Collaborations Between Classical Musicians and Beauty Influencers


Classical musicians and beauty influencers create viral synergy through innovative collaborations merging music, makeup artistry, and content creation.

A captivating trend is emerging in the world of online video – classically trained musicians are joining forces with beauty influencers to create visually stunning performances that merge music, makeup art, and content creation. This unexpected crossover of talents is leading to innovative collaborations that offer something novel to fans of both classical music and the beauty community.

The Origin Story Behind This Creative Collision

The genesis of this synergistic fusion came back in 2018 when Lindsey Stirling, a violinist, dancer, and performance artist renowned for her electronic-infused compositions, partnered with several makeup artists on YouTube for a video series blending violin solos with the application of makeup.

The creative concept – marry Stirling’s melodic violin performances with the aesthetic appeal of watching a makeup tutorial – clicked with audiences, earning millions of views. Fans of Stirling’s cinematic electronic music compositions and the beauty community alike were captivated by the blending of these diverse art forms into a cohesive final product.

The viral success demonstrated an appetite for more crossover content between classical musicians and beauty influencers. In particular, the Instagram videos featuring creative makeup looks timed to the soaring highs and emotional lows of the music compositions themselves proved extremely popular.

Additional partnerships were formed between pianists, vocalists, and beauty gurus on YouTube and Instagram. This kicked off a classical music x beauty influencer collaboration movement that continues to build momentum by the day.

Lindsey Stirling x Makeup Collabs Pave the Way

The trailblazing violinist Lindsey Stirling has been at the forefront of fusing musical performance art and cosmetic content creation. Her collaborations with various makeup artists have racked up tens of millions of YouTube views and made significant waves on Instagram as well.

Notable partnerships include:

  • Kelseyanna (5 million YouTube subscribers) – Violin makeup tutorial videos
  • Simply Nailogical (3 million YouTube subscribers) – Stirling provided improvised violin music to accompany an abstract nail art tutorial
  • Jeffree Star (16 million YouTube subscribers) – Series of videos featuring Stirling’s music performances matched with Jeffree’s makeup application

These videos merge Stirling’s cinematic dubstep/electronic violin compositions with the aesthetic visuals of makeup techniques and beauty routines. The collaborations attract crossover attention from both her music fanbase and the beauty community – expanding her reach and exposure.

More Musicians Join the Movement

In the wake of Stirling’s successful partnerships with top beauty influencers, more classically trained musicians have followed suit:

  • Pianists – Several pianists have collaborated with makeup artists, playing live improvised music to match the makeup application. The most popular video from pianist Hunter Davis and makeup vlogger NikkieTutorials has over 5 million views.
  • Opera Singers – Classically trained vocalists have also partnered with beauty influencers like Jeffree Star and Manny MUA to blend soaring opera vocals with the creation of dramatic makeup looks.
  • Violinists – On the heels of Lindsey Stirling, violinists like Taylor Davis, Lzzy Hale, and more have embarked on collaborations as well.

The creative approach varies – some feature pre-recorded classical music compositions with timed makeup application while others capture live improvised performances.

However, the formula of combining classical musicianship with the aesthetically pleasing visuals of makeup artistry persists across these partnerships and continues to attract interest from two very different audiences.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Creative Process

When a classical musician and beauty influencer decide to collaborate, what does that creative process look like behind the scenes? The overall partnership requires careful coordination on multiple fronts:

Brainstorming Interactive Video Concepts

Both parties first brainstorm interactive video concepts that allow them to fluidly blend their diverse creative talents into a cohesive narrative. They map out ideas that synchronize the peaks and valleys of the music composition with the timing of the makeup application and reveal.

Coordinating Music, Visuals, and Content Flow

There is immense upfront planning not only around the makeup look itself but also matching the music’s crescendos, decrescendos, and emotional tones to the application and editing of the visual content.

Technical Setup for Filming

They determine the best cameras, mics, and lighting setup to seamlessly capture both the live music performance as well as a clear view of the makeup artistry processes featured in the video.

Managing Filming Challenges

Since musicians often perform live pieces and improvise original music on the spot while filming, there are unique challenges to capturing optimal audio. The teams must manage audio levels, positioning, and editing in post-production.

Through creative ingenuity, technical coordination, and adaptability, these unexpected classical x beauty partnerships yield innovative multimedia video content that appeals to both fan bases.

Impressive View Counts Highlight Crossover Appeal

The collaborations between classical musicians and beauty influencers have earned staggering view counts well into the millions and tens of millions in some cases.

Jeffree Star’s videos featuring Lindsey Stirling’s violin compositions as the soundtrack for applying his vivid makeup looks have generated over 30 million YouTube views. Stirling’s partnership with Simply Nailogical, providing improvised violin music to match an abstract nail tutorial, has over 5 million views.

These impressive metrics signal the crossover appeal to fans of classical music, many of whom may be discovering beauty influencers for the first time…and vice versa.

Comments on the videos indicate enthusiasm from both audiences for this unexpected partnership of music and makeup. The beauty community embraces auditory artistry as a captivating addition to the visuals. And classical music fans enjoy the novelty of seeing their favorite melodies matched to the creativity of makeup application.

Mainstream media outlets like Buzzfeed, Billboard, and more have also covered the trend, highlighting the attention these multimedia collaborations are earning from two seemingly disparate online communities.

Optimizing Video Length and Timing Content Strategically

When releasing videos featuring collaborations between classical musicians and beauty influencers, analyzing performance data and metadata provides insights into optimizing video length as well as timing content releases for maximum impact.

Video Length

YouTube analytics reveal that the most popular video length tends to fall between 10-20 minutes long. Videos longer than 20 minutes see declining viewer retention. Videos shorter than 10 minutes may not allow enough time to fully synchronize the crescendos of the music with the visual reveal of the final makeup look.

Timing Content Releases

Studying traffic patterns can inform the timing of content releases. For example, afternoon and evenings tend to see higher viewership numbers so releasing fresh videos during those peak hours can help increase views.

Understanding audience behavior through data allows better tailoring of video runtimes and launch timing for optimal viewer engagement.

Why Brands Are Taking Notice

The millions of views and passionate social media buzz generated by these classical crossovers have caught the attention of brands exploring sponsorship and partnership opportunities.

The synergistic fusing of music and makeup content creation presents unique merchandising and marketing possibilities for brands seeking exposure to two very different demographics.

Product Placement

Beauty brands have product placement options by having their makeup or skincare items visibly used within the videos themselves. The visuals of products seamlessly integrated into the content provide additional branding beyond just ads.

Brand Partnerships

Beyond just featuring products, bigger sponsorship opportunities exist for beauty brands and other companies to partner with musicians and influencers on these multimedia video projects.


Musicians and influencers who crossover into these collaborations can also create a line of branded merch featuring their collaborative work for fans to purchase.

As these innovative partnerships between classical musicians and beauty influencers continue to thrive, so too do the options for brands to get involved via product integration, sponsorships, and merchandising.

The Future Looks Bright for Classical Crossovers

Based on the incredible viewer response and social media buzz surrounding existing collaborations between classical musicians and beauty influencers, even more crossover content appears imminent.

Continued Growth

This creative crossover content format has tremendous room for growth. Given the early successes, investment in even more polished, high-production-value video projects blending music and makeup as equal parts of the artistry can expand this niche market.

Innovative New Fusions

Beyond just violins, pianos, and opera vocals, there are opportunities to integrate different classical instruments like harps, cellos, and flutes along with varied styles of makeup art. Interpretive dance synchronized to classical music compositions and makeup reveals also holds promise for melding beauty and auditory aesthetics.

Mainstream Integration

Thus far these partnerships thrive largely on YouTube and Instagram but they have the creative appeal to succeed on streaming platforms like Netflix and network television formats as well. Lindsey Stirling’s YouTube videos helped land her appearances on shows like America’s Got Talent – a pathway that other classical musicians collaborating with influencers may similarly be able to follow.

The Rise of Beauty Influencers

The beauty community’s sphere of influence across social media and culture continues to expand at a staggering rate. In that context, the desire for novel content offering unexpected creative twists while still celebrating makeup artistry is only likely to grow. Classical music collaborations innovatively answer that call.

The synergy between classical musicians and beauty influencers offers something novel to fans of the arts on both sides. This fusion has sparked creativity that will surely inspire more boundary-pushing projects and innovative content still to come – music and makeup alike.

Detailed Profile of Pioneering Violinist Lindsey Stirling

No musician has done more to spearhead collaborations between classical artists and beauty influencers than Lindsey Stirling. The acclaimed violinist’s cinematic electronic compositions have provided the soundtrack for numerous visually stunning videos with top YouTube beauty vloggers.


Stirling first rose to prominence as a quarterfinalist on America’s Got Talent for her unique dubstep/electronic violin performances incorporating energetic dancing. Her YouTube videos accumulated hundreds of millions of views, sparking a record deal.

She has since released multiple studio albums, embarked on sold-out world tours, performed with renowned orchestras, and appeared on shows like Dancing With the Stars. She boasts over 12 million YouTube subscribers and billions of video views.

Early Beauty Collaborations

Stirling first dipped into beauty collaborations back in 2017 when she composed an original violin piece for a Kat Von D makeup promo video. This first foray combined her melodic string arrangements with a visual display of Kat applying her signature makeup products.

The creative crossover sparked the idea for Stirling to synchronize her cinematic compositions with the aesthetic appeal of makeup tutorials – a fusion that came fully to life in 2018.

Kelseyanna Partnership

Stirling teamed up with beauty influencer Kelseyanna on YouTube (over 5 million subscribers) for a video series marrying violin solos with step-by-step makeup applications on live models.

The videos intersperse elegant violin melodies with Kelseyanna’s narrated explanation of the eyeshadow, lipstick, and complexion products she uses. The final makeup reveals line up perfectly with the emotional crescendos in Stirling’s music.

Comments indicate fans of both Stirling’s evocative electronic music and Kelseyanna’s beauty content felt enthralled by this harmonious blending of sight and sound.

Simply Nailogical Partnership

Stirling provided improvised violin music to match an abstract nail tutorial by YouTube star Simply Nailogical (3+ million subscribers). The quirky concept of Stirling effortlessly riffing on her violin to complement a video about creative nail art resonated hugely.

The video surpassed 5 million views, exposing Stirling’s music to a new audience and surprising Simply Nailogical’s fans with an unexpected classical music addition they adored.

Jeffree Star Collaborations

A series of videos teaming Stirling up with YouTuber and makeup mogul Jeffree Star (16+ million subscribers) took her beauty influencer partnerships to new heights.

These videos feature Stirling’s soaring electronic violin compositions as the musical backdrop to Jeffree applying his vividly pigmented makeup products and showing the finished looks. The visuals beautifully mirror the energy and crescendos in Stirling’s violin arrangements.

Comments indicate the synergistic combo of Stirling’s music escalating in tandem with Jeffree’s makeup reveals thrilled both his loyal audience and her classical crossover fanbase.

Impact on Stirling’s Brand

The beauty collaborations have showcased Stirling’s cinematic music compositions to a huge new audience largely unfamiliar with her violin skills and stage productions. She has earned effusive praise from the beauty community for amplifying their content with sublime auditory artistry.

The millions of views and new fans gained from these partnerships demonstrate the tremendous potential of blending classical music performance with the world of online beauty influencing.

For Stirling and other classically trained musicians, creative collaborations with top influencers offer expanded name recognition and opportunities to fuse music composition talents with the visual appeal of an engaging makeup tutorial.

Profile of Pianist Hunter Davis: Classical Musician x Beauty Guru Partner

In addition to Lindsey Stirling’s pioneering efforts, other classical musicians like pianist Hunter Davis have successfully collaborated with beauty influencers as well – merging piano compositions with makeup art.


Los Angeles-based pianist and composer Hunter Davis earned acclaim composing for numerous TV shows before focusing on YouTube video game covers that displayed his exceptional improvisation skills.

He has since expanded into original piano compositions, soundtrack work, and high-profile collaborations like his viral video with makeup superstar Nikkie de Jager.

Beauty Guru Partnership

In 2018, Davis collaborated with NikkieTutorials, one of YouTube’s most popular beauty vloggers with over 13 million subscribers. The video intersperses Davis performing a dramatic improvised piano piece with Nikkie applying makeup products from her own branded palette.

The emotional peaks and dips in Davis’ piano work align flawlessly with Nikkie layering on more makeup for the final reveal. Comments indicate major enthusiasm for this fusion of music and makeup – the video has over 5 million views just on Nikkie’s channel.

Crossover Appeal

This collaboration introduced Davis and his cinematic piano skills to Nikkie’s colossal audience. Many subscribers were enthralled by his artful piano performance combined with the makeup tutorial format they love.

The positive response confirms the appeal of these unexpected classical music and beauty mashups. Davis himself called the creative partnership “a match made in heaven.”

Continued Collaborations

Buoyed by the success of his first partnership, Davis has embarked on additional collaborations with top beauty influencers like Jeffree Star.

He continues composing emotional piano pieces timed to the application of vivid makeup looks. Comments show both Davis’ existing fanbase and beauty lovers feeling mesmerized by the fusion of music and cosmetics artistry.


Like Lindsey Stirling, Hunter Davis’ thriving collaborations with makeup artists demonstrate that the creativity of classically trained musicians can beautifully complement beauty content.

These innovative partnerships offer new avenues for musicians to display their compositional talents to a huge beauty-focused audience while delighting fans with an alluring audiovisual experience.

Why Violin and Piano Performances Pair Naturally with Makeup Art

Thus far, violinists and pianists have been at the forefront of collaborations fusing classical music excellence with beauty influencer content. What qualities make their instruments and playing styles conducive to synchronizing with makeup application?


  • Stirring melodies – The violin’s lush string tones allow performers like Lindsey Stirling to compose soaring, emotionally evocative melodies well-suited to mirroring the aesthetic reveal of a makeup look.
  • Improvisation skills – Violinists like Stirling and Taylor Davis possess strong improvisation abilities to effortlessly riff new music on the spot that matches the unscripted nuances of a makeup tutorial.
  • Rhythmic motion – From smooth bow strokes to forceful pizzicato plucking, a violinist’s natural movements while playing lend an innate sense of motion and dynamism that complements makeup application.


  • Dramatic range – From gentle tones to thunderous crescendos, pianists like Hunter Davis have an incredible range to heighten the suspense and perfectly score makeup reveals.
  • Harmony and layering – Pianists can build complex harmonic textures and melodic layers, like applying layers of eyeshadows, lipsticks, and more.
  • Emotive expression – Master pianists inject tremendous emotional sensitivity into their playing through phrasing and touch, mirroring how makeup application progresses from blank canvas to full creative reveal.

Both instruments boast qualities ideal for amplifying the visual spectacle of bold makeup looks taking form. The music and makeup play off one another – building anticipation towards a big finish.

Top Beauty Gurus Collaborating with Musicians

While Lindsey Stirling and Hunter Davis may be the most prominent musicians engaging in these classical crossovers, numerous popular beauty influencers have participated as well. Which beauty gurus have embraced partnerships with musicians to augment their content?

Jeffree Star

The top name is likely Jeffree Star. With over 16 million YouTube subscribers and a massively successful independent cosmetics line, he is a titan in the online beauty space. His videos featuring Lindsey Stirling’s violin music along with compositions by Hunter Davis have accumulated tens of millions of views.


Dutch makeup artist Nikkie de Jager of NikkieTutorials (13 million+ YouTube subscribers) helped pioneer collaborations between musicians and beauty vloggers via her immensely popular 2018 video with Hunter Davis. She continues to integrate music, most recently featuring the German cello rock band Apocalyptica.


With 5 million YouTube subscribers, Kelseyanna was an early adopter of music/beauty collaborations through multiple videos partnering with Lindsey Stirling. 


 The innovative collaborations between classical musicians and beauty influencers have taken the online world by storm, captivating audiences from both communities with their unique blend of musical artistry and cosmetic creativity. 

Pioneered by trailblazers like violinist Lindsey Stirling and pianist Hunter Davis, these partnerships have showcased the natural synergy between the emotive melodies of classical instruments and the visually stunning transformations of makeup tutorials. As the trend continues to gain momentum, attracting the attention of top beauty gurus like Jeffree Star and NikkieTutorials, it opens up exciting opportunities for brands to get involved through product placement, sponsorships, and merchandising. 

With the potential for further growth, innovative fusions, and even mainstream integration, the future looks bright for these boundary-pushing collaborations that celebrate the harmonious marriage of classical music and the art of beauty.lix, and more. 

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