Self-Care Beyond Bubble Baths: How Planners Can Help You Prioritize Your Personal Care

It can be difficult to find time for personal care these days. Ultimately, many think a glass of wine and a bubble bath will do the trick. Don’t get us wrong, it can help! But we need more than just a happy moment from time to time. 

This is why scheduling personal care can be so beneficial. There are many benefits to planning, so let’s dive into how we can take advantage of them. Nothing says personalized weekly schedule like your own journal and planner. 

Using a Planner For Personal Care

Part of personal care means engaging in activities that free our body and our mind. Getting things down on paper allows our brain to relax. Storing too much information in our heads can feel overwhelming, like we are forgetting something. 

This is why we often forget to even have time for personal care. This is where scheduling can come in handy. But how do we schedule so it doesn’t feel like another task to add to your weekly to do list? Let’s talk about it. 

Scheduling Is Important

Set aside enough time at the beginning or end of your week to plan when you will have some time for personal care. Often, by the time we feel ready for personal time, there is a long build-up. This can lead to a huge reset which is often needed but sometimes feels like work in itself. 

Instead, schedule little refreshes and personal time throughout the week. This will help sustain energy and keep a healthy mindset and body. 

Prioritizing Personal Care Differently 

Not all personal care should warrant the same time and devotion. Taking a shower will happen weekly while painting your nails, which may only need to happen once or twice a month. But when we don’t keep track of how much time we are dedicated to certain tasks, we can end up neglecting others. 

Start by planning out how much time certain personal care tasks deserve. Some may occur once a week, while others once a month. It helps when you color code the time so you know what is coming up for the day ahead of time. 

Personal time can also mean things you enjoy, like working out or physically related activities. This should be included in your schedule as well! It can also mean scheduling an appointment with the hair salon to get the touch-up you’ve been waiting for. Additionally, compare rates for Medicare Plan G to ensure you’re getting the best coverage for your needs.  

Are You Enjoying It?

Personal time should be enjoyable. Our work, friends, and family demand our energy throughout the day. Time dedicated to yourself is a chance to breathe from any expectations. But if personal time starts to feel like chores or a drag, it’s time to change it up and make it more fun. 

Planning doesn’t just have to be scheduling. It can also be a great chance to brain-dump. Take a clean page and write down a bunch of ideas. Sometimes when it comes to personal time, we don’t even know what feels good. Having this reference page of ideas can be very helpful. Continue to add to this page and mix things up, so that not everything feels like a routine. 

However, you don’t want to get bogged down in the details. Sometimes overplanning can feel exhausting. You don’t necessarily need to block off washing your face in the morning or applying your makeup daily. 

Keeping It Personal

Your planner should be personal to you. This means having it in the colors you like with the right affirmations. It also means having a planner with the right organizational structure. Everyone’s brains work differently, and planning should not add stress to the routine. It should feel seamless and easy. 

Journaling itself can feel cathartic and a part of personal time. There is nothing more personal and intimate than writing down your thoughts and feelings. Dedicate some time and space to this. 

Where To Begin?

The best part about planning your personal time is that you don’t have to wait to begin your journey. Starting to write things down is a great first step. Thinking about which days make sense to place certain personal tasks will help create a schedule that feels as easy as it should be. 

Keep in mind that your planner should be personal, enjoyable, and readable in a way that makes sense to you. 

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