How To Achieve the Orange Hair of Your Dreams

The decision to switch to another hair color is a challenging one. You want a color that will suit you and make you look good at the same time. If you’ve decided to don very vibrant orange tresses, an orange brown hair color or your desired shade of orange will bring the magic.

Whether you want chunky orange highlights or solid orange hair, these are the steps you should take to get that bright orange hue.

1. Match Your Skin Tone with the Shades of Orange Hair Color

Before coloring your hair a fiery orange, you must consider if your skin tone matches this vibrant hue. For fair skin tones and olive skin tones, you can pull off warm orange or copper tones. For darker and dark yet warm-toned skin, you can opt for a bright hue of California peach hair color and an orange-red shade, respectively.

Consult a professional hair stylist for advice that suits your hair dye dilemma. They know the style and stunning shade of orange that complements your skin.

2. Prepare for Dyeing

Prepare your hair well before you dye it to get the best results. Bleaching is important, especially when using a vibrant hair color like orange and your hair is dark. For light blondes, bleaching is out of the way. 

Before dyeing your hair, do a strand test first on a small section of your hair. Have a stylist do it if you’re unsure how to do it.

Gather the supplies you need for the dyeing process. A bleaching kit, a soft towel, a pair of latex gloves, your semi-permanent hair colors, an old shirt, a mixing bowl, hair clips, and a shower cap will do.

Here’s how you can prepare:

  • Wear an old shirt or a cape if you don’t have one.
  • Section your hair in the middle and secure the division with hair clips. Make a bun at the top if you want to color the bottom part of your hair first.
  • Mix the bleaching kit first if your hair needs bleaching. You can mix the hair colors later on.
  • Wear gloves to protect your hands from the hair dye.

3. Dye Your Hair

Now, it’s time to get to the actual work! The dyeing process might take long, but it will help you get the thick orange hair, Halloween orange hairstyle, or any orange you want.

Follow these steps for the bleaching process:

  • Put the bleach on your hair with a hair dye brush. Start from the roots and down to the ends. Cover each hair strand thoroughly with bleach.
  • Follow the bleaching instructions indicated in the kit. Forty minutes is the most common duration when letting the bleach work.
  • Rinse your hair with lukewarm water. Use conditioner instead of shampoo when cleaning your hair thoroughly.
  • Squeeze the excess water gently out of your hair and dry your hair.

Here’s how to dye your hair after bleaching:

  • Wash your brush and mixing bowl if you did bleach a while ago. You can use another brush and mixing bowl as well.
  • Section your hair once again.
  • Mix the hair colors in the bowl properly.
  • Apply the hair color from the roots to the ends of your hair. Make sure it’s thoroughly covered with the hair dye.
  • Put on a shower cap and leave the color on your hair to work for 1-2 hours.
  • Wash your hair with lukewarm water. Use conditioner instead of shampoo to avoid damaging your hair.
  • Gently dry your hair with a towel. Do not blow dry your hair.

Pro tip: Achieve a lighter pastel orange shade by mixing hair conditioner and orange hair dye. Take equal parts of orange and red semi-permanent hair colors for an orange-red mix.

4. Maintain the Gorgeous Orange Shade

Whether it’s a full-blown orange or orange highlights, practice a proper care routine to keep your hair’s unique color. Here are some tips to achieve perfect hair care:

Shampoo once in a while

Shampooing every day can strip the semi-permanent hair dye from your hair. Switch to coloring conditioners to keep the color on your hair longer. And if you want to shampoo your hair, use a sulfate-free one to avoid dry hair.

Wash with cool water

Cool and lukewarm water to protect the color of your hair. In contrast, hot water opens up the cuticles and fades the dye faster.

Refresh your color

The orange color will fade over time. Stop this from happening by using color-depositing products and color-refreshing conditioners to maintain the brightness of your orange hair.

Use hair masks

Hair masks nourish your hair with proteins. You can also incorporate deep conditioners in your hair care regimen to strengthen your hair.

Use Color-Depositing Conditioners To Keep Your Hair Vibrant

The colors of your hair are prone to fading as time goes by. It would help if you touched it with color-depositing conditioners to keep the color intact. These conditioners do more than retain color—they remove brassiness, moisturize and smoothen your hair, and enhance color before your next salon visit. Color-depositing conditioners also cancel out unwanted undertones in your hair.

Purchase color-depositing conditioners from your trusted brand. Make sure to choose the ones that contain zero harsh chemicals to prevent further damage to your beautiful locks.

Final Thoughts

Changing your current hair color to orange is an exciting process. The excitement is even greater when you’re doing it at home. Before coloring your hair orange, consider your skin tone and prepare your hair. Most importantly, maintain a healthy hair care routine to wear your hair beautifully for a long time.

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