Why Does My Hair Curl inwards? (And What To Do About It)

Learn here why your hair can curl inwards and what to do about it

Yesterday I received an email from a woman who had trouble with her hair curling inwards. She had been at the hairdresser’s earlier that week and normally the layers in the hair preventing it from curling inwards. Now the layers weren’t applied this time and now she is having trouble with the end of her hair curling inwards.

She asked me how this came about (do you really only laugh at the layers?) and what she could do about it.

Now I’m sure she’s not the only one with this question or the only one where the hair curls in even though she doesn’t want to. That is why we are paying attention to this today. So, folks, keep pen and paper handy and take notes, because here we go!

So, why is my hair curling inwards?

At first, it’s a good question, but certainly a difficult one to answer. After all, hair that curls inwards has more to do with outside factors than you might think at first. It may just be that this has nothing to do with how you’ve had your hair cut.

So, why does my hair curl inwards?

As I said before, your hair curling inwards can have multiple reasons, and cutting your hair just not right is only one of them. Cutting your hair not just right is a factor that plays a role, sure, and you’ll learn about it towards the end of this article. Below are also several other things that may have something to do with your hair curling inwards.

Changing your hair product

Sometimes the inward curling of your hair has nothing to do with how it’s cut, but more with the products you use. Changing to a different hair product (such as a shampoo) can make your hair look just that little bit different.

Your hair may react differently to your new shampoo than you’re used to from your old shampoo. The best thing you can try, therefore, is to go back to your old shampoo where you didn’t suffer from hair that was curled at the end. This might just make a difference. If this solves it, take a good look at the parts that are different. You’ll probably find exactly what reacts differently to your hair!

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Seasons changing

This probably sounds familiar to many women. Your hair changes in the seasons. If you don’t suffer from this phenomenon in the summer and you do in the winter, your hair may react to changes such as wind, humidity in the air, or cold. Should this be the case, you can choose to straighten your hair with straightening irons. However, don’t forget to protect your hair with a heat protection spray! The last thing you want is heat damage to your hair, split ends, and hair that breaks easily.

That the change in seasons can cause hair that curls inwards may sound stupid, but that’s the way it is! So try to make the best of it by, for example, using a straightening iron. 

Change in hair structure (hormones)

Where we were just talking about the fact that seasons change and sometimes your hair is affected by this, outside influences aren’t the only thing that can cause your hair to curl inwards. There are also hormonal changes that can cause the structure of your hair to change, causing your hair curls to curl inward.

This is also the case with stress. Stress is an important factor in the balance or imbalance of your hormones. Especially long-term or chronic stress can play a major role. Not only on how your body reacts but also on how your hair reacts (although of course these are connected to each other). Do you notice that you have been under stress lately and have your hair curled up? Then know that you need to work on getting these stress levels back down again. There are of course professionals who will help you with this, although you might also be able to find out where the stress is coming from and do something about it yourself.

Your diet can affect your hair curling inwards

Your diet can also play a role in what happens to your hair and how it literally “hangs”. You can read about this in the article about which juices are good for your hair. Your whole body needs to eat healthy food to keep your whole body (and therefore your hair) in good health. Many women think that you can do your hair 100% justice from the outside (with products, creams, serums), but also nutrition plays an important role from the inside.

Have you started eating and drinking differently, or have you implemented certain standards in your diet and then notice that your hair curls gracefully? Then it could just be that these changes have caused this phenomenon in your hair. 

How do you solve this? This is actually quite simple, look at what you’ve changed and adjusted it back to how it was. If the result is that your hair is back to style, you know it’s because of your diet! If you’ve been eating healthier and your hair has started to curl, it might be wiser to keep the healthy food (you still have a nice life ahead of you!).

An appropriate solution would then be to make your hairstyle again with a straightener. Don’t forget the heat protection spray and don’t forget to put a small amount of silicone-based emollient into your hair to keep it shiny and keep some moisture out. Moisture in combination with your hair can also cause your hair to curl gracefully.

Moving to another location can impact your hair curling

This factor is actually somewhat equivalent to changing the seasons. The changes in the weather (such as more wind, higher humidity, etc.) occur not only when the seasons change, but also when you move to a different location!

Have you moved in the last few months and do you notice that your hair is curling gracefully now? Then it’s very likely that the changes in weather conditions at that location have caused your hair to react differently now.

Again you can style your hair by using styling products or, for example, a straightener. Always do this safely and keep your hair as healthy as possible. Buildup into your hair so it becomes greasy is certainly not something you want.

Finally, hair curling inwards after a haircut

We’ve arrived at what the whole article is all about. Cutting your hair in a certain way can indeed make your hair curl gracefully.

Now hopefully you’ve also learned that this isn’t always the case, so don’t run straight to your hairdresser to tell him how annoying it is… Let me at least tell you how your hair may curl inwards after a visit to your hairdresser.

Many women think that cutting into layers always makes your hair curl inward, but this is a misconception. This is not true. It has nothing to do with the fact that you forgot to indicate that you would like to have your hair cut into layers. What it does have to do with is the angle at which the blades of the scissors are held. This determines to a large extent how your hair falls. The angle of the blades of the scissors makes sure your hair falls straight, curls inwards or outwards.

Normally an experienced hairdresser knows exactly what to do to give you straight hair or let it curl inwards or outwards. 

Now, what should you do when it isn’t cut the way you want it and you’re left with hair that curls inwards? 

You can go back to the hairdresser and tell him that you would have liked your hair cut differently. To adjust this, however, you will need to cut a piece of your hair so that it falls straight again. You may not want that. Then of course there is the option to wait two months (so your hair has grown back) and then have it cut the way you want it. In this way, you keep the length you want and you also get the effect you want.

What you really shouldn’t do is:

Cutting your hair yourself so that you can make it now curl inwards anymore.

Never try to cut your own hair. It’s simply not a good idea. Most people (and I’m definitely one of them) don’t know how to cut hair. The odds of cutting your hair better than a professional are 0%. There is no such chance. Probably you’re just exacerbating the problem and that’s certainly not what you want. 

Talk to your hairstylist about the problem if you’re sure it’s because of the recent haircut. Normally they don’t want anything else but to fix this for you!

Final thoughts

So it’s not always the case that your hair curls inwards because your hairdresser has cut it differently than you would like. It can be done, but other factors certainly play a role as well.

If it is the case that you notice that your hair has just started to curl upward, it is wise to look at what has changed in your surroundings. This can be stress, this can be your diet, but also for example moving to another country or another state as you just read.

One of the most important things you have hopefully learned today is never to cut your hair yourself. This will never make your hair better. Talk to your hairstylist or undo the changes in your environment.

In the case of the haircut… Talk honestly to your hairdresser about it. Don’t get angry, but explain the problem clearly. They normally want to solve this for you as well and as quickly as possible!

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