How to Make Curly Hair Grow Down Instead of Out?

How to Make Curly Hair Grow Down Instead of Out

Adding weight to curls can be a daunting task if you have little to no experience on the subject, and even the information found online is only somewhat useful. If you are struggling with tight curls that tend to spring up rather than down, you might be ready to try just about any treatment or routine to add some weight to those curls.

If you have thick or extremely curly hair, then some of the products to tame your curls might not be doing such a great job. Fortunately, there are several distinct steps you can take to get you on your way to curls that fall down rather than up. 

Start With A Good Cut

The first step to anything is setting a strong foundation to start building on, and in the case of curls, that means getting a haircut we can work with. The main goal here is to keep your layers long. By having your layers be lengthy, you can add significant weight that will work to prevent your curls from springing up.

The ideal length you should keep your layers does naturally vary depending on the specific person, but here is a good general guideline you can follow if you are unsure of what you are looking for.

  • If your hair extends below your shoulders, then you should keep your shortest layer at least 10 inches long. 
  • In the case that you have medium-length hair, then ideally, you should keep your shortest layer around 6 inches. 
  • Finally, if you have chin-length hair, then your best bet is to keep your shortest layer at around 4 inches.

Get Blended Layers

Despite wanting to add weight to your curls, you need to be careful about adding too much weight. If your hair has more weight than needed, the curls will start to poof out the bottom. To prevent this, you should get blended layers. Blended layers without weight lines should be good enough to remove any excess weight.

Keep Your Hair Long

According to this study, hair growth varies per person, but we can establish that the average individual can grow half an inch per month, and over the course of a year they can expect to gain 6 inches. That means that growing your hair is a slow but effective way to weigh your curls down. The longer your hair is, the better off you’ll be at keeping your curls growing down. This rule is true regardless of any curl type you might have, so don’t be afraid to let your hair go past what you normally would.

Get the Right Products

Once we have our foundation, we can start focusing on the next key part of the whole process, and that is getting the right products for your curls. You should start off by avoiding any product that adds volume or boosts your roots. This is because adding volume to your hair will separate your curls and make them lighter. Finally, as a general rule of thumb, avoid any products that include alcohol, as they are known to make your hair frizz up. 

Get Moisture Into Your Hair

Moisturizing your hair will go a long way toward making your curls grow down. The best products you can get for this effect are both conditioners and shampoos since they are absorbed by your hair without issue. Getting moisture into your cuticle will be a very effective way to add weight to your hair.

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of such products online, so it may be difficult to find the correct conditioner and shampoo for you. If you are having trouble picking one out, look for ones that have a good reputation and plenty of user reviews.

Here are some things you should look for in conditioners and shampoos:

  • Make sure that both conditioner and shampoo are sulfate-free, as this substance can damage your hair. 
  • Check to see whether the product you are looking for is pH balanced, as your skin can be sensitive to this.
  • Avoid products that contain phosphate as it works similarly to sulfates.

Use Natural Oil on Your Hair

While your hair does produce its own natural oils, sometimes the process could use a bit of help. Oils have a good track record when it comes to helping out your hair, and curls are no different. Use natural oils such as olive, jojoba, and black seed oil to elongate your curls and even add some weight to them.

Most oils do have the same or similar effects, but some are especially good at certain aspects. For instance, coconut oil works really well on dry hair, so be sure to do plenty of research before buying a product. Once you have your oil, pour half a teaspoon on your hands and apply it to your damp hair.

Deep Conditioner

Deep-conditioning your hair has plenty of benefits. For starters, it will moisturize your curls, keep them under control, and keep them well-defined. Deep-conditioning has to be part of a hair care routine that is done every week or so. You have to apply the conditioning to your hair and wait for ten to twelve minutes before removing it. 

To see better results from deep-conditioning, wrap your hair with a warm, damp towel during the whole duration you keep the conditioner on your hair. 

Drying Your Hair

A typical hair towel dries up your hair by rubbing it through the fabric, a process that can make your hair frizzy. A better method to dry your hair is to let your towel dry your hair by blotting instead of friction. For best results, it would be good to invest in a microfiber towel that is extra gentle on your curls. Starting from the ends, gently scrunch your hair starting from the ends. The less you mess with your curls, the more defined they will end up being. 

Leave-in Conditioner

The main focus when drying wet hair is to not manipulate it excessively, but that can leave you vulnerable to tangles. To fight against this, use a leave-in conditioner. This product will help you detangle your hair without having to comb it too much.

There are plenty of options that are geared to helping with curls, so look for one that best suits your needs rather than a generic leave-in conditioner. The leave-in conditioner is very light, so you can apply it without much concern about adding weight.

Wide-tooth Comb

We already mentioned that you will have to comb your curls to prevent tangles, but a normal comb will do more harm than good. What you want to use is a wide-tooth comb that won’t mess with the natural curl pattern of your hair but instead simply detangle it. If you want, you can also use your fingers to comb your hair as long as you don’t do it excessively and are gentle. 

Air Dry or Disuffer

If you have curly hair, then you might already be aware that a blow or air dryer is not something you want to mess with. After you have used a microfibre towel and combed your hair, let it air dry in a well-ventilated space. If you are short on time and need to get your hair dry as fast as possible, then you can also use a diffuser as long as it is on low heat. 

Don’t Let Your Hair Stress You Out

This article serves as a comprehensive guide that goes over the steps you can take to make your curls grow down, but there are other factors that play a large role in whether you will see success or not. Unfortunately, genetics is a big part of how your hair will look.

You can do plenty with products and routines, but ultimately, the foundation is what everything is built on. Some people will have a very difficult time getting their curls to grow down, while others will not. Everyone’s hair is different, so don’t be discouraged if you struggle more than others.

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