How to Make Your Hair Less Curly?

How to Make Your Hair Less Curly

If you have naturally curly hair, then many people are likely to consider you to be lucky. Many people go to great lengths to achieve curly hair, such as resorting to perms, the use of hair rollers and other methods that require the use of heat. Despite the fact that many people desire curly hair, if you would prefer hair that isn’t quite as curly, then there are ways of achieving this goal. Here is an overview of some easy ways to minimize your curls.

How to make your hair less curly?

If you would like your hair to be completely straight, then professional straightening may be the way to go. This process involves the use of a chemical and heating process, as well as the application of certain products. Your hair will remain bone straight for between four and six months, and you can still use a flat or curling iron to add soft curls for extra body. 

Use a flat iron

If you’re not interested in having chemicals placed in your hair, then investing in a high-quality flat iron is a great alternative. Using a flat iron will enable you to straighten your hair at your leisure without using potentially damaging chemicals in your hair. With a flat iron, you can control the amount of heat that you use, as the higher the temperature, the straighter your hair will be. 

If you do choose to flat iron your hair, be sure to do so only occasionally, as regularly straightening your hair can damage your curl pattern and make your hair more prone to frizz. 

Use a blow dryer to get it straight

Using a hairdryer is another way to make your hair less curly. Just like with a flat iron, with a hairdryer, if you don’t want very straight hair, you can use a medium or low temperature, but if you want it as straight as possible, you can ensure the temperature is set to high.

Get rid of your hairbrush

While most people believe that brushing their hair helps it to grow, for some people, especially those with extremely curly hair, brushing it can actually do more harm than good. A hairbrush has the potential to not only damage your lovely locks, but it can also contribute to frizz, which can make your curly hair look an absolute mess.

Using products to get rid of frizz

If your curly hair is frizzy, then it might cause it to appear even curlier and puffier than usual. By using hair products that repel frizz, you can make your hair more manageable, and seemingly less curly. With the abundance of anti-frizz products currently on the market, it might be difficult to determine which products are the best. You may simply have to conduct some research in order to find products that will more easily meet your needs. 

It’s easy to believe that certain products will be effective, yet they aren’t, so you might simply have to try out various products before you’re able to find the ones that work best to manage your super curly hair. Here are some different types of products that you might want to consider.

  •  Smoothing shampoos and conditioners – smoothing shampoos and conditioners contain specific ingredients that prevent  your hair from becoming frizzy and “big.” The ingredients in these shampoos and conditioners are able to repel humidity, so your curls will remain attractive, bouncy and manageable. Don’t allow the amount of these types of shampoos and conditioners that are currently on the market to overwhelm you, and you can ask a professional hairdresser to recommend the best brands.
  • Smoothing creams – smoothing creams are products that you add to  your hair after shampooing and conditioning it, and they’re supposed to add even greater protection from humidity, so your hair remains manageable and free from frizz. Again, there are many to choose from, so be sure to read the reviews.
  • Defining curl creams – these types of creams will define your curls, making them more prominent and curly instead of frizzy. There are many to choose from, so you might want to choose a defining curl cream from your favorite brands, which might increase your chances of finding an effective defining curl cream.

Refrain from touching your hair often

Once you’ve styled your hair for the day, you should refrain from touching your hair in order to retain your hairstyle. The more you touch and play around with your hair, the more unruly and frizzy your hair will become, which makes your curls appear less prominent. Frizzy hair also appears flat and lifeless, as well as unattractive.

Get a professional haircut

By opting for the right haircut, your curls can become more enhanced and defined, as well as better shaped. By having a professional cut your hair into a cute style, perhaps you can learn to embrace your curls instead of trying to get rid of them. If you’re not sure how you want it cut, ask the stylist to show you some possibilities and even make a recommendation. 

If you’re not happy with the cut, don’t be afraid to speak up. An exceptional stylist will attempt to fix things until you’re happy, as long as the problem isn’t that too much hair has been cut. 


Managing curly hair can sometimes seem nearly impossible. However, with a bit of patience and determination, you can find the best way to minimize your curls and make your hair look its absolute best. Whether you end up getting your hair professionally straightened, or you opt for a chemical-free way of managing your curls, hopefully, you will be 100% satisfied with the results.


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