burning your hair is something everyone hates. You sometimes see it on funniest home videos and the people around it are laughing their heads off! It’s all fun at first until your hair is so burned that the damage is hard to repair.

Also, burning your hair (and sometimes your scalp) can really hurt! For many people, it’s something that sometimes scares them awake. You can call it a real nightmare. But ultimately, is there anything you can do about it if your hair is burnt?

This depends entirely on how the damage was done. There are many ways to burn your hair. Below you will find answers to the question of whether your hair can be repaired, what type of burn you may have to deal with, and how best to go about it.

Does Hair Grow Back if You Burn It?

The average person isn’t a world-renowned hair specialist, but that doesn’t mean that a hair disaster is out of our hands. There can be times when we end up burning our hair while trying to straighten it or exposing them to a new and different type of hair treatment. However, is it possible that your burnt hair might never grow back?

The answer to this question is based on multiple factors, like how the damage took place and to what extent has the damage gone. If your hair and scalp are severely burnt, you might need surgery to patch that part up with hair again. Luckily, there is hope that lower-level damage could heal over time. Here are a few of the different causes of hair burning to understand what you can expect in the healing process. 

Hair Burnt by An Overheated Flat Iron

If your hair is fried and frizzy after getting burnt by an overheated flat iron, there might be a chance that you can bring them back to their natural self – provided that the damage is not too much. You can use nourishing olive oil or try a hot oil treatment to see the profound effect that it makes on hair strands. Most of the time, burned hair from a flat iron will grow again, but you should maintain a steady foundation of healing shampoo and conditioner as it repairs. 

Hair Burnt by Bleach

According to sources, bleach damage can cause a loss of hair, but this hair loss is usually not permanent. Hair grows at a relatively small rate, but you should be able to have hair growth. To create growth with a foundation of strong hair follicles, using keratin treatments can be an extremely helpful step. 

As a preventative measure, keeping hair nourished and healthy is essential to preventing breakage and burning when bleaching the hair. Most stylists recommend taking a week or two to nourish the hair with a mask or deep conditioning treatment before a bleaching session. Furthermore, if you bleach your hair at home, start at least one inch from the root, bleaching the hair closest to the scalp last. 

Hair Burnt by Fire

Usually, if the hair is burnt with fire, there might be no chance of it growing back, depending on how severe the burns are to the skin. If the skin is entirely destroyed, the hair follicles may be destroyed as well, making it impossible to grow hair again. This type of situation requires help from a medical professional since many at-home products simply do not repair the damage. Even if only a portion of the hair is burned, sitting down with a stylist will paint a clearer picture of the hair regrowth to expect. 

Hair Burnt by Perm

Perming treatments contain chemicals that could cause permanent damage to the hair follicle since they have to set a curl directly into the hair. The process itself is already delicate but burning the hair could result in hair that is damaged forever. To avoid this type of damage, prepare for a perming treatment in a way that is similar to that of bleaching. Seek out the help of a professional beautician to reduce the risk of this problem. 

How Does Burning Your Hair Cause Hair Loss?

Hair loss can happen when third burns reach the layers of skin that contain hair follicles and cause scarring. When scarring happens, hair loss is usually permanent. However, the likelihood of long-term damage will entirely be based on how severe the burn may be and how much of the skin is also damaged. First degree burns are usually minute and should not cause hair loss. Even second-degree burns can pose a threat, but there’s still a chance of permanent loss. 

Does Burnt Facial Hair Grow Back?

Much like the hair on the scalp, facial hair can very well grow together if the hair is what has been burnt. However, the growth still depends on the extent of damage to the skin as well as the hair follicles. If the burns were not deep enough to penetrate several layers and burn hair follicles, you could expect normal growth. Facial hair tends to be coarser than the hair on the top of the head, suggesting that it is more resilient. 

Can Burnt Hair Be Repaired?

While the regrowth of burned hair is debatable, individuals that did not experience complete hair loss may want to repair the damage. Just like the loss of hair, the ability to nourish the hair deeply enough to repair it will depend on how much damage has occurred. 

In some cases, repairing the hair will simply require cutting it out. However, that is not always the case. Shampoos, conditioners, and restorative treatments are commonly found in any store that sells hair products, reintroducing the moisture that was lost. For anyone that doesn’t want to dig deep into their pockets to restore hair, several home remedies can work. 

Things You Can Use to Repair Hair Damage from burning at Home

Every time your hair burns, it is most likely a mistake and you would always want to try and undo it. The question is, can you try things at home which would eventually help your hair after it has been damaged? The answer is yes. There are a couple of things that you can try to minimize the effect of your burns and try and give your hair its natural glow back. Here are some things that you can try:

1. Use olive oil

After the hair is burnt and the damage has been done, the first remedy that you should be trying is using olive oil. With only a small quantity of olive oil, generously apply it all over the burnt hair, allowing it to soak into the strands to soften it. If it is done properly, the hair becomes smoother and the damage will not spread any further as the burned hair grows out. 

2. Apply avocado

Avocado is another thing that can be used to repair burnt hair because it is filled with vitamins and minerals that would help your hair to survive and potentially grow back too. When preparing this homemade mixture, remove the avocado’s pit and beat the soft flesh together with a single uncooked egg. Once that has been done, you can apply it to your wet hair for best results, rinsing it out later.

3. Massage with butter

Just like adding taste to your food, butter usually also adds gloss and glow to your hair. For this home remedy, you would need to apply a small amount of butter to your hair and leave it for a while. After a while, you would need to wash it away using your regular shampoo. This would bring back the lost gloss and glow of your burnt hair and would also try and repair it. If the butter is not preferred, some people will use mayonnaise for the same oily texture.

4. Using tea

As you might already know, tea has a lot of benefits, as it can be full of antioxidants and other nutrients. One of them also includes making your hair shine. To use it as a repair remedy for burnt hair, you would need to boil some tea in water and apply it to the burnt hair. Later, rinse it off with your regular shampoo. The tea would also help in the enhancement of the hair color, so it is always better to choose a tea color that naturally matches your hair color.

5. Mix egg with your shampoo

If your hair is burnt, there is a high chance that it has lost at least some amount of protein. Therefore, it becomes necessary to restore the protein in your hair, which can easily be done by mixing a raw egg into shampoo. Make sure to only mix in an egg immediately before treatment, rather than leaving the raw egg in a shampoo bottle for multiple days at a time. 

6. Apply Botanical oils

Different types of oils can work magic on your burnt hair and can significantly increase the chances of repair. You can apply botanical oils or coconut oil to your hair till they are heavily soaked. After that, you can leave it for a while before rinsing it off with your regular shampoo.

Final thoughts

Despite the fact that it’s terrible to burn your hair. Sometimes the damage that occurs can be extensive and only difficult to repair. Of course, I hope this doesn’t happen to you, but I also hope you learned something from this article.

Besides the fact that you have learned a lot about in what ways you can burn your hair, hopefully, you have also learned a lot about you can repair your hair after it is damaged by burning.

I think the most important thing in all of this is always to stay calm and read carefully about what you should do. Saying afterward that you should have been more careful is simply not helpful.

If this has happened to you, I hope it didn’t hurt you and that the information was helpful!

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