How to Remove a BB Cream Stain From Your Clothes?

How to Remove a BB Cream Stain From Your Clothes

I have discovered that as much as I love to apply makeup, I do not like the process of removing BB cream from my clothes. I know that I am not the only one who feels so disgruntled when on my way out, and I find out I have that awful blotchy stain.

Or worse, someone that I am meeting points out that I have a stain on my clothes. It makes me seem dirty and irresponsible, a haggard if it is an exquisite outing or that vital job interview.

You might probably be feeling sleepy at night, and while removing your clothes, you slip up. The BB cream will end up on the garment. You will only find out during laundry how much a chore it is to get rid of it.

In this article, I have looked for solutions that work for me whenever I accidentally get that awful BB cream stain on my clothes. I hope that they will come through for you too.

Role of a BB cream on your skin:

Some of us might not know the importance of BB cream in our skincare routine. Believe it or not, the formulation of the cream took place in the 1960s, but it became popular during the 2000s. The abbreviation stands for blemish balm or beauty balm.

If you are unfamiliar with it, what you should is that it is an all–in–one product that acts as a sunscreen, skin treatment, moisturizer, foundation, and concealer. It comes with multiple benefits that include brightening your skin, hydrating, blurring imperfections, enhancing and smoothening the face. In a nutshell, it is skin protection plus makeup all in one application. But you can also choose to wear makeup after you apply it. That is why it has become very popular with American women.

If you have oily skin, then you can apply BB cream alone. However, if you have dry skin, you might opt for a moisturizer or a serum just after you have done the cleansing. You can use your fingers, a sponge, or an ideal makeup brush to apply it.

When I wear the BB cream, it lasts for about six to eight hours on my skin, which is quite comforting. A fun fact is that the nourishing ingredients of the cream are slowly absorbed in your skin each time you wear it. However, I need this on my face and not my clothes. So, you can imagine my anguish every time I discover that I have stained my clothes with BB cream.

BB cream contains ingredients like SPF sunscreen protection. Such materials do not allow your skin to breathe freely at night when regeneration and rejuvenation take place. Before you sleep, remember to remove all traces from your skin using a makeup remover or a suitable cleanser. It will also be a disaster if it spreads to your pillowcase, sheets, and blankets.

Simple items you can use to remove BB cream:

Just as with all other stains on your garments, you should remove the stain caused by the cream before you launder it.
1. Dull table knife- You can begin by lifting solids away from your cloth. I always turn to a blunt table knife because it seamlessly removes the stain without so much effort.
2. Credit Card- You either have a credit card in your purse or have access to one I know I do. Just as it comes in handy when shopping, it is a must-have for every girl who applies makeup. If you discover that you have just stained your favorite dress or blouse, do not panic. Just use your credit card calmly and use the edge to scratch the solid of the fabric.
3. Makeup remover-Just as you use it to remove BB cream from your face, you can also utilize it to remove it from your clothes in case you stain them. Place a small amount of the makeup remover directly on the stain, and because it is a garment, wait for some time before you blot it out.

Proven hacks that remove BB cream from your clothes:

1. Pour water on the area with the stain:

Wet the area with cold water as it will help to break up the stain. I always prefer to pour water on my hand and sprinkle. It will help soak the area and not dampen it. If you do not want to get your hands wet, you can use a spray bottle. I would recommend that you do this with delicate garments as the spray bottle works magic.

2. Pour liquid soap on the stain:

It seems cheesy, but a kitchen item such as a simple dish-washing soap can help to remove a BB cream stain. As a tip, never use a dishwasher detergent as it tends to be harsher. I always prefer dish soap as it has the potential to bust grease and oil. I like it as it is gentle and can easily remove oil-based makeup stains like BB cream.

3. Use a damp cloth to rub the detergent:

Look for a damp cloth, scoop out detergent using it and place it on the stain. You can also use your finger to spread detergent. However, you must be careful when doing this. Ensure that you only place the detergent on the stained area. I also like to use other materials to get detergent when it comes to delicate garments. I always go for the back of a spoon or get that toothbrush that I no longer use. Be careful with the toothbrush. Make sure it has soft bristles.

4. Use a clean, dry towel to blot the area:

The above items might be hard to find. However, you can rush to the bathroom and get a clean towel. Use it to lift out the stain by gently pressing it against the area. Avoid rubbing or wiping it as you can end up smearing the dirt all over the garment, which will be costly as you will have to wash the entire clothing.

What to do next:
Rinse the spot
If you used a detergent, rinse the area with cool water to remove any detergent or makeup. If you discover that the garment is still stained, use a towel to blot the area and repeat the process. It is easier to repeat it severally to ensure that I get rid of the stains completely.

For stubborn stains, go for laundry detergent:
If you try to remove the stains but hit a snag even after using all these ways, use a laundry detergent. Be sure to read the labels so that you do not end up destroying the garment.

A BB cream is every lady’s favorite makeup item. Not only is it beneficial and works smoothly, but it also keeps women looking stunning throughout the day. Cleaning a stain from a BB cream does not have to be a daunting task use the above methods, and you will be smiling while at it.

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