4 Tips to Live a Cluster-Free Life

When I say minimalistic, some bells may ring in your mind about empty closets, a deprived lifestyle, or living off breadcrumbs. However, that’s hardly the case.

A minimalistic lifestyle isn’t about owning less. It’s about owning exactly what you need. Humans are social animals. For that, they need to adhere to some guidelines to fit in the society. In doing so, we usually lose the vision of how our lives really should be.

Adopting a minimal lifestyle can be tough. Especially when you’re attached to your belongings. However, the results are rewarding and liberate you from the worldly things.

Amidst the turbulent society, such a lifestyle helps us stay focused. It lets us unwind everyone’s expectations and be carefree.

To help lead you to a simplistic life, we’ve jotted down some amazing tips. Not only are they easy to follow but will also make your journey a memorable one.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Gather Your Possessions

To start with, empty your drawers and closets. Put everything on the floor, right in front of your eyes. Take a conscious look and see what’s more useful to you.

The best way to do this is to go down the memory lane. For example, think about the clothes you barely wore. But, they’re still in your closet because you don’t want to let go of them.

That’s additional stuff, one of many that cluttered your closet.

Start separating such items on one side and useful items on the other side. Once done, look deeply at the unwanted things. Be sure before getting rid of them.

Pro Tip

Be mindful when doing this activity. In most cases, people get rid of useful items and regret later.

This scrutiny will help you realize how much you had, but you still shopped for such items anyway. And that brings us to our next tip, that is,

Change the Way You Shop

Hoarding unwanted items starts with shopping. Living a minimalistic lifestyle is all about the resistance against desires. For this generation, sales and discounts at retail stores are the biggest hurdle in maintaining a simple lifestyle.

To counter the shopping spree, bear the following things in mind.

  • Is the product really worth the price? If yes,
  • How often will you use it?
  • Will its absence or availability make a difference in your life?
  • Are better options available?

These are some questions to help clear your mind before making unnecessary purchases.

Moreover, it’s better to shop online than at retail stores.


Because you get to ponder over different options. It liberates you from visiting one shop to another to find the right product. Plus, online shopping comes with different coupons and discounts too.

To do so, you may need a strong internet connection like Spectrum. A connection that won’t be a hurdle in your shopping. Not only this, you can explore more by reading articles and watching videos about a minimalistic lifestyle with Spectrum’s seamless internet.

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Be a DIY Person

Remember you sorted all the unwanted items? What about them? Well, you aren’t going to throw them out. You can donate them if you want. But you can do exciting things with them too.

The best way to make the most out of unwanted things is by mixing them up. Explore the internet to find some ideas and come up with exciting, yet useful things. As a starter, you can build a colorful hammock by mixing different bedsheets.

Be Adamant About This

The majority of people think that if they’re able to live a simple life for a few months, they can easily ace it for the rest of their lives. Well, it isn’t that easy and with all the luxuries around, one can easily be distracted.

The key here is to remind yourself again and again why are you doing this. Sway through such thoughts and distractions by looking again and again at your clean, uncluttered, and organized closets.

Furthermore, on the journey to live a simpler life, you may encounter negative remarks from your surrounding people. And that’s enough to make you lose track of your goals. However, you don’t have to feel ashamed or less than anyone.

Remember, stand by your choice because you’re on the right track. Don’t pay heed to counter their arguments. Instead, tell them how you feel about such a simple, yet elegant lifestyle.

Bottom Line

In this advanced world, living a simple life demands sacrifice. However, what comes after this is greater than your imagination. An uncluttered house, with a mind at peace, is what you can get after adopting a minimalistic lifestyle.




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