Have You Heard Of The Free Minecraft MMORPG, Wynncraft?

Are you looking for a cheap Minecoins gift card? If the answer is yes, check out U7Buy without delay! Wynncraft is an immersive Minecraft MMORPG created by an indie team. The game is actually a free Minecraft server. Anyone can join it. Let’s dive into the amazing world of Wynn and see what Wynncraft is all about!

How to Play the Minecraft MMORPG

Playing Wynncraft is easy. The MMO is free to play. You just need to have the Minecraft: Java Edition game. Open the client and select the Multiplayer option. Then you need to go to Add Server. Type “play.wynncraft.com” and you will get the IP of the Wynncraft server.

Wynncraft offers the opportunity to embark on an epic journey. This blocky fantasy realm is brimming with diverse landscapes. You will wander through forests and climb towering mountains. Step inside the bustling cities and see what they have to offer. Gather a party and adventure into treacherous dungeons. However, the first thing you will need to do is create a character.

What Are the Available Classes in Wynncraft?

This Minecraft MMO RPG has five classes. We can choose to become an Archer, Warrior, Assassin, Mage, or Shaman. Each class has three archetypes. These are specializations that allow the players to experience different play styles of the same class. The Archer and Mage are the most recommended classes for beginner players.

The Archer is a ranged damage dealer that shoots projectiles from a safe distance. Whether you go for the boltslinger, sharpshooter, or trapper specialization, there is one thing you must remember. Don’t get too close to the target because defense is not an Archer’s forte. The Mage is a dual-role class. Depending on the specialization, this spell caster can use magic to deal damage or to heal its teammates. The Mage is a great addition to any team.

The Warrior and Assassin come next in terms of difficulty. The Warrior is a tank class. With a large HP pool and equipped with strong armor, this fighter can take quite a few hits. The Warrior also has crowd-control abilities. The Assassin is a pure-DPS class. All three of its specializations cover various ways to confuse and damage enemies.

The Shaman is an advanced class. It fulfills a support role in the team. Depending on the selected specialization, the Shaman can buff its allies, keep enemies in check with crowd-control, and provide assistance to team members.

Wynncraft Gameplay and Activities

Wynncraft has a leveling system similar to what we find in other MMORPGs. Players acquire XP when they complete quests and defeat enemies. There are more than 130 quests to complete. The game encourages exploration as the world is filled with secrets and fun things to discover.

We cannot talk about a Minecraft MMO game without mentioning end-game content. Dungeons and raids are available. These locations are home to powerful enemies. They guard precious loot. Form a group, defeat them, and walk away with the spoils of war.

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