Why Does My Hair Color Only Last Two Weeks?

Why Does My Hair Color Only Last Two Weeks

It seems that more people are dyeing their hair nowadays.

One out of three women dye their hair, and it’s not an easy task. If you value quality, it isn’t just time-consuming; it’s also quite costly.

You probably love your dyed hair, but an issue may arise later on.

It seems like some people who color their hair don’t get to enjoy it very long. Some folks lose the color they worked hard to achieve in two weeks, which is a real shame.

The following will help illuminate why this is happening and what can be done about it.

Why does my hair color only last two weeks?

Two weeks isn’t good.

The truth is that your hair color should last between four to six weeks. If you’re using a permanent hair dye, then you shouldn’t have to retouch your hair for about six to eight weeks.

If your hair color is fading in two weeks, you’ve got an issue.

The following are some reasons this could be happening to you:

Excessive Shampooing

One crime against a hair coloring treatment is excessive shampooing.

Most people don’t think about this. They think they can go back to normal after they color their hair, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The more you wash your hair, the faster the hair color will fade.

It makes sense that most people have grown up thinking that washing their hair every day is necessary. Some people even take it a step further and wash it multiple times a day.

Stop doing this, and you’ll keep your hair color longer.

Stripping Shampoos

The shampoo you use can make a big difference. If you don’t pay attention, you could buy a shampoo that could strip your hair color quickly.

Don’t get mad at your shampoo when this happens. It’s doing what it’s supposed to do.

The job of the shampoo is to strip your hair of dirt and grime, but if you’ve dyed your hair, you need to factor that into your choice.

You want to stay away from shampoos with many sulfates. This is the agent that strips your hair.

Opt for gentler shampoos. Better yet, look for shampoos that are color-safe, and you’ll be happy you did.

There are several brands, like Love Beauty and Planet that offer great sulfate-free solutions.

Hot Hair

Hot hair is another issue that could fade your hair prematurely.

Colored hair is quite sensitive. You have to be ginger with it or you risk breakage, and heat doesn’t help. If you apply heat to your hair, there’s a good chance you’ll cause damage.

Too much heat sucks up your hair’s natural moisture, leading to breakage. If you do this enough, you’ll lose all that color you worked so hard to achieve.

If you’re wondering what you’re supposed to do with your hair when it’s wet and you got stuff to do, hold your horses.

You can still use hot styling tools. You just have to lower the temperature a bit, and always apply heat protection before you use these tools.

If you do that, you’ll protect your hair color, and preventing hair damage is another plus.

Hard Water Issue

Hard water could be the reason your hair color keeps fading.

A lot of people have hard water running through their homes, and they might not even know it. This type of water causes all sorts of issues, like damaging your pipes, and it may even discolor your clothes.

If all that wasn’t enough, it can lead to hair damage and strip your dye.

This happens because hard water contains too many minerals, like magnesium among others.

High amounts of these minerals have the same effect as sulfates, which is why you don’t want to wash your hair with hard water.

The only thing to do is have your water tested. If you do have hard water, then consider installing a water softener system.

Incorrect Hair Dye

Perhaps the problem is that you chose the wrong hair dye.

The two types of dyes you want are semi-permanent or permanent dyes. The issue is that there are also temporary hair dyes in stores.

These don’t last too long, and this could be the reason why your hair color is fading too quickly. Be sure that you aren’t purchasing temporary hair dye.

Be careful with the marketing language used because sometimes that could be misleading.

Confirm that you are buying semi-permanent or permanent dyes before you buy something that says it’s ‘long-lasting.’

Blame the Color

The problem you’re having could be associated with the hair color you’re using.

The hair color that causes the most issues for hair color enthusiasts is red. That bright, fiery, red color that some people love won’t stick to your hair for too long.

Sure, you can get the permanent red dyes to have a better chance.

You could even get the highest quality dyes, but all of that won’t solve the issue.

Red is a problem because red color molecules are too big and won’t penetrate your hair the way another color will.

Do your best to consider moving away from this color if you want your hair color to last. It’s heartbreaking to hear this, especially if you love red, but that’s just the reality.

Hot Water Rinse

No one in their right mind will rinse with cold water. If you want to keep your hair color as long as possible, you’re going to have to lose your mind a bit.

If you love steamy showers, you’re going to have to cool the water down a bit before you rinse your hair.

Heat opens up hair cuticles.

That’s the last thing you want because that means the color pigments you worked hard to fuse into your hair will escape.

They will go down the drain.

Try to start rinsing with cold water so that you protect your hair. If you can avoid using hot water in your hair at all costs, then do so.

The Sunny Fade

UV rays are not your friends. These rays are too powerful and could hurt your hair color given enough time.

Most people don’t know that their hair is just as sensitive to UV rays as the skin.

This gets worse if you’ve dyed your hair because these rays can deteriorate all those color molecules you added to your hair.

You’ve seen this when outdoor furniture fades because it’s exposed to the sun too much.

What you want to do is protect your dye by wearing a hat or beanie when you go out.

You could also use a sunscreen hair spray before you go out if you want to show off your cool colors. Sprays like these are relatively inexpensive and can make a big difference.

Missing Seal

As mentioned earlier, you need to be sure those hair cuticles are always sealed.

If they aren’t, then the hair color molecules are going to escape quicker. This is something many folks don’t think about or address.

The good thing is that you won’t be one of those folks. You’re going to seal those cuticles whenever you need to, like after showering.

When you finish showering, rinse your hair with cold water you washed your hair.

After blowdrying your hair, press the cool shot button to seal those cuticles. Try to use the lowest heat setting when blowdrying.

Swimmers Head

Swimmers may also deal with this fading issue because of chlorine.

Those who swim in natural bodies of water don’t have to worry about this, but if you swim in chlorinated pools, then that could be an issue.

Chlorine is too harsh on the hair and any hair color you use. It won’t only cause your hair dye to fade; it might even discolor your natural hair with enough exposure.

You need to be sure to reduce your trips to these pools or clean your hair thoroughly after every swim.

What to do when your hair dye doesn’t hold

Okay, so there are a few things you can do when you encounter this problem. The following are some things that could help retain your hair color:

  • Invest in high-quality hair dyes.
  • Seal your cuticles (by exposing your hair to cold after showering).
  • Avoid chlorinated water.
  • Wash your hair with purified water.
  • Protect hair from heat.
  • Use color safe hair products.
  • Avoid washing your hair as much as possible.
  • Use dry shampoo more than regular shampoo.

If you do some or all of them, you’ll be able to make your hair dye last much longer. It’s hard to get used to new hair routines, but if you love dyeing your hair, then getting used to these makes sense.

You can also talk to your hair care specialist to find out if there are other things you can do to maintain your hair color.

Are there hair colors that fade slowest?

You know that red hair dyes fade faster. Since this reality exists, there must be a color that doesn’t fade quickly, right?

The answer is brown. This is one of the most common types of hair colors, and it’s the one with the strongest staying power.

Brown color molecules penetrate hair much deeper and faster, which is the reason this is the one you want if you desire longevity.

Once brown starts to fade, it turns into another shade of brown. You could sport that new shade of brown for some time before changing your color again.

How to take care of colored hair?

Taking care of your colored hair isn’t too hard. You already learned a few things to help prevent the fade, but the following should help, too:

  • Don’t wash during the first 72 hours after dyeing.
  • Only use color safe hair products.
  • Always use hair products with UV protection.
  • Protect from humidity, so shorter showers is smart.
  • Eat protein and iron-rich foods to give hair color it’s luster.

Now, you know everything there is to know about hair color and how to make yours last longer than two puny weeks. If you want additional guidance, talk to your hairstylist. This professional is knowledgeable and can help.

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