Is Overtone Bad for Your Hair? (No It’s Not – Learn Why)

Is Overtone Bad for Your Hair

There’s always a new product on the market that stylists and salon professionals gravitate toward disliking. Overtone exploded onto the scene in recent years, promising a deep condition while depositing color particles onto even the darkest of locks. Some hair experts applaud Overtone, while others aren’t too crazy about it, so let’s go into detail about the Overtone product line and whether or not it’s good for your hair.

Is Overtone Bad for Your Hair?

Overtone is not bad for your hair. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Overtone deep conditions hair with natural, nourishing ingredients while leaving rich, healthy color deposits behind, all without chemicals. Overtone is a fantastic way to give your hair a color boost without the drying or damaging effects of traditional hair color or bleach!

What you need to know about Overtone

There’s nothing quite like achieving salon-level color in the comfort of your own home. Since bright hues like pinks, purples, and blues have been having a moment lately, it’s only reasonable that consumers have begun to look for options that wouldn’t damage their hair or extend the length of their color between appointments. Enter: Overtone.

Overtone definitely isn’t the first brand to develop temporary hair colors. Still, they are one of the first to nail the process, providing a color-depositing conditioner that delivers incredible results. The products are cruelty-free and vegan, which checks boxes for many consumers today.

Aside from acting as a fantastic alternative to more traditional dyes, Overtone makes hair colors all-inclusive, setting them apart in the beauty world. Overtone offers plenty of colors to choose from, and the company has explicitly stated its dedication to education regarding hair health and color. Overtone is a semi-custom hair color at an incredibly accessible price point.

Since its debut, Overtone has launched many products dedicated to making your hair healthier. There’s no question that Overtone is good for your hair, especially when compared to other coloring methods. Also, for those that do add color with the assistance of bleach, Overtone can add the moisture back into your hair that regular bleaching strips out.

The Best Overtone Products

While Overtone is known for its ultra-hydrating color depositing conditioners, they’ve launched various products focused on maintaining color and achieving your healthy hair goals over the years. We’ll discuss a few of the best products Overtone offers from their lineup and their benefits!

The Remedy for Fine Hair

Overtone certainly hasn’t left out any hair types in developing their product line. The Remedy for Fine Hair was the first colorless product ever introduced by Overtone, and the purpose was to make home hair coloring simple. This product makes managing your color from home more accessible than ever, as hydration is one of the main components of healthy, colored hair.

Today’s hydrating masks can be super heavy, especially on fine hair. The Remedy for Fine Hair is an Overtone best seller because it creates an effective and lightweight way to add moisture to your hair (yes, even fine hair). The Remedy is only one of the ways Overtone continues to work toward the goal of vibrant color and happy locks.

Coloring Conditioner

Most people turn to Overtone for hair assistance because of their color depositing conditioner. This was the first product category and boasts an easy-to-use formula in over 14 shades. The variety of hues can cater to all hair colors, though the amount of color that will show up depends on your current hair color. For example, you probably won’t see too much of the light blue showing up on dark brown hair.

Here’s how Overtone color conditioner works:

  • Section hair;
  • Put on a pair of gloves;
  • Apply the conditioner from roots to end;
  • Style as usual and go on with your day!

The color payoff of the color conditioner is astounding when you choose the right color and use it correctly, but it’s also ultra-healing and good for your hair, especially if it’s dry. After one use of the Overtone color conditioner, you’ll find that your hair not only has an amped-up color but will also feel softer, less frizzy, and more hydrated.

Overtone Daily Conditioner

Overtone is all about helping your hair feel and look healthier, and the daily conditioner was a fantastic addition to an already impressive product lineup. Instead of acting as a semi-permanent dye, the Overtone Daily Conditioner (available in dozens of shades) keeps your hair looking bright while staying hydrated.

The Daily Conditioner, which you do not have to use daily to see results, takes a couple of extra minutes in the shower and nothing more. It’s fast-acting, and you can let it soak into strands while you wash your body or shave, needing only three to five minutes to get the job done. The result is shiny hair and renewed color, and you don’t have to worry about gloves as the color won’t deposit onto your hands.

Overtone Toning Conditioner

One of the best products to come out of Overtone has been their Toning Conditioner. Perfect at-home color means maintaining the ideal tone, so the Toning Conditioner came not long after the launch of the Color Conditioner. Overtone offers pink, purple, green, and blue to help neutralize green, red, yellow, and orange tones.

You guessed it; this Overtone product is hydrating. You can use it by shampooing your hair as normal and then swapping out your usual conditioner for the Overtone Toning Conditioner. You can use it regardless of your hair type, and this product will tone your hair and keep it hydrated, soft, smooth, and healthy from the follicles to the ends.

If you’re unsure what color will work best for you, Overtone has a Color Quiz on its site that will help you determine the best product for your hair color and what you’ll need to maintain it. With so many hydrating and lightweight options to choose from, it’s without question that Overtone is fantastic for your hair, from thick and curly to fine and pin-straight.

How Overtone Differs from Dyes

Overtone is different from typical hair dyes because it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals like peroxide, ammonia, or heavy alcohol. Nothing in Overtone will damage or dry out your hair, and you can trust it to leave your hair feeling as healthy, soft, and shiny as ever. You can (quite literally) leave Overtone on your hair for hours every day without negative results.

Overtone asks all consumers that have questions about how the product works and the ingredients they use to reach out and inquire. The company is incredibly transparent in that respect, which is why we have to state that Overtone is not, in fact, bad for your hair. If you still want to know more about the differences and get some more information, the guy that plays in the Overtone ads has a Youtube video you can watch! Simply click the play button below.

The New Face of Hair Color

Traditional methods of hair color will always be around, and many people want permanent dye that lasts longer than semi-permanent conditioners. Even if long-lasting color is your goal, you can use Overtone to freshen up your locks between colors, giving them a much-needed color and moisture boost.

How long Overtone lasts depends on your hair and how often you wash it, but if you’re in the market for a nourishing hair color that washes out eventually, Overtone might just be perfect for you.

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