Curlbox vs Curlkit – The Battle of the Boxes

Curlbox vs Curlkit

Need help making the decision on which Curlbox or Curlkit subscription is best for your banging, beautiful curls There is nothing more mesmerizing than a beautiful head full of luscious, manageable hair. Here is the curl box/kit difference and debate on which is the best kit or box available.

Battle of the boxes

Curls offer a great natural look, and can still be voluminous and ravishing even if you have thin hair.  With the right bounce-back products your own curls will be uniquely distinctive, and one-of-a-kind looks make you all the more special.  Both kits provide greater freedom to managing sometimes unruly or dry locks.

Monthly memberships eliminate timely product services that have not necessarily been tried, tested, and true to their claims. Although similar in price the products are not the same. Curlkit or Curlbox, which one offers more peace of mind and advantages, and the best products.

Learn how both works to discover a more beautiful you in your favorite brands or classic fresh finds. Comparing both websites, there isn’t a lot of difference in the way each company highlights its brand, but the similarities end there, as the products each offer are as diverse as you are.

Let’s take a quick look at what could change everything for your own ‘look’.

Curlbox vs Curlkit?

What are the differences and similarities of these two curl managing hair care subscription collections?

Both subscription boxes are extremely affordable, contain spectacular products, and are beautifully packaged and delivered each month to your doorstep. The main difference is they offer completely different products.  And as both names imply both contain products that help natural beauties maintain their luscious locks and curvy curls. Both offer true luxury in their selection of products, just keep in mind that the selections you can choose from will be fantastic, either way.

What is the price of each subscription?

Curlbox:  $25/month including shipping, with the offer to cancel at any time.

Curlkit:  $25/month with the same offer including shipping and the ability to cancel at any time.

Either box is an exceptional value and will transport your hair care from something perhaps dreaded into a small beautifying regime you look forward to each day.  Hair is a crown of glory, no doubt about.  The estimated global haircare market value has amounted to around 85.5 billion dollars in 2017 and is expected to expand into a whopping 102 billion dollars industry by 2024. These companies meet and exceed the luxury expectation you can come to know and expect from all your beauty products.

What do the Curlbox and Curlkit contain?

Curlbox is a total hair care box offering entire product lines of full-size products and some deluxe samples.

Curlkit contains a range of hair products for your hair and at competitive prices also includes tools for your hair care.

Can you save money in the long run with such boxes?

These are both boutique brands, and spa-getaway boxes helping natural beauties maintain their budget in the coolest of ways.  Comparing both box and kit they are both a value compared to shopping for individual products for yourself.

Who is the owner of each company

Owner of Curlbox

Myleik Teele, addresses women’s curly hair needs with an innovative exclusive product. A stylish box full of amazing products, the entrepreneur has collective partnerships with Unilever, L’Oreal,  Walmart, Procter and Gamble, and SheaMoisture.

Owner of Curlkit

This Co-founder Heather C, a Rutgers graduate and esteemed entrepreneur and advocate of diverse rights, this brand has been seen in Ebony, Essense, and Hypehair. Products included are shampoos, conditioners, oils, butter, stylers, and other products quite different from the Curlbox. Look no further, you need this information in order to make sure you are truly getting a bang for your buck.

Choose for yourself which kit is the most fabulous and structured to your own hair care needs.  Trial by error doesn’t cost it pays when you choose either of these two kits.  Both offer savings over traditional purchases, you won’t go wrong with either kit. You can trial products and determine which are best to continue using. Curly girls around the globe know how important it is to have a bigger than trial size offer. A dime amount of product will not work on the ruliest hair and waves.
Finding products that are not expensive is exhausting, which is what brings both of these boxes a great bargain.

If you want more products then by all means chose Curlbox. Remember sampling a small amount of product when you need a larger amount to work isn’t an option.

What makes both kits so popular? Each kit and the variety of selection is amazing. For me, I create my canvas of curls using both.

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