Why Is My Hair Shorter in the Back?

Why Is My Hair Shorter in the Back

If you think you’re the only one who has short hair in the back compared to your front hair, you are not alone. There are a lot of people who are played by this. The good news is that there are a number of solutions.

Why is My Hair Shorter in the Back Than the Front?

Quite frankly, it is not uncommon to have hair shorter in the back than the front. That is because hair strands grow at different rates. Some hair just grows faster than other hair. Besides that, it can also be due to the fact that your curly hair pattern isn’t the same everywhere on your head or unusual scalp conditions that cause problems with the growth of your hair.

Below you’ll find more reasons why your hair might be shorter in the back and what to do about it. Common reasons for your hair the be shorter in the back are:

  • Damaged or dry hair
  • Curly hair
  • Unusual scalp conditions
  • Tight hairstyles
  • Sleeping with tied hair or hair down

The hair in the back of the head is a little bit more difficult to take care of than the hair in the front of the head. It may be difficult for you to care for the hair in the back of your head. Or, you might wind up using more heat on it. It is easy for the hair in the back of the head to become dry and damaged. It is easy for the hair in the back of the head to break and split. Thus, the end result is short of hair in the back in the front. And some people don’t take as good of care on the back of the hair as they do the front.

People who have curly hair typically have different curl patterns. Not every curl curls exactly the same way. The curl pattern in the back of the head may look more uneven than in the front of the head. Thus, it looks shorter. If you have curly hair, it’s common for the hair to look shorter in the back than the front, even if your hair is not damaged.

Wearing a tight bun, braid or ponytail are cool edgy styles. But, there is a downside. If you sleep in these styles, it can cause friction on the pillow. And this can cause knots. When you  wake up in the morning and brush your hair, it’s likely that you’ll break a few strands getting those knots out. Again, the end result is shorter hair in the back of the head than the front. Plus, donning these hairstyles can cause the hair to get thin.

The Fixes for Uneven Hair

A Haircut

You can always trim your own hair to even length. Just make sure to make to make it even. If you’re going to do this yourself at home, be sure to use a pair of very sharp scissors. Salon scissors are best. First, wet your hair a little bit. Then, divide your hair into two ponytails. Use a rubber band to do this. Keep trimming your hair until you get it even.

Another option is to go to a good salon for a haircut. You can even choose a haircut that adapts well to short hair in the back. For example, you could get a wedge. A wet wedge works very well when hair is shorter in the back. It looks very natural. Even a short bob or an angled haircut would work well.


If your hair is shorter in the back due to being damaged, try a good moisturizer. You can even try a good hair oil. These items will help repair the hair that has been damaged from brushing. It will also be easier to detangle those knots with a moisturizer or a hair oil. Be sure to use a good shampoo that has vitamins and conditioners in it also.

Good Diet

You can’t have healthy hair without a healthy diet. Be sure to eat all the right foods to have healthy hair. Eggs are great for healthy hair. They have a lot of protein in them. Spinach is another good pick. It has vitamin C and beta carotene. Eating grapes can make your hair grow faster. Grapes have ohc in them. All around, eating fresh fruits and vegetables can give you healthy hair.

Avoid Tight Hairstyles

Tight braids and ponytails can make your hair shorter in the back. If you still want to wear these hairstyles, be sure to make sure your hair is loose before you go to sleep. This will help with pulling of the hair and breakage.

Treat Scalp Conditions

There are a number of scalp conditions that can cause damage and unhealthy hair. Alopecia areta is one of them. It can actually cause the hair to fall out in patches or all of the hair to fall out. There are several ways to treat this condition when you are seeing a doctor for it. Having a scalp massage, antihistamines and moisturizing the scalp can help.
Another condition is called bamboo hair. This is a scalp condition that can cause the hair to dry and break off. Basically, it can be treated the same way as alopecia areta. Using jojoba oil and taking vitamin supplements can also help both of these conditions. Both of these conditions can cause you to have shorter hair at the back than the front.

Hair Hacks for Healthy Hair

Summer is a great time in the sun. But, all that sun can wreck your hair. Your hair needs to be protected in the sun. The bottom line is that those harsh UVA and UVB rays can do a number on your hair.Consider wearing a straw hat or a chick-looking head scarf when you’re in the sun. This will help prevent your hair from fading, drying and breaking.

Over washing your hair is a bad hair care habit. Shampooing too much will only strip your hair strands of its needed oils. Your hair needs these oils to look healthy and to be strong. Try to only shampoo your hair only 2 to 3 days apart. Your hair looks too grimy in between shampoos, opt for some dry shampoo instead. It’s an excellent alternative.

Today, just about everybody blow dries and flat irons their hair. In the short run, your hair looks better when you do this.The bad news is that blow drying and flat ironing your hair can damage your hair over time. There are plenty of good products on the market to protect your hair from blow drying and flat ironing. Many of them are sprays or even creams that you put on. Be sure to use these before you blowdry or flat iron your hair. Your hair will thank you.

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