Simple Pendant Designs in Gold

Simple pendant designs in gold are a classic and elegant jewelry choice. Gold pendants can add a touch of shine and personality to any outfit. From minimalist geometric shapes to engraved initials, gold offers versatility for personal13 style. Read on for our top pendant designs ideas to find inspiration for your next gold necklace.

XO Gold Pendant

The XO gold pendant is a romantic and meaningful design. The “XO” represents “hugs and kisses” – a universal symbol of love and affection. An XO gold pendant makes for a thoughtful gift for a partner, family member, or close friend.

Gold is treasured for its warm, glowing hue that seems to radiate positive energy. An XO pendant in shiny 14k gold captures this light beautifully and can be engraved for a personalized touch. Delicate and feminine, an XO necklace sits comfortably on the chest close to the heart – a reminder of bonds between loved ones even when apart.

Heart Pendant

The heart is arguably the most recognized symbol of love and romance. A simple gold heart pendant is an elegant way to signify relationships and deeper connections. From tiny delicate hearts to more sizable statement pieces, heart pendants reveal their wearer to be a hopeless romantic.

Mini screw-back heart pendants work nicely for layering with other dainty chains. Larger heart pendants may feature diamond or gemstone accents for extra sparkle. Gold offers the flexibility to opt for yellow, white, or rose gold metal hues to match jewelry wardrobes. Due to its softness, higher karat gold is ideal for maximizing the intricate engraving details many heart pendants exhibit.

Initial Pendant

Initial pendants remain a staple jewelry box addition for good reason. Showcasing the first letter of one’s name in shiny gold allows the wearer to put a personal stamp on any outfit. Initial pendants may appear plain and simple from the front, while the backside reveals engraving opportunities.

From modern angular fonts to swirling cursive lettering, initial pendants utilize specialty engraving so one’s initial pops with dimension. Engravings may include designs, dates, names, or inspirational messages further customizing the pendant. Those preferring a more discreet option can request small initials engraved onto round or geometric pendants made modern.

Bar Pendant

The versatile bar pendant lends itself well to both bold looks or pared-down style. Bar pendants work especially nicely when coordinating several necklaces together. Skinny plain gold bar pendants contrast beautifully against chains like lariat and choker styles.

For those seeking to make more of a statement, bar pendants can exhibit diamond or gemstone embellishments across the front. Horizontal pendants also provide ample space for customized engraving – from messages to signatures or motifs. Bar pendants translate effortlessly from day to night whether layered with other gold necklaces or worn solo making them a jewelry box essential.

Birthstone Pendant

Birthstone pendants allow the wearer to showcase their unique personality while featuring their special birth month gemstone. Traditional birthstones hold unique symbolic meaning and are associated with attributes specific to each month. When featured on gold pendants, birthstones exhibit their dazzling colors and fire set against warm, luminous gold metal.

Round bezel-set pendants work well to encircle and protect delicate stones in a halo of gold. Vintage-inspired gold filigree adds feminine detail contrasting nicely against vivid gem hues. Custom birthstone pendants also present thoughtful gift ideas for loved ones. Due to family connections and special symbolism, personalized birthstone and engraved pendants tend to become treasured heirloom pieces.

Family Tree Pendant

The family tree pendant offers a special way to cherish loved ones while expressing personal style. Family tree pendants may be designed with dangling birthstone charms or formatted horizontally similar to tree branch shape. Custom options engraving family member initials or names within delicate wirework or onto gold disc charms.

The family tree pendant allows the wearer to carry the meaningful connections of relatives close at heart daily. The symbolism also works nicely for those wanting to grow their families in the future with space to continue adding new initials. Due to sensitive engraving details and potential for customization, family tree pendants work better with higher gold karats when budget allows.

Cross Pendant

The cross pendant holds deep symbolic meaning for people of Christian religious faith as one of the most universally recognized emblems. The cross takes on many size and design varieties when crafted into gold pendant form. Delicate petite crosses layer beautifully with other gold necklaces. Meanwhile, statement cross pendants hang solo as shining testaments of faith.

Larger cross pendants allow room for more ornate filigree metalworking and engraving capacity. Some cross styles incorporate diamond accents or colorful gemstone arrangements at the cross intersection. Three-dimensional crosses lend added dimension as light filters through cutout sections beautifully. Due to personal nature, cross pendants make for particularly meaningful gifts for religious events.


Lockets carry rich history as wearable vessels used to hold tiny treasures close to the heart. Lockets feature interior compartments safely sealed by an exterior clasp or lock. While lockets traditionally stored mini portraits or locks of hair, modern updates may house tiny folded notes, inspirational quotes, or symbolic charms.

Gold lockets range widely in shape, size, and design. Petite circular framed lockets work nicely when layered with other dainty gold necklaces. Larger rounded or oval lockets hang solo on longer chains – the ample surface area great for engraving of monograms or messages. Heart-shaped lockets probably remain the most romantic and popular for gifting one’s sweetheart.

Constellation Pendant

Constellation pendants provide an artistic way to celebrate zodiac signs by recreating star formations in dazzling diamonds. Individual custom pendants map out meticulously charted constellations like Aquarius or Sagittarius sparkling beautifully against midnight blue enamel backgrounds. For broader appeal, some designers compose more generalized Northern sky star charts still identifiable by the Big Dipper or Little Dipper patterns.

Zodiac constellation pendants carry deeper meaning with their symbolic interpretations of astrology and personality. As wearable miniature star charts, constellation pendants fascinate with their innovative translating of astronomy into artistic jewelry keepsakes. Due to the stellar price tag resulting from intensive craftsmanship, constellation pendants make impressive heirloom gifts or personal milestones.

Cursive Name Pendant

Cursive name pendants elegantly spell out the wearer’s full name in flowing script reminiscent of a signature. Since gold suits detail engraving well, cursive name pendants come to life courtesy the dimensional rendering shadowing each intricate letter. Depending on length, name pendants may sculpt names downwards on a slight diagonal or curve words artfully across the round disc pendant surface for visual harmony.

Since cursive name pendants typically only accommodate one name, they make highly personalized solo necklace statements. Customization extends beyond swirling lettered names to also potentially include birth dates, initials of loved ones or words that hold special meaning. When it comes to owning jewelry as unique as your signature, cursive name pendants fittings the bill – and the budget too!

Geometric Pendant

Geometric pendants exude striking simplicity in their elemental forms and clean symmetrical lines. Ranging from basic shapes like circles, squares and triangles to more complex polygons and crisscrossing angles, geometric pendants project effortless bold impact. The dimensional nature of geometric pendants makes for light to dance across ridges beautifully.

Pure geometric forms project harmony in their balanced proportions and intentional asymmetry. As a versatile jewelry staple, no-fuss geometric pendants freshen up the traditional gold necklace with a modern abstract edge. Larger pendants work best solo as artful statement pieces. Tiny delicate geoshapes layer perfectly with other dainty gold chains in mix-and-match stacks.

With limitless forms possible, geometric pendants offer the opportunity to get creative. Some designs incorporate subtle sparkle accenting select angles or open spaces with tiny diamond chips. Engraving enhances dimension too by highlighting symmetrical grooves or negative spaces artistically with more texture and visual interest.

Key Pendant

Petite gold key pendants carry symbolic meaning as the keepers of secrets suggestive of life’s little mysteries. Skeleton keys conjure images of unlocking insight or knowledge. More modern geometric key designs still nod to their traditional heritage while feeling fresh and contemporary.

Keys worn on necklaces date as far back as ancient Rome when archers carried keys as protective talismans. Over time, miniature key pendants gained sentimental value in storytelling and gift exchange traditions as tokens of secrets, answers, memories or affection. Gold key pendants still represent unlocking hidden elements like wisdom, truth or love so the symbolic tradition carries on.

Delicate key pendants lend themselves well to engraving opportunities on the key bow or blade. Customization only amplifies sentimentality lending deeper meaning to tiny key shapes including initials, dates, or messages undisclosed to anyone…except the one who holds the key!

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