How To Keep Hair Dry In The Shower (6 Solutions!)

Sometimes you are in a hurry. Your alarm didn’t go off, or you need to go someplace but you would like to take a shower first.

Getting your hair in great shape can be a time-consuming task and sometimes it is better to shower without making your hair wet. You save time, it looks great just as is and you don’t have to do all the work again!

But what are some good options to keep your hair dry in the shower? We’ll discuss exactly that in this article.

Let’s dive in and find the best way to keep your hair dry in the shower for you!

Keep your hair dry with a shower cap

When you think about how to keep hair dry in the shower, a shower cap is something that pops into your head I think.

Wearing a shower cap works great for people who have short to medium hair length. The only thing you really have to think about is that you put all your hair underneath the shower cap. Otherwise, water will still go in your hair and you have to do a partly routine of getting your hair in style after the shower.

How do you do this best?

Putting on a shower cap looks like something you don’t think about. But if you do it wrong you can still get your hair wet, or the damp of the steam will trickle in and make your hair a little bit wet still. 

Before you put on your shower cap, you should place your hair into a bun. For shorter and medium hair length this is no problem. If you have longer hair you can hold the bun in place with some bobby pins or small clips.

You should pin down your hair if it’s long because most shower caps can’t handle much hair due to the weight. You don’t want your shower cap to fall off or slide backward just because of the weight.

Pin your hair down to where it is comfortable and the weight of the hair is distributed so that your shower cap won’t fall off.

What if you don’t know how to do a bun with long hair?

if you don’t know how to put your hair in a bun, you can use a scrunchie and a clip. Pull your hair back as if you are making a ponytail but leave a long tail without pulling it all the way through the scrunchie. After you’ve done that you can pin down the remaining hair from to ponytail to the back of your head. This way you’ve also made sure that your hair can’t become wet if your put on your shower cap!

Which shower cap do you need to keep your hair dry in the shower?

Shower cap with silk lining

A shower cap with silk lining will keep your hair silky smooth so that you do not have to spend enormous amounts of time getting your hair ready. It will also protect your hair from the shower steam frizz.

If you have natural curls (colored or not colored) you really should go for a shower cap with a silk lining. It maybe is more expensive than a normal one but it will keep your hair very smooth and dry in the shower. This means that you don’t need as much product anymore afterward and that means that you don’t need to wash your hair as often as you’re doing and that means healthier hair!

A shower cap with a really good elastic band

If you have long and weighty hair, it is good to know that you probably do best with a shower cap with a strong elastic band. This will prevent that the shower cap slips off and that your hair becomes wet. Most (cheaper ones) shower caps can’t handle much hair due to its weight so it is better to go with a shower cap that is strong enough.

The slightly nicer ones

I mentioned this already above, but what I mean with “the nicer ones”, is that you go for a shower cap that is a little more expensive than the basic ones. The cheapie shower caps don’t work as well as the slightly more expensive but nicer ones.

In my opinion, it is better to invest in something that you know works, than to save a couple of bucks and have to see for yourself that it isn’t working as well as it should be.

Using a towel instead of a shower cap

Some people prefer to use a dry towel because it keeps the steam out better than a shower cap. This is of course entirely up to you. You can try both a shower cap and a towel and see what works.

Now a regular towel might not stay twisted in the shower so it is better to use a turban wrap towel. You can buy a Microfiber hair towel turban wrap on Amazon for about $8. 

It can happen that when you use a towel, your hair will get damp around your hairline. You can easily fix this by using a hairdryer and everything is good again!

Another reason to go for a towel is when a shower cap would ruin your blow out. If a shower cap ruins your blow out, it might be a good idea to try a towel!

Plastic grocery bag to keep your hair dry

If you don’t own a shower cap or you don’t know if it is something that you would like, it is a good idea to use a plastic grocery bag to keep your hair dry under the sower. It is very simple to use. 

Grab a regular grocery bag and place the bag over your hair. Tuck every hair you have under the grocery bag and use the handles of the bag to tie the bag at the base of your neck. You can then adjust it so that it sits perfectly for you.

Just like the shower cap, you can choose to pin your hair down to get an even better fit. You can place your hair in a bun or use pins just as I described above in the section about using a shower cap.

This way you can experiment with a “shower cap” in a very inexpensive way!

Keep your hair dry by changing the angle of the showerhead

Where using a grocery bag is already an inexpensive way to keep your hair dry under the shower, adjusting the angle of the showerhead is even more inexpensive and a quick and easy way to keep your hair dry.

You should aim it so that the water comes further down your body. This way your hair remains dry and you can take a relaxing shower!

A handheld showerhead is a great way to keep your hair dry under the shower

This might be something that you haven’t thought about, but using a handheld showerhead is something that can works exceptionally well when you want to keep your hair dry without the use of a shower cap. 

a handheld showerhead is great because you control where the water hits you. You can even control the speed and the pressure if you go for a nice shower stick! This is one of the easiest ways to keep your head dry!

Take a bath!

This is the easiest way of keeping your hair dry! Simply take a bath and make sure that your hair is not anywhere near the water! You can even place a towel at the base of your neck so that the water has no chance of getting to your hair.

You can also place your hair (if you have longer hair) over the edge of the bath so that none of your hair becomes wet.

Final thoughts

Now you know how to keep your hair dry in the shower! Most commonly a shower cap is used to avoid getting your hair wet in the shower. The thing that is important for you to take away from this article is that it is better to invest in a shower cap with quality than to go the cheap round. Your hair is precious and you should try to keep it that way :).

If you aren’t ready to try a shower cap just yet, you can always go for a regular plastic bag. You can experiment with it to see if you like such a thing, you can do this when you do not have a shower cap with you or just when you are in an enormous hurry!

A towel can also be a great solution to keep your hair from getting wet in the shower. Just know that a regular towel might not hold the way a turban towel would.

I hope you also took away that there are lots of other options out there. You can go for adjusting the angle of the showerhead, a handheld showerhead, or just take a bath! A lot of options for you to try! Have fun experimenting with all the options!

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