What Conditioner to Use to Dilute Hair Dye (How To Get Results)

What conditioner should you use to dilute hair dye and why should you dilute at all

Getting a pastel color in your hair, restoring the fading color, and protecting your hair are all reasons to dilute your hair dye. Often this is done with conditioner and therefore the question “What Conditioner to Use to Dilute Hair Dye” is an important one. 

It is also important to know how to get the best results. Is that by using deep conditioner or should you use a toning shampoo…

That’s why you’ll find the answers to all these questions below! We’ve also made a selection of the best conditioners to dilute your hair so you can be sure you’re buying the right one when you start!

How and Why You Should Use a Conditioner to Dilute Hair Dye


  1. To achieve different pastel hair colors
  2. To make a color rinse to help restore fading color
  3. To protect your hair
  4. To lighten your shade of color


 • For different pastel hair colors…

 Want light pink hair instead of Fuschia hair?

  1. Buy the color of your choice, whether that be pink, blue, purple, green, etc.
  2. Mix 1/3 cup of white conditioner with 1 tsp of your color choice. This step is imperative to immediately achieving pastel-colored hair. Skipping this step will result in bright-colored hair instead of pastel-colored hair.
  3. Add more color and/or more conditioner until you see the shade you want in your hair.
  4. Apply to your hair like you would regular hair dye.

 • To make a color rinse…

 Is your color fading between hair appointments? 

  1. Mix your regular conditioner with 1/2 tube of the same hair dye that’s currently in your hair. You want the mixture to be the same color as the shade you’re trying to restore your hair to, so mix it very well until you have the right shade.
  2. Starting at your roots, apply the mixture, evenly coating your hair all the way down to the tips. Note that it is very important to start at your roots instead of going from tip to root.
  3. Let the mixture sit in your hair for 20 minutes.
  4. Rinse out, and enjoy immediate results.

 • To protect your hair…

 Want to color your hair without causing excessive damage?

  1. Select the hair dye of your choice.
  2. Add conditioner to the mixture before applying it to hair.
  3. Apply dye (with conditioner in it) all over your head.
  4. The follicle will be protected as it absorbs the color.
  5. Enjoy your freshly-colored hair, and know that less damage was done to your follicles in the process.

 • To lighten your hair…

 Had dye job gone wrong? Wanting a lighter shade of color?

  1. Mix equal parts of hair dye and conditioner.
  2. Apply evenly all over hair (like you would any normal dye).
  3. Let it sit for the amount of time that’s indicated on the dye packaging.
  4. Rinse, and enjoy a lighter shade of the color from the boxed dye.

The 5 Best Conditioners to Use to Dilute Hair Dye

  • This Tresemme conditioner is a great start. In addition to moisturizing dry, brittle, and damaged hair, it contains vitamin E and biotin.
  • This Pantene conditioner is a great choice for a color rinse. It will help your hair hold color vibrantly and keep it moisturized.
  • This L’Oreal Paris conditioner doesn’t contain any sulfates, parabens, or dyes, so it’s safe to use without interfering with your desired color results.
  • This Function of Beauty conditioner is perfect if you have naturally curly hair. With no parabens or sulfates, this conditioner won’t mess with the color you’re going for if you want pastel-colored hair. Jamaican black castor oil will also moisturize your hair, which is essential for color-treated curls. 
  • This Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner might do the trick for you if you’re looking for a higher-end product. It contains vitamin E and argan oil and also helps protect your hair from heat damage.

Tips for Getting the Best Possible Results With Diluting Hair Dye

Read the ingredients. If you’re mixing conditioner with bright-colored dye to achieve a pastel look, make sure that the conditioner you choose is free of parabens, sulfates, or other ingredients that could affect your color.

Read the instructions on the dye box. All hair dyes come with photos of what the color will look like with different hair colors/shades. Keep this in mind as you mix the dye with your conditioner.

Mix your dye and conditioner thoroughly. While keeping #2 in mind, be picky about your color. If you’re going for a pastel look, assume that the color you’re mixing is the color you want in your hair. If the color is too dark, dilute it with more conditioner. On the other hand, if the color is too light, add more dye until you reach the shade you want.

Use silicone whisks or plastic utensils to mix your color. Using a metal spoon could cause your color to rust, could oxidize your hair color (the color wouldn’t show up), or could cause a harmful chemical reaction, none of which would make for a very nice dye job! You can also use a brush to mix the dye without risking any of those issues, but whisks and plastic utensils are easier to work with.

Don’t shampoo or condition too often. The same conditioner you use to dilute your hair dye could fade your color if you use it too often (without mixing it with anything). The same goes for shampooing. Use dry shampoo to help extend your wash day, and follow the directions on your shampoo and conditioner to ensure you are properly using them.

Rinse with cool/cold water. Another way to make your hair color last longer is to rinse out your shampoo and conditioner with cool/cold water. The heat in hot water will sadly fade your color faster.

Avoid parabens and sulfates. While these are critical to not affecting pastel hair color results, these are also important on a daily basis. Parabens and sulfates are known to lighten and/or fade the color. So, unless you’re trying to lighten or fade your color, read ingredient labels carefully, and steer clear of parabens and sulfates.

Final thoughts

So, now you know all about diluting your hair dye and exactly why you would do this! So, as you’ve read, it’s not difficult at all. It is a matter of buying the right conditioner to dilute your hair dye the right way and it is also important to maintain your hair properly in order to enjoy this effect for as long as possible.

The most important thing and I often repeat this, is to take it easy. By this, I mean that you should take the time to do this kind of thing (such as thinning your hair dye). There’s no point in rushing it because it won’t improve the results. Take your time, read well, and make it a fantastic experiment!

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