My Curly Hair Is Cut Too Short and I Don’t Know What to Do

My Curly Hair Is Cut Too Short and I Don’t Know What to Do

Several years back, people preferred having their hair straight. However, most people accept that having naturally curly hair is amazing. Most people are in love with curly hair due to the several benefits. Since curly hair does not provide numerous braiding options, most people prefer trimming to maintain a high neatness level.

However, cutting the hair too short can destroy the natural curls. Most people do not know what to do if their hair is cut too short. Below are some tips on how to fix a bad haircut.

My Curly Hair is Cut Too Short. What can I do About it?

Receiving a bad haircut can be a very bad experience. However, one can follow some easy steps to help fix the short haircut and hide the problem areas or let it grow and fix the few mistakes made. Another important step is to develop preventive measures to avoid getting a short haircut that could affect your appearance.
Putting up the right attitude can help you recover from a bad situation. Maintaining a good hair care habit is important to grow healthy and fast. Below are some of the ways to cope with a short haircut.

Get Used to the New Look

Despite being a shocking experience, you can still make the best out of the situation. You may find it difficult to accept the situation, especially when used to having long hair. You can apply different mechanisms to help improve your look, such as:
• Trying out a second cut to enhance the appearance
• Avoid covering your hair with hats or scarves
• Search for different short hairstyles from celebrities with short hair
• Use gels to make the curls more outstanding

What Happens When You Cut Curly Hair Short?

Most people perceive that a short haircut could ruin their curls. The reality is that it does not alter the way the hair grows. A haircut could enhance the way your hair curls. Long hair stretches due to the weight making the curls looser. Therefore, the shorter the hair, the springier the curls appear.

Haircuts Remove Dead Ends

Receiving a haircut helps to remove dead ends. Dead ends are the oldest section of the hair that has undergone several hair processes. Dry, split, and damaged sections of the hair affect the curl formation of the hair. Removing dead ends helps spring up your hair making it wavy and bouncier hence easy to maintain.

It Helps Maintain Healthy Hair Conditions

Most people often think that trimming the hair could lead to rapid growth. In reality, trimming assists in keeping your hair in a healthy condition. Damaged sections will always drop off when left unattended and could destroy your curls.

How can I hide my Bad Haircut from Curly Hair?

Make use of Hair Accessories.

You can use bobby pins and headbands to conceal the damaged areas of your hair. Bobby pins and headbands come in different attractive colors that you can use to match your hair. Stretchy headbands are the most preferable as they offer more comfort and style.

Put up Some Extensions.

Hair extensions are ideal for those who cannot put up with short hair. It acts as a temporary fix to the damaged hair before it grows again. Some extensions are made using real human hair, providing you with an exact representation of your natural hair. Once you put on the extension, you can curl them to the same style damaged when you received the haircut.

How to fix a Bad Curly Hair Cut

Try Out New Hairstyles.

It would be best if you did not view a bad haircut as a disaster but an opportunity to try out a new hair design. You can use different curling machines to add the intensity of curls within a very short period. These machines allow you to choose between right and left-facing curls and help cover the hair’s damaged parts.

Emphasize Adding the Volume and Body

Replacing the hair length overnight is impossible, but you could give it a fuller look. You can achieve this by using different hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, and other styling products to add to the bulkiness of the hair shaft. Some of these products contain active ingredients such as biotin, keratin, and silk amino acids that aid in the process.

Adopt a New Hair Color

Depending on your preference, you can change your hair color to blonde, brown, or red. This move could be the best option in case of a bad haircut. It diverts the attention cutting become less important, and color remains more prominent.

Massage Your Scalp Every Night

Massaging the scalp helps in the proper blood circulation and oil distribution at the hair roots. It helps in encouraging hair growth. Doing a five-minute scalp massage is easy and only requires using your fingertips to apply slight pressure.
Detangle any wet hair using a wide-toothed comb. Always begin from the middle as you go down to avoid snags.

How to Avoid a Bad Haircut From Your Hairdresser

Ask for Recommendations for a New Stylist

One can get a good stylist by getting recommendations from friends or family members. Avoid walking into any hair salon and asking anyone to prepare your hair. Recommendations could also help identify salons that specifically deal with curly hair. You can also search through the internet and check out reviews given by clients.
This move can help you map out the best salons in your area.

Consult With the Preferred Stylist Before Getting Started

If you were unhappy with your last haircut or getting a new stylist, scheduling a consultation before having a haircut is important. You can take this chance to explain to the professional about previous mistakes made and what you would love in your new cut.
It allows the stylist to understand your needs and suggest some of the best haircuts that match your face.

Carry a Picture Showing Your Most Preferred Style

The best way to explain your demands to your stylish and avoid miscommunication is by carrying a picture portraying the style you want. Pictures provide a visual representation of the final appearance. You can get the pictures from a beauty magazine or the internet.
An experienced stylist will explain how the haircut will look on you and whether it’s a good option based on your physical features. It helps avoid surprising looks after the haircut is done.

Tell the Stylist About Your Styling Preferences.

Explaining to the stylist how you style your hair helps get a cut that matches your preference. Explain to the stylist what you want and don’t like by telling them whether you want to attain more volume or retain the hair length. However, you should also be open to some suggestions provided by your stylist.

Go to the Salon When Styled.

It is best to go to the salon with your hair styled. Most hairdressers love to cut the curly hair when dried and in a natural state. When you style your hair, it helps the hairdresser cut it to the most preferred style, giving you a great look and avoiding surprises.

Learn the Styling Language

Apart from finding the best salon, learning the different styling and cutting techniques is also important. It will help you communicate with your stylist on the type of cut you want. Some of the few styling and cutting techniques include:


Dusting involves the removal of damaged ends but still maintaining the hair length. The stylist only cuts a quarter inch of the hair that targets the dead and damaged part of the hair.


Texturizing involves cutting the hair at an angle to provide a more tapered look rather than cutting across the hair. Most curl lovers prefer this style as it provides a more natural look.

Blunt Cutting

You can opt for blunt cutting for those who do not love Texturizing. It involves cutting the hair across. It helps to enhance the overall definition and retain the length. It offers more protection since the strands have the same size.

Invisible Layers

This technique helps in eliminating the weight in extra thick hair. It involves snipping hair sections that are hidden beneath other layers. It is the best option for those wishing to grow their hair but maintain a voluminous style.

Dry Cutting

Most stylists prefer cutting dry hair. It helps them pay close attention to the pattern and how the hair falls.

Final Verdict

Receiving a haircut helps maintain a high level of neatness. When the haircut is too short, it destroys the curly appearance. However, this does not make the curls disappear, and it is best to remain patient as you wait for the hair to grow.

If you cannot cope with short hair, you can use different techniques to help conceal the mess. However, neatly cut hair makes it appear bulkier and bouncier. Try and identify the best cut that suits your facial appearance to help guide your stylist on what to do.

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