Can You Use Mousse and Gel Together?

Can You Use Mousse and Gel Together

Gel and Mousse are popular together because they are lightweight and hold their shape well. However, the two options can have different results in creating a look. If you want a lightweight, airy blowout, the gel is the way to go. On the other hand, Mousse is better for a more tight-fisted blowout.

Here’s how you will know which option is right for you: first, decide what type of hair you want to create a blowout with. The gel will work best on thicker hair, while Mousse will work best on finer hair. Second, determine how much gel and how many mousses you will need. Too much gel will cause your hair to be heavy, and too much Mousse will cause your hair to be too light.

What is a gel, and what is Mousse?

Gel and Mousse are two popular types of hair products. The gel is a product that is stored in a jar and put into your hair before you blow it out.

what is Mousse

Mousse is a type of cream that gives hair a lightweight, airy blowout. It’s also used to create a tighter, more severe blowout. Mousse is generally applied with a brush or your hands and can be used in two ways: as a pre-blowout treatment or before blowouts.

How will the different options affect my hair?

The different options will affect your hair in different ways. The gel will cause your hair to be heavy and hold its shape better than Mousse. On the other hand, Mousse will cause your hair to be lightweight and will not hold its shape as well as gel. If you have fine hair, you’ll need more gel than if you have thick hair.

What does gel do to curly hair?

The gel works best with curly hair because it’s lightweight and easy to control. The gel will add volume and keep your hair looking blown out when used correctly. However, if you use too much gel or your hair is too dry, it will become brittle and not hold its shape well.
Pros for gel on curly hair


A gel is incredible for adding definition, particularly significant for fine-haired individuals inclined to breakage and frizz or want obvious curls.

Multipurpose use

There are several uses of gel. You can seal closures to forestall frizz, finger loop for more tight twists or scrunch your twists for a gentler look.

Works great with layers

Gel functions admirably all alone; however, it very well might be finished off with a cream or oil for more hydration and definition. While layering, you can likewise take a stab at getting done with a layer of gel to seal in the dampness from my leave-in conditioner.

Better holding

A gel is more successful at holding hair set up than Mousse. It’s so great at this that assuming you utilize sufficient items, your hair will wait for quite a while. It is accessible in three unmistakable qualities: gentle hold, medium hold, and solid hold.


People with wavy hair realize that it is challenging to battle static, particularly in the colder time of year. Hair gel might be utilized to characterize twists while likewise fighting static.

Cons of Gel

Might cause hair damage

A few gels incorporate liquor or engineered, oil-based synthetics, which disintegrate the hair shaft and debilitate it. Peruse the mark cautiously and stick to normal substances if at all plausible.

Might be heavy

A few gels are very thick or incorporate heavy oils. Whenever an excessively thick gel for fine hair places your hair into a semi-oily, level three-sided shape, it very well may disturb.

Brittle and stiff

A Gel might cause hair to feel solid and delicate. A few plans could make white drops when brushed or brushed in the wake of drying. Strands could appear amassed and solid when applied to long hair from roots to tips.

What does Mousse do to curly hair?

Mousse is one of the styling tools that is often ignored. Mousse means foam and helps add volume to your hair up to three times. It also makes your hair appear shinier than it is. Compared to gel, it is lighter and less thick.
Mousse is less expensive and usually less effective than gel when creating a blowout.

For example, if you want a lightweight, airy blowout with curly hair, Mousse is the way to go. However, a gel is better if you want a more tight-fisted blowout with curly hair.

Mousse is applied from the hair roots to the tips, combed through then blow-dried. It does not add crunch to hair and can be used in various styles.

Pros of Mousse on curly hair

Airy and lightweight

being light and airy, Mousse helps add volume to your hair without weighing it down. It is best for fragile, low-thick twists that cannot handle many styling products.

Great for wavy and curly hair

Those with free waves and twists will like how Mousse adds extra ricochet to their hair without leaving a buildup or crisping up their waves and twists. Scrunching with Mousse is additionally a phenomenal thought.

Wet hair friendly

One might utilize Mousse on wet or dry hair, even though it is best when applied wet. Use Mousse when your hair is as yet clammy to give dormant twists a lift without making your underlying foundations oily like different medicines.

Makes hair look thick

Mouse increases your hair volume three times, making it appear fuller.

Manage frizz

Mousse is a gentle item commonly utilized during the day. Mousse contains smoothing fixings that help to control frizz.

Cons of Mousse on curly hair

Not ideal for short hairs. Mousse’s gentle hold may not be great for those with short hair who want more control. However, it will give a few lifts and volumes in contrast to gel or other styling devices like splashes, and it can not keep up with this for a lengthy timeframe.

Do not have moisture

It very well may be drying for fine hair, and it may not give a solid cell seal to frizz-inclined individuals.

Not good for humid weather

If you are daily dealing with humidity that is over 60, Mousse will not hold in well. You need to look for a product that can hold in well for such humid conditions.

Can you use Mousse and gel together in curly hair?

Yes, you can use both Mousse and gel together in curly hair. However, it’s important to choose the right option for your hair type. The gel will work better on curly hair, while Mousse will work better on more delicate styles. If you have fine curly hair, a gel is the way to go. If you have thick curly hair, Mousse is the way to go.

If you aren’t using them together, should you apply gel or Mousse first on your curly hair?

First, apply mouse, gel, then mousse again on wet hair. After that, scrunch your hair with a cotton towel and let the hair dry as the products diffuse.

Is Mousse or gel better for curly hair?

Many people lean toward one or the other Mousse or gel for wavy hair, not both. Your choice should be founded on the thickness of your hair more than the kind of twist. It’s the method or utilization of the item regarding Mousse versus gel that has an effect.

Regarding thin or type 3a hair, Mousse might be a superior choice. It’s lightweight and can give your hair the extra chiseling capacity it requires to become wavy. The gel may not be as great a choice for this situation since it will burden hair, making it harder to characterize twists for slight or type 3a hair.

The thicker the hair and type 3b and 3c hair, the more weight the hair can deal with. Gel’s thickness has substantially less impact on thicker hair, and it wins out for its capacity to hold hair set up longer. Besides, 3b and 3c hair are bound to frizz than type 3a hair, and gel holds more frizz and flyaway hair than Mousse.

With any hair item, everything without a doubt revolves around an equilibrium. For gel and Mousse, your decision depends on inclination. Indeed, the facts confirm that Mousse is better for chiseling and volume while the gel is better for hold and frizz. In any case, when it comes down to involving Mousse or gel for wavy hair, nor is a great choice if you glob it on your hair.

Assuming you want that the entire day hold, you need a quarter-size worth of gel on wet hair and go it over. If you need springy to secure resentment of the slenderness of your hair, attempt a spot of Mousse, which you can either scrunch or work through. In any case, there’s space for the two items on your restroom counter.


Different individuals prefer different things. Some individuals prefer gel as Mousse is too light, while others prefer Mousse because the gel is too thick. The preference depends on the type of hair and the type of curls an individual wants to create. While gels give perfect long-lasting curls in some hairs, Mousse works better in others. Other people prefer mixing both products. Whatever an individual choice is a matter of preference.

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