Why Does My Setting Spray Go White (And How To Fix It)

Why does my setting spray go white

“Why does my setting spray go white?” Was a question of a friend of mine a couple of days ago. A couple of days ago I sat down with her on Skype (we still have the corona rules here) and we talked like we always do!

Now, beauty addicts like my friend and me can not go long without talking about beauty stuff! So, when we got to the subject she asked if she could ask me a question about her setting spray. I said sure and she asked: “how come that my setting spray goes white after using it on my face?”

I thought that was a great question and something I had to think about because it was a while ago since someone asked me that kind of question.

After giving her my thoughts she got on and tried the things I said she should try. The day after she sends me a message that it helped her tremendously and that’s when I thought that it would make a perfect article! I thought she sure can’t be the only one with this question!

So, below you’ll find my tips on what to do when your setting spray leaves white spots on your face after you use it.

Why does my setting spray go white?

More often than not, there is something to be done to the product or to the container it comes in. Most of the time it doesn’t have anything to do with you. So most of the time it isn’t your fault. The most common reasons why your setting spray leaves white spots are as follows:

1 – You should shake the bottle better

When you grab the bottle and read the back, it usually says that you need to shake the bottle very well before spraying the setting spray on your face. I know this sounds obvious, but I know I’m not the only one who most of the time doesn’t start by reading the back of something. I just go and figure it out!

But, with this product, you have to make sure that you shake it really well. The thing with a setting spray (like the cover FX for example) is the fact that the product separates and settles in the bottle. This has all to do with how the product is made. I won’t bore you with the details, but you have to shake the setting spray really well so that all the ingredients are well mixed.

2 – The spray nozzle is not good

When you’ve mixed your life away and you still have problems with your setting spray giving your face white spots, there might be something wrong with the nozzle.

There’s a simple solution but it requires you to have another spray nozzle bottle. If you have another bottle with a spray nozzle, you can try and pour something into that bottle. After you’ve done that (shake good to be sure) you can see if the setting spray still gives you white spots. If so, it isn’t the nozzle. If the white spots disappear, there’s something wrong with the nozzle of the bottle where the product originally came in.

Use the bottle that works. It’s that easy :).

3 – You need to clean the nozzle

Another tip I can give you is to clean the nozzle. When you’ve used the product without problems, and now it gives you white spots, you can try and clean the nozzle so that everything is squeaky clean.

There may be some build-up in the nozzle that prevents your spray from working effectively. Just open the bottle, take the nozzle out and hold it upside down under warm water so that the water goes into the tube. Try spraying it a couple of times and make sure that it is as clean as it gets.

After that simply let it dry and then put it back in the bottle. Often times you’ll see that that fixes your problem!

I don’t trust the setting spray after it goes white

Of course, if you haven’t used the product in a while, the setting spray may have passed its date. If your setting spray used to work well and now doesn’t, it could be that the product has passed its date.

This, of course, can happen. The easiest way to check is to smell the setting spray. If it smells the same there is normally nothing wrong with it and you can just use it (check the expiration date of course).

If it smells strange and the above tips do not work, it may be that the product has lost its effectiveness and (perhaps) has passed its expiration date. The solution? Throw it away and buy a new setting spray. Working with beauty products that are no longer good is not a good idea. 

Have you just bought the product and already it is not working properly (despite the tips above)? Then I recommend you to go to the store. You should of course, as they call it, get a sound product from them. If this is not the case and you present the problem to the store, you usually get your money back or you can exchange it for another bottle. So in many cases, there is nothing wrong and you may have had bad luck with a “factory defect” for example.

Final thoughts

So why your setting spray causes white spots can have several reasons.

In almost all cases it is not something you can do anything about but it is due to, for example, a broken nozzle, a clogged nozzle, or perhaps you just did not shake hard enough (again, shaking hard is very important).

In some cases, it can also be that the setting spray is no longer effective because the product has expired (if you have not used it for a long time). In that case, I recommend you throw away the old bottle and buy a new one. If you have just bought it, as mentioned before, it is best to go to the store and explain the problem.

I hope this answers your questions! Have you ever had this problem yourself and do you have another solution or another cause for the problem? Please let me know! I would love to expand this article so we can help everyone with this problem!

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