Why Is the Back of My Hair a Different Texture?

Why Is the Back of My Hair a Different Texture

The back of your hair is often neglected, but it is really important because it can make or break a hairstyle. It’s important to take care of your back hair because if you don’t, you’ll end up with a messy look that’s not very flattering.

Maybe you’ve noticed your hair is a different texture than the rest of your hair. It can be dryer, curlier, or straighter. It can also be different textures because of many reasons. Here we are going to look at a few possibilities on why the back of your hair may have a different texture.

What are some ways to diagnose different textured hair?

The key to diagnosing textured hair is to understand the different textures. There are four main types of hair: Straight, Naturally Wavy, Curly, and Kinky. Each category has its own subsetting with different thicknesses and textures.


Straight hair is one of the most popular types of hair. When people decide to go this route, they often have a mix of thoughts. They may like that it is easy to maintain, but they may also worry that it won’t match their personality or appearance. Regardless of what people think about the practicality, straight hair is a look that can be easily achieved with a trip to the salon and some upkeep at home.

Naturally Wavy

Naturally wavy is a type of hair that has a lot of body and is characterized by very soft curls. It has more volume than straight hair making it look fuller. The one advantage of wavy hair over straight hair is its natural volume.


Curly hair is not just a genetic trait; it also depends on the type of curls you have. Wavy hair, for instance, has a looser curl and is more resistant to shrinkage and frizz. Curly hair is curly, just like the strands of hair that wind back on themselves. More vulnerable to frizz, dryness, and shrinkage, they are still popular amongst those who want something different.


Kinky curly hair has a unique texture, which is why some people refer to it as “spirals”. A kinky curl hair tends to be tighter than other curls, meaning that its coils are very close together and difficult to separate with a comb or brush. Kinky curls are very tightly coiled. The hair needs extra moisture to keep it soft and bouncy because it is so susceptible to dryness.

Each category is given a number from 1-4. They have subcategories that range from A-C. These subcategories distinguish between coarser, thicker, or more curly hair. If you have a different texture on the back of your hair, it may be due to a genetic fault in which a different category or sub-category started to grow in that particular patch.

The Most Common Reasons for Back of Hair to be Different Than the Rest Are:

The person has a different texture of hair on the back of their head.

The person has a texture of hair on the back of their head, and it’s different than the hair on their scalp. This is an indication that they may not be growing hair properly. This could be for a variety of reasons such as stress, malnutrition, thyroid disease, or even an issue with their immune system.

The person has a part in their hair that is not in the center.

I call this the ‘unicorn hair.’ This is because it’s not found naturally and is worn by many people with a certain personality type. It has a trendier and more modern look than other styles, and it can be done with any hair texture or color.

The person has a cowlick near the back of their head.

A cowlick is a clump of hair in the back of the head that goes in different directions. It can be caused by friction between two sections of hair or by a person’s habit of running their fingers through their hair. Cowlicks usually go away with time, but some people will continue to have them throughout adulthood.

What Are Some Potential Causes of These Conditions?

The texture of the hair on the back of your head can be different than what is on the front. There are many possible causes for this.

Aging can make your hair thinner and less dense. It can also change the texture of your hair from straight to wavy or curly. Your scalp can become more visible through the thinning hair and there may be an increase in gray hairs.

You may have had a haircut recently, and the hair on the back of your head was not cut evenly with what is in front.

You may have gotten highlights or dyed your hair recently, and there is still some dye left in one area. Make sure you rinse out the spot well with warm water. Check to see if the problem persists. If it does, then you may need to take a quick trip back to the stylist.

Chemical products, such as dyes or bleach, can cause damage to your scalp and lead to breakage in your hair. Try not to use as much.

You may have gotten a perm or blowout that has made your hair more curly than it usually is but only in certain areas.

Your scalp could be oily, which can make it feel like there’s more hair than usual. You may also notice more dandruff along with an oily scalp.

It may be an indicator of a serious condition.

What Are the Best Treatments for Hair with a Different Texture in the Back?

Different textures of hair can be dealt with in different ways. Some people may need to use a product that is specifically designed for their texture. Others may just need to use a product that is designed for all types of hair.

Products made with natural ingredients are often the best choice because they are more gentle on the hair. They also tend to be more affordable, which may be helpful for those who have a limited budget.

The use of natural remedies like Rice Water Hair Growth Spray is increasing in popularity. Some people are turning to them because they are either not getting the desired results from traditional products, or they are trying to avoid the side effects that come with them.

There are many benefits of using natural remedies. They offer a more holistic approach to treatment, which can help people live healthier lives. They also do not have any side effects, which is important for those who need to use them on a regular basis.

If your hair is textured over a serious condition such as thyroid problem or other illness, then please see a doctor immediately. Look for other symptoms of illness other than poorly textured hair just to be sure to avoid wasting valuable time and money that you could use to strengthen your hair.

If you have strands of hair that are a different texture than the rest of your hair, you can use a texturizer to give it a more natural look. Texturizers work by adding weight and texture to the hair. They also give the hair an even appearance.

We recommend that you use a texturizer with low-level chemicals so that it doesn’t have any negative effects on your hair. This is especially important if your strands are chemically-treated or damaged in some way.

How Can I Prevent Different Textured Hair from Happening in the Future?

The best way to prevent this from happening in the future is to avoid using any kind of chemical treatments on your hair. This includes hair dye, perms, and relaxers.

You can even use products specifically designed to treat chemically textured hair like Matrix Total Results Mega Sleek Shampoo.

If you have already used any kind of chemical treatment on your hair, the only way to fix it is by cutting it off. You can also color your hair to cover up the damage that has been done.

If you are not sure if a product will damage your hair, check out reviews online before purchasing it.

One reviewer on a product of Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner By Arvazallia had this to say, “I think the pictures speak for themselves, but I wish it were possible for you to FEEL the difference through the phone/computer.

My hair was very dry from bleach processing and heat damage. I left this on for an hour and my hair felt so soft and smooth after. Not to mention being super shiny. It literally felt like straw before I used this treatment. I have a bottle of olaplex that I regret splurging on because this seems like it works better. Hope this review is helpful!”


The back of your hair is often neglected, but it has a lot to say about the condition of the rest of your hair. If your scalp is oily, then it will show up on the back of your hair. If you have dandruff, then you’ll see white flakes on the back of your hair. Bad haircut? Look behind you. If you have a different texture due to chemicals or dyes, they will also be visible on the back of your hair.

If you want to know how healthy your hair really is, take a look at its back!

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