How to Get Rid of Manic Panic Hair Dye?

Do you want to know how to get rid of manic panic hair dye fast? Learn it here!

There are lots of women who color their hair regularly and do so with great joy! Most of the time it has been lots of shades and they take great pride in that… But sometimes, it just has to be gone soon.

A few days ago, a woman emailed me and said that she had colored her hair with Manic Panic hair dye (the atomic turquoise one). The problem was that she had an interview the next day which required her to be formal. Since her hair color wasn’t formal at all, she asked me how she could remove the Manic Panic hair dye quickly. 

I helped her, but think that this information is not only helpful for her, so that’s why you’ll find all the information you need below!

How to Instantly Remove Manic Panic Hair Dye

The good news is that Manic Panic isn’t made to last forever. The color usually lasts no longer than six weeks, though for many it fades far faster than that. This is especially true if your hair was darker, to begin with. Still, you might want to remove the dye instantly rather than wait for it to naturally fade. 

Hot Oil Treatments

Hot oil treatments have long been used to remove build-up from hair products. Did you know these treatments can remove semi-permanent hair dyes as well? Use a hot oil treatment that is purchased from a beauty supply store or make your own.

Regular Shampoo

It will take longer than hot oil removal, but you can simply wash your hair several times to remove Manic Panic hair dye. Any type of shampoo should suffice, but clarifying shampoos are best for hair color removal. Adding baking soda to the shampoo will help to speed up the removal process. The color will completely wash out given enough time.

Soap Cap

There is a trick that is known to most people who have tried to dye their hair fun colors using Manic Panic. The soap cap involves combining bleach and hair dye developer with shampoo before saturating the hair. This is not recommended. You could end up causing significant damage to your hair by mixing and applying these chemicals. At best, you may strip the Manic Panic along with your hair’s natural color.

Hair Color Remover

Any beauty supply store will have a box or bottle of hair color remover. These products are meant as a last resort as they are often extremely harsh. They usually include bleach, which will remove Manic Panic hair dye along with your natural shade. Like the soap cap, if used incorrectly, a hair color remover can cause major damage.

Professional Removal

The fastest and most assured way to remove Manic Panic hair dye is to visit a salon. Your stylist will be able to expertly remove the hair color while also ensuring your hair isn’t damaged. This is also the most expensive method, which may cause you to want to look in other directions.

Step-By-Step Manic Panic Removal

Follow this method for removing Manic Panic hair dye. It has been shown to work even on those with naturally light hair. Likewise, this removal process should work for removing any type of semi-permanent hair dye, not just Manic Panic.

Removing Manic Panic with Hot Oil

1. Follow heating instructions on hot oil hair treatment package or heat 1/2 cup olive oil in a microwave-safe container for one minute. More olive oil may be needed if your hair is very long or very thick.

2. Wait until the oil is cool enough to touch (it should still be hot, but not so hot that it burns the skin).

3. Rub the oil into the hair that has been dyed with Manic Panic. In most instances, it is wise to start at the roots and work your way through the rest of your hair. If you have only dyed the tips of your hair, you can focus your efforts there. 

4. Tightly wrap your hair in plastic. Do not simply use a loose, disposable shower cap. The plastic wrap needs to be firm and cannot let any air in. This keeps the oil hot and allows it to penetrate your follicles.

5. Wait a minimum of 30 minutes. It will not damage your hair to wait longer, though once the heat from the oil has cooled it will not be as effective at removing hair dye.

6. Unwrap your hair and wash with a clarifying shampoo. 

7. Allow shampoo to rest in your hair for a few minutes before rinsing.

8. Repeat as needed until the dye has been completely removed. Most Manic Panic users will not need to repeat these steps. However, if your hair is naturally very light and the shade of Manic Panic you have chosen is very dark, you might need to perform these steps multiple times.

Post-Manic Panic Removal Hair Care

Regardless of the method you use to remove Manic Panic hair dye, your hair may become dry and damaged. There are multiple ways to counter this.

Nourishing Shampoos

You need a clarifying shampoo to help remove Manic Panic hair dye. Clarifying shampoo is also excellent for removing chemicals that are caused by overuse of hair products or spending time in areas where dirt or smoke might settle in your hair. However, clarifying shampoos are extremely harsh and will strip your hair of natural oils that are needed to keep the follicles healthy. Your regular shampoo should be nourishing and hydrating. Look for sulfate-free shampoos when shopping.

Regular Conditioning

It is worth the investment to purchase a good conditioner. Your hair needs that extra level of hydration to avoid the dryness that can cause your hair to break. In fact, immediately after you have removed Manic Panic hair dye, you should treat your hair with some conditioner and leave it in for a minimum of three minutes before rinsing out.

Leave-In Conditioner

A Leave-in conditioner is a good alternative because it continues working well after your shower is over. A good leave-in conditioner will give your hair bounce and shine while also protecting it against elements that can cause additional damage.

Hair Mask

A hair mask is meant to provide your hair with deep penetration of oils and minerals to make it healthy and strong. You can purchase an excellent hair mask at any beauty supply store or a salon. You can also make your own! Combine one part honey and one part coconut oil. Apply to your hair and let it rest for 20 to 30 minutes, and then shampoo and condition as normal. This mask helps to restore damage, is a low cost, and can be done as often as you like. For an extra boost of shine, add one part of apple cider vinegar to your concoction. 

Hot Oil

Hot oil isn’t just for removing Manic Panic hair dye. It also helps to restore your hair when it has been damaged. This is why hot oil is the best option for removing unwanted hair dye. Though the addition of clarifying shampoo can cause stress to your hair, the oil itself will help it to be soft and strong by sealing the hair cuticle. You can perform an additional hot oil treatment weekly for the best results.

Split-End Trim

Your hair may have already experienced more damage than can be fixed with conditioning. If you have existing split ends, the only way to improve them is to have a trim. Give your hair the chance to grow again by trimming the ends. The result will be hair that immediately looks healthier and grows faster.

Final thoughts

So, if you need to make sure your Manic Panic hair dye disappears from your hair quickly, you now have all the information you need. Just like the woman who mailed me, the Manic Panic hair dye may need to be removed quickly. Even though Manic Panic hair dye is not made to stay in your hair, it’s still useful to know how to get it out of your hair quickly.

If you have found a way to get the hair dye out of your hair, but it’s not there, please let me know! So together we will make a complete article that will be of use to everyone!

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