Is airbrush makeup good for oily skin?

is airbrush makeup good for oily skin

Let’s talk makeup for a momentous occasion such as a wedding. Let’s go even further and say you’re standing up in said wedding. You start to calculate the long hours your makeup will need to endure with few if any precious moments for a touch-up. Who wants to stop dancing just to check their face?

So what are your options for makeup that can endure it all?

Option A: You can follow suit with the bride and have a professional airbrush makeup application; however, you know your skin, and your skin is–gasp–oily. You want to have complete control over your greasy prone skin, but is airbrush makeup good for oily skin?

Option B: You can rely on your standby routine making sure to prime a little extra, use a setting powder, and even apply a finishing spray while having some products on hand for touch-ups–you know you’ll need them regardless of what your typical foundation claims.

Without a little know how, you may be tempted to lean towards Option B and rely on your traditional application techniques, but this may not necessarily be the best choice in the long run.

Is airbrush makeup good for oily skin? Airbrush makeup is actually the ideal choice for those with oily skin because of its long lasting wear and flawless finish. Some formulas are even designed to reduce oil production on the skin and boast healthy results for those struggling against excessive oil production.

So if you have oily skin, should you turn to airbrush makeup as a solution?

At first, Airbrush makeup is a bit daunting for a couple of reasons. You either need to pay a hefty fee as well as a tip to get it done by a professional, or you need to learn the ropes yourself with an at home airbrushing kit that will require a bit of practice; however, practice makes perfect–especially when it comes to your skin.

Airbrush makeup is an ideal choice for a myriad of reasons. Once you learn how to use your airbrush products, it’s actually faster to apply airbrush makeup than traditional makeup. In addition, it’s more hygienic since you don’t have to use your fingers to apply or clean any brushes (honestly, do you really think you’re cleaning them with the regularity suggested?). Airbrush makeup also creates a flawless, photo finish–something that simply cannot be achieved with regular makeup. It can help hide fine lines, and guess what? It’s amazing for oily skin!

So can airbrush makeup really conceal oily skin and other blemishes like acne scars?

Absolutely. Airbrush makeup is designed specifically to give a picture-perfect, flawless finish. If you’ve ever paged through a magazine featuring beautifully made up faces or gawked at celebrities and their prefect skin, think airbrush makeup.

Not only does airbrush makeup conceal flaws like acne, scars, bruises, and more, it is also the ideal choice for those with oily skin because of it’s long lasting wear. In addition, because airbrush makeup is so lightweight, it actually tends to be a bit more drying so it can certainly help counterbalance issues with oil. Some products on the market today actually decrease oil production on the skin–a definite win win.

Is airbrush makeup better for your skin than traditional makeup?

Airbrush makeup is ideal on skin that is well hydrated and it boasts less aggravation to the skin. There’s no harsh blending, sponging, brushing, or any touching at all. If you have oily skin, or skin that’s prone to blemishes, traditional makeup application can actually make things worse. Fingers are dirty while brushes and sponges need cleaning often. fingers and brushes can create a vicious cycle with oil.

Airbrush makeup uses minimal, lightweight coverage to produce a flawless look that is both long lasting and silky smooth. There’s no need to glop on excessive product to maintain false confidence because let’s face it, traditional makeup just doesn’t hold up to oil and will eventually leave a greasy shine.

So how do I prepare my skin for airbrush makeup?

First and foremost, you want to pay attention to your skincare regime. Use a good cleanser and try to rid your face of dead skin cells that airbrush makeup could cling to since it tends to adhere more to drier areas. It is also imperative to apply a good moisturizer and wait until your skin is completely dry before applying airbrush products. If you have oily skin, you may be tempted to skip moisturizer. This is a mistake. Your skin will overcompensate with even more oil–the last thing you want.

While primer is usually not necessary when using airbrush makeup, should you choose to use it, it’s important to consider whether your airbrush makeup is water or silicone based. If you really want to use a primer, follow suit with your airbrush makeup. For instance, when using a silicone based airbrush formula, choose a silicone based primer for best results.

How do I prevent airbrush makeup from being cakey?

No one wants cakey makeup, especially if you’re going to the trouble of both purchasing an airbrush makeup system and learning how to correctly use it. Most makeup artists agree that cakey airbrush makeup is almost always due to the application process and it’s usually because the operator is applying way too much.

Airbrush makeup is designed to be lightweight and thin while also offering the flawless complexion we’re all longing for. This is why it’s important to apply it correctly. Always hold the wand at least 4-6 inches from your face and pay attention to your application technique. Do you tend to move the wand back and forth? If so, you may find your skin with some strange streaks.

Instead, move the wand in a circular motion and unless you’re concentrating on a blemish, do not move the wand closer than 4-6 inches from your face. You also want to consider the style of your airbrush. Is it single or double action? If you have a double action airbrush, make use of the trigger which emits different amounts of makeup depending on the pressure applied.

In addition, you should also start on the lowest compressor mode and slowly work your way up. It may sound silly, but some makeup artists insist on practicing with the back of your hand or on a piece of paper to understand not only your machine, but the results you’re trying to achieve.

What if the makeup settles into fine lines?

oh, the dreaded fine lines that are inevitable to us all. If you have them, you’re always looking for ways to reduce their appearance. Most makeup artists agree that airbrush makeup tends to hide fine lines better than traditional foundation, but you need a little know how.

It’s important to consider airbrush product variety. Yes, it can be just as daunting as the variety of regular makeup, but with a little research, you can find a product that is best suited for your skin, your age, and your desired look. With that in mind, there are certainly products designed for fine lines.

Many experts suggest not only researching the product claims, but also the product base. Water based products tend to be more forgiving on fine lines because they create a natural look. Furthermore, skin tends to absorb the water and allow the makeup to blend more easily with the skin rather than settling into fine lines.

So does airbrush makeup still work for older skin?

There are certainly products available that tote benefits for mature skin. You’ve most likely seen some infomercials with airbrush makeup taking years off skin, but it isn’t magic. It will definitely cover blemishes, age spots, and other imperfections consistent with becoming “older and wiser,” but nothing will completely diminish wrinkles. If you’re simply looking to minimize and whisk away discoloration and other skin flaws, airbrush makeup will certainly help, but it’s not great for dry skin, and again, it’s not a face lift.

How long does airbrush makeup last?

Do you ever find yourself anticipating a long day while knowing you will have virtually no way to touch up your makeup? This is exactly why airbrush makeup is often coveted for weddings and brides are willing to spend hundreds of dollars for it. Why? Possible the best asset of airbrush makeup is how long it lasts.

Drum roll please: airbrush makeup often lasts 12 hours or more! Makeup artists usually calculate that it lasts at least 6-8 hours longer than traditional makeup. This is a huge perk and also why more and more people are turning to both professional and self applied airbrush makeup.

So as you prepare to stand up in a wedding that will surely be at least 12 or more hours, hopefully you choose option A with airbrush makeup–oily skin and all. Your makeup will last into the wee hours of dancing, eating, and socializing with no touch ups necessary.

If you chose option B with your standard makeup routine, you may find yourself in the bathroom a bit more you’d like. And no, it won’t be due to the jalapenos in the appetizers. Your oily skin will need blotting, powder, and possibly concealer and foundation touch-ups more than once.

Do your oily skin a favor and try airbrush makeup. Whether you opt for a professional application, or you choose to go on a DIY airbrush journey, you’ll certainly be happy with your investment and the long wear it offers.

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