How To Wear A Cheer Bow With Short Hair (Tips Included!)

How can you wear a cheer bow if you have short hair

Lately, I spend my evenings talking to a girl living in New York City! That’s a whole lot of kilometers away from me, but thanks to the internet we can do it! We met on the internet on a forum about makeup. We started talking and soon found out that we had the same worldview and of course interests!

On one of our last chats, she told me that she is a cheerleader and that she has to train a lot! This was something that I was not familiar with (we don’t really have that here in The Nederlands). She told me what she had to do, the things she loved about it, the things that were challenging and she told all about her outfits!

She also told me that she was thinking about cutting her hair a bit but that this maybe was difficult because she had to wear a cheer bow! She googled some things about how to wear a cheer bow with short hair, but couldn’t find any answers.

Since she knew that I found these things interesting, she asked me if I could look for her how to do it, and that is exactly what I did! I turned the things I found in a blog post for her and you to read! She was really happy with it and hopefully, you are too!

So, how to wear a cheer bow with short hair? Mainly you have two options. You can either use a hairband bow in the same style as the team bow, or you can do a half up. A half-up is where you put the top half of your hair up so that you can still put a bow in your hair.

Below I’ll elaborate a bit further on this.

Half up hairstyles to wear a cheer bow

As I said above, going for a half-up hairstyle can probably help you a lot with putting a cheer bow in your hair.

Cutting your hair short is something many girls sometimes think about. But if you often have to wear a cheer bow, you may think this is awkward. Nothing could be further from the truth because it even has a few advantages!

For example, your hair isn’t in your face anymore! This will save you at least 15 times getting your hair out of your face in an hour and a half.

It is also true that it often takes you less time to get your hair in shape.

When I went looking for answers to the question this girl asked me, I also found someone who did cheerleading and had short hair. She said that her hair was always done half-up. It was teased all over, poof and her bow were on top of it.

Below I will post a video in which different half-up hairstyles are made. This way you can get inspiration for how to do your hair when it’s short!

Using a hairband bow for cheerleading

Besides the fact that you can go for a half-up hairstyle, of course, that’s not the only thing. There are plenty of girls who find it hard to wear their hair half-up, have a haircut that can’t (if it’s really very short), or just don’t want it because it doesn’t feel right, for example. Then a hairband bow in the same style as that of the team is something that is super handy!

Now I have to honestly say that not every coach is a fan of this. What you can do is consult with them, because it’s no problem for the same!

In my search, I have come across enough girls who use a hairband with a bow when cheerleading. Again, if this bow is in the same style as the rest of the team, it is often not a problem.

If your coach doesn’t mind you using a hairband, it’s also easy. It will cost you a lot less work to get your hair right if this is hard for you anyway!

Some bonus tips to wear a cheer bow

Upon further reading, I also found some tips that can help you. If you have really short hair, for example, it might not be easy to go for a half-up hairstyle. Here are some tips that might help you:

1 – Put gel in your hair and then comb it up. This way you might just have enough to attach the cheer bow to your hair!

2 – This may sound weird, but you can use a hair extension that matches your hair color. Some of the extensions come in clips, ties, or some come with hair clips that you can attach. This way you can superglue the cheer bow to the hair extension and make the hair extension so that it looks nice with your hair :).

Final thoughts

There are periods in your life when you would like to cut your hair shorter. Because you are tired of your hair because you want to make a statement at school, or just because you think it’s incredibly cool.

If you do this, it can be hard to wear your cheer bow with your short hair. After reading this article I hope you have at least had enough opportunities to do it! Whether it’s with a half-up hairstyle, a hairband, or hair extensions, there are always possibilities!

However, I would like to say that if you would like to use a hairband, you can discuss this with your coach. Don’t be afraid to just ask them! You don’t do anything wrong and maybe you can come to a nice solution together!

Are you a cheerleader yourself and do you have any more good ideas on how to wear your cheer bow with short hair? Then let me know! So many more people could use the tips :).

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