How to Shop at Cosmoprof Without License?

How to Shop at Cosmoprof Without a License

Fashionable women often have a hard time finding quality products and tools to care for their skin and hair. Cheaper products can provide a quick fix that may seem to work at first but ultimately cause unseen damage that can build up over the years.

When you visit your regular beauty professionals like stylists and cosmetologists, you’ll likely notice a new shine and healthiness in your skin and hair after the appointment. Professionals often order their supplies directly from CosmoProf, a well-respected, quality distributor that provides a host of products, tools and resources.

Unlike other beauty stores, CosmoProf is a distributor rather than a retail store and sells exclusively to businesses and licensed professionals.

Don’t give up hope yet on taking care of your best features with the highest quality products. Here’s all you need to know about CosmoProf and its excellent services.

How to shop at CosmoProf without license?

It can be frustrating to see a new store open up around the corner only to discover it’s not open to the general public. CosmoProf has a reputation for carrying excellent products with no equal as well as unique privileges for professionals like training courses and a reliable community.

CosmoProf sells directly to licensed beauticians, barbers, massage therapists, and beauty students. The company carries professional-grade products that should only be used by trained and licensed individuals.

Business owners in related beauty fields can shop at CosmoProf as well as students who aren’t yet working in the field. Your identification will need to be confirmed when signing up for an account with CosmoProf. The company boasts more than 1,200 physical locations across North America as well as an extensive supply of exclusive and quality name brands online.

If you’ve heard great things about various special brands or want to experience new levels of hair and skin health, you can talk with your beautician about expanding their stock. Luxurious, high-grade products are still available to you even if you’re not licensed. By relying on the professionals at your local salon, you can ensure your hair and skincare are properly applied.

Can not licensed people buy from the CosmoProf Store?

An average consumer isn’t able to buy directly from CosmoProf without a license. CosmoProf sells commercial-grade products that can be dangerous if applied inappropriately. By supplying professionals and not the general public, potent beauty supplies can be kept in the hands of those who know how to use them. Lasting perms and high-quality dye jobs are only possible due to the chemicals and supplies carried by CosmoProf and similar suppliers.

CosmoProf offers many benefits to businesses and beauticians that offset the expensive costs of wholesale commercial products. Their distributor policies and higher prices are made for businesses, factoring in their daily professional costs and fees.

Even if CosmoProf was open to the public, the average consumer would likely find the prices to be outrageously high for products they could access elsewhere. CosmoProf also carries tools like clippers and razors that can only be properly utilized in trained hands.

As a consumer, you have limitless possibilities and store options to choose from when selecting your regular hair and skin treatments. Hair box dyes, moisturizers, face masks, and more are all available through local retailers.

These products have varying levels of effectiveness and are designed for consumer use. You’ll have no problem following the instructions and seeing pleasing results that last for a moderate amount of time. The products within your reach are unlikely to cause you great harm and aren’t as strong as salon-grade options.

When you go to a salon, you want to feel refreshed and new, unlike your regular clean feeling at home. CosmoProf supplies beauticians with the expert materials they need to have you looking your best after every visit.

Why do I need a license to buy at CosmoProf?

CosmoProf is a distributor open to only licensed professionals for the safety of the community and at-home stylists who may frequently try new products or trends. Acquiring a license in a beauty field requires years of training, schooling, and experience.

Professionals are trained in every facet of their field, from giving hair cuts to coloring to washing. Just as any profession that requires special tools or equipment, a beautician can access a fantastic supply of goods and services from CosmoProf.

CosmoProf sells items like hair bleach and dye that are more concentrated than the products available in retailers. If applied incorrectly, the chemicals could cause irritation, damage or even burns to the skin.

As a business signing up for CosmoProf, you need to reside in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico and have an active professional license, student ID, or business credentials. You’ll also need to closely read and accept their distribution policies and agreements.

CosmoProf provides many benefits to professionals like convenient tax prep, easy mobile shopping, access to nearly 30,000 products, and exclusive items only available through their company.

Does CosmoProf only sell to professional hair salons?

An average person will be unable to use this company’s website or shop at one of their many locations around North America. You may have never bought directly from or perhaps even heard of CosmoProf, but if you’ve visited a salon in the past, you’ve likely benefited from their products.

Unlike local stores, a beauty supply distributor is set up to support and supply professional establishments. You aren’t missing out on anything due to CosmoProf being closed to public shoppers. The luxury products and care treatments sold through CosmoProf can be attained for cheaper prices through your local salon or beautician.

You’ll also have access to your beautician’s advice when they suggest the right products for your hair and skin. This ideal situation provides you with both the product and the knowledge to efficiently use it. CosmoProf is designed to provide resources for beauticians who can then serve you with quality care.

CosmoProf offers unique benefits to business owners and licensed professionals. Beauticians can access live events, trade shows, continuing education classes and even tutorials to better their skills. These resources are less helpful to the average person who likely doesn’t have a foundation of working beauty knowledge.


CosmoProf is a beauty supply distributor you may have seen when shopping around your neighborhood. This company only sells tools and products to licensed beauty professionals or business owners. The company’s exclusivity may be frustrating when trying to find a store that carries quality products. However, you can take full advantage of their equipment, treatments, and products by stopping in at your favorite local salon or professional beautician.

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