What to Do When You Have Too Much Product in Curly Hair?

What to Do When You Have Too Much Product in Curly Hair

It is extremely aggravating to wash, dry, and style your hair only to make a mistake in applying a hair product and have too much of it. In the end, you end up with hair that appears dirtier and greasier than before you washed it.

This translates to time-wasting and frustration as you decide how you will repeat the whole process of washing, drying, and styling. It is not possible to wash your hair and style it without adding hair products such as hair sprays, shine serums, frizz reducers, and heat-protecting products.

When you get squeeze-happy and end up with too much product, it makes the hair oily. With too much hairspray, soft hair becomes hard and brittle. The first thought that crosses your mind is jumping into the shower and rewashing your hair. Please don’t! One, because of the time it takes and two, there are other solutions.

How Much Hair Product is Too Much?

When it comes to determining “how much hair product should I use” for the finest possible hairdo, there are several factors to consider. Because every head of hair is different, the quantity of product advised on the container is more of a guideline.

In general, regardless of which styling product you use, a dime-size quantity is the ideal starting point. You may add more if required but for a few days, we dare you to use just a dime to see if you can attain the same results with less.

At this ten-cent starting point, two elements will influence how much product you use: the volume of hair you’re dealing with and the hold your style requires.

How Much Hair Do You Have?

The thicker the hair, the more the product. This is a natural way of indicating that people with denser and thicker hair may require more product to help them control their hair and style it. However, when the same quantity is applied to a head with wispy and thinning hair, the product will be too much on the hair.

Consider the length and thickness of your hair when determining how much product to put on it, then use your best judgment to determine how much product you’ll need.

Lighter grip gels like spray gels or DevaCurl’s Light Defining Gel are ideal for looser designs. For a tighter hold, use a thick curl cream like Pattern Beauty’s Styling Cream. Spray gels, which are lighter than your regular gel, are fantastic for minimizing product consumption.

What Kind of Hold Do You Want?

Everyone needs to understand that more is not usually better. Some hair products, such as gel, will give you a better hold when used abundantly, but others may have a diminishing return of effectiveness, such as creams and pastes. This means that adding more hair products will not necessarily lead to more control.

Remember that instead of applying more product to get a better grip, you may occasionally use a variety of products altogether, which already have an excellent hold.

If you want your hair to have a specific sheen, you should concentrate on the sort of product you’re using rather than the quantity of product. When applied appropriately, you achieve a proper balance of hold and sheen.

Solutions for Too Much Hair Product

If you use an oil or cream-based styling product and your hair looks greasy and oily, spray some shampoo and conditioner into your roots, let it sit for five minutes to soak up the oil and grease, and then brush it out. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have any dry shampoo, you may also rub some baby powder into your roots.

Spray water on your strands to lessen the impact of the product and diminish its grip if you’ve applied too much gel and your hair has gotten overly sticky. Then dry your hair one more time with a blow dryer.

Make a sloping updo or a ponytail with your hair for a quick, elegant look that hides any product buildup.

One of the biggest struggles with curly hair is the dreaded frizz and flyaways, especially when your curls are looking a bit limp. But there’s a way to combat this! If you’re dealing with the excess product on your curls, use hairspray to remove it.

The hairspray has a lighter touch than some other products, so it should remove the excess without causing too much damage or breakage.

The best way to fix this problem is to use a wide-tooth comb. Start by separating the curls with your fingers. Then, start brushing the hair from the ends up, starting at the bottom of your head and working your way up. Use a light, gentle touch, and try not to pull on your hair too hard.

This technique will help you eliminate any excess product in your curls without causing too much damage or breakage.

Solutions for Overused Hairspray

Hairspray is one of the ‘must have’ products because it gives hair texture that is desired, but if used in excess, it makes the hair crunchy, tacky and challenging. To fix this problem without washing the hair, you can add hair oil cautiously in spray form, spray a fine mist of water, add oil and moisture. This cancels out the alcohol in the products.

Overused Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a lifesaver, but it tends to leave the hair dusty and with a lackluster touch. However, this can be avoided when you use the right dry shampoo for your hair type. Dry shampoo should not be sprayed too closely. To correct the mistake of overused product, use a bottle of water to mist a direct stream of water to the hair.

Overused Serum

If you have more delicate hair, use no more than half a pump, or around the size of two grains of rice, to avoid it seeming oily. Use a quarter-sized amount on medium-to-thick hair that can tolerate it.

Overused Mousse

While your initial reaction would be to add a ton of mousse to boost volume, you’re doing the reverse. The product should be gentle on your follicles to give your hair volume. The more you add, the thicker your hair becomes, causing it to flatten. Start with a golf-ball-sized quantity, regardless of hair length. For that ethereal lift, less is usually better.

If you’ve used a little too much mousse in your hair and it’s become a little sloppy, scrunch it up with your blow dryer as if you’re still applying it, making sure to keep a little of the heat on the saturated region.

If the product doesn’t loosen, act as if the crunchy/wet/messy appearance was entirely your intention. Start scrunching after sprinkling beach spray all over.


Some visual symptoms can alert you when you’ve put too much product on your natural hair. Crunchy or stiff curls after drying are one of the first indicators of whether you used the right product in the shower or not.

Early detection of the indications may assist, but if they’re missed, it’s essential to understand what might happen to your natural hair if you use curling products excessively.

Product buildup forms a film on the hair, preventing moisture and water from entering the follicles. To stay soft and bouncy, curls require water and moisture. Dullness and a sticky feeling are the most obvious symptoms.

Different hair products call for different solutions when applied in excess to the hair. Most of the solutions have been talked about above, like using shampoo when one has used too much gel, hair oil when one has used too much hairspray, and a blow dryer to get rid of extra oil and serum.

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