Ouidad vs Devacurl – Which Product Is Better for Your Hair?

Ouidad vs Devacurl

There are a lot of companies invested in making curl-friendly products and accessories for the different hair textures. We will focus on Devacurl and Ouidad. These are two competing companies in the manufacture of curly hair products. Devacurl was founded back in 1994. It was a salon that specialized in curly hair.

On the other hand, Ouidad was founded in 1984 as a salon specializing in curls. Ouidad then started making its curly hair products and accessories. Read through the article to analyze the two hairline products and services to find the better one for your curly hair.

Curly hair

People with naturally curly hair have had challenges caring for, cutting, and styling their hair over the years. This problem has pushed a lot of women with naturally curly hair to straighten their hair out of exasperation and frustration.

The two hairstylists, Ouidad and Lorraine Massey, the owners of Ouidad and DevaCurl, have naturally curly hair, and they had the same challenges as other women with curly hair. This challenge motivated them to act on the ignorance around naturally curly hair.

These women invented their unique method of caring for, cutting, and styling curly hair. As much as the two women aimed for the same goal of naturally curly hair, their methods are different and opposing. The next section will cover the two hair salons and product lines separately in detail.


Similar to other types of hair, caring for naturally curly hair includes cutting and styling.

Devacurl Cuts

DevaCurl cuts are performed dry. Lorraine Massey says when the hair is dry, you will be able to see the curl as it lies. The salonists at DevaCurl trim each ringlet individually, thus achieving a unique haircut. Trimming each ringlet individually is a complete deviation from traditional hair styling methods.

In other words, this technique makes styling at DevaCurl less of a rote procedure that a stylist follows and more of an art. This is a unique signature styling procedure by DevaCurl that is difficult to find depending on where you live.

DevaCurl Styling

Lorraine Massey came up with a rigid process to efficiently, conveniently, and, most importantly, style naturally curly hair. Stylists at DevaCurl start the styling process by cleansing the hair using sulfate-free shampoo. Devacurl salons use their Devacurl no-poo shampoo. It is a non-lathering cleanser with rich moisture-preserving qualities.

Additionally, it controls and reduces frizz, adds shine, and cleans gently. After cleansing, they then hydrate the hair using DevaCurl conditioners. Their conditioners are great for enhancing curls, encouraging curl definition and shape, softening and conditioning curls, and preserving hair moisture. The stylists then scrunch the hair using a frizz-free cloth to define the curls. This process is done with the hair flipped upside down.

DevaCurl has its DevaCurl anti-frizz towels; the towels are smooth, made from microfiber fabric, help dry curls without roughing them up, and reduce frizzing. DevaCurl anti-frizz towels are available on Amazon; for more information on pricing and specifications you can check them out on Amazon.

Lorraine Massey emphasizes using clips near the scalp to length or creating a lift on the hair to weigh down the hair. The next step involves drying the hair. DevaCurl salons use natural drying or the DevaCurl hairdryer and hairdryer attachment.

This hairdryer and its attachment have a 360-degree airflow surrounding the curls and getting the hair roots. It dries naturally curly hair efficiently and conveniently leaves the hair frizz-free. After drying, they remove the clips, allow you to shake your hair, and then they scrunch using DevaCurl anti-freeze towels.


As mentioned earlier, Ouidad is a hair salon and product line founded by a hairstylist known as Ouidad. Investors were against her idea of developing her curly hair styling method, but she ignored them and went ahead to open her salon in New York City in 1984.

Over the years, she has come up with several methods of caring for curly hair. Two of her unique signature methods for caring for naturally curly hair are “Carve & slice,” which she defined as the unique way Ouidad stylists cut curly hair, and Rake & Shake, which she defined as the art of setting curls before hair dries.

The Ouidad Cut

The Ouidad cut borrows from the traditional hair cutting method. To start with, the overall shape and length of the hair are decided upon and executed. The stylists then apply the “Carve & Slice” technique. It is a deviation from the traditional method that cuts layers into the hair that accentuate the curls when dry.

This technique gives curls space and room to be seen and breathe. It is similar to layering, only that the layers will not be visible, and they blend in, thus achieving curls with less unneeded volume.

Ouidad Styling

Ouidad came up with a new method of styling hair that started with wet hair, and she insisted on no towel drying. The next step involves applying a moisturizing conditioner. Ouidad has a line of moisturizing conditioners. They are sulfate-free, clean gently, and infuse curly hair with healthy moisture such that the tight curls become easier to style. The gel is then applied from the scalp and outward.

Ouidad has great gels rich in fatty acids, meadowfoam seed oil, and other essential ingredients. The gel holds and defines curls and simultaneously infuses deep moisture to hydrate hair strands from inside out. Additionally, the gel separates the curls, thus giving them a beautiful definition and appearance. A variety of Ouidad gels are available on Amazon.

The stylists then “Rake & Shake” sections of the hair. This process is performed using four fingers beginning at the base of the hair; the fingers are then combed through until almost at the end and then shaking that section of the hair. After enhancing natural curl patterns, the next process is drying the hair. Ouidad salons use natural drying or the Ouidad hairdryer and diffuser.

This hairdryer and its attachment have a 360-degree airflow surrounding the curls and getting the hair roots. It dries naturally curly hair efficiently and conveniently leaves the hair frizz-free. Ouidad styling then finishes off with their Ouidad holding sprays, which achieve bounce and softness of the curls and hair.

Similarities between Ouidad and DevaCurl

There are two main similarities between the two companies. To start with, both Devacurl and Ouidad aim to make you comfortable in your naturally curly hair, and they style it using unique and effective methods. The other similarity is that both DevaCurl and Ouidad hold that shampoos can damage curly hair. The only safe shampoos to use on naturally curly hair are sulfate-free shampoos.

Differences between Ouidad and Devacurl

There are three main differences between these competing hairline products and salon companies. First, DevaCurl uses specially designed anti-freeze towels to dry curly hair, while Ouidad discourages towel drying. Ouidad advises squeezing excess water with their hands.

Secondly, DevaCurl emphasizes having the hair flipped upside down when scrunching and styling the curls, while Ouidad does not. Lastly is the difference in the moisture of the hair when cutting. Ouidad cuts the hair when wet, while DevaCurl cuts the hair dry.

Ouidad the Better Option

With reference to their cutting and styling process, DevaCurl seems to be allowing the curl to live and be as it is. In contrast, Ouidad aims a defining your curls and give you a more curl-defined look. For example, their cut is proficient and allows the curls to be more visible.

Ouidad styling and hairline products are the best options in caring for naturally curly hair. Reviews from Ouidad customers indicate that Ouidad styling achieves a healthier hair and no frizz as a result of less shampoo and more hair conditioner.

They also achieve more defined curls using their artistic cut and excellent styling products, including gels. Additionally, Ouidad establishes more uniform curls using the “Rake & Shake” curl styling method. Lastly, Ouidad achieves more curly hair lift as a result of duckbill clips and scrunching.


After a deep analysis of the salons and curly hairline products, it is evident that Ouidad is the better option. Although it depends on what look you are going for, Ouidad still has the best products and methods that entail better care for naturally curly hair, such as gels to smoothen the curls and hair strands. Like Ouidad said, “I want everyone to see that curly hair is a gift to be celebrated and enjoyed, every day” Ouidad’s services and products achieve this goal and vision.

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