Can A White Person Use Black Hair Products (Yes!)

Have you ever wondered if you could use products that were specifically designed for black people and vice versa? Yes? Then you’re not the only one. There are a lot of people out there who want to know the answers!

Marketers try to cater to a specific good as well as possible, but this doesn’t mean that others can’t use the products… But are they effective you might ask? That’s what you’ll find out today.

Hair of different ethnicities all are different in texture and how you should take care of the hair, but there are also a lot of similarities

Read on to find out if a white person can use black hair products! 

Can a white person use black hair products?

Yes, you can! The fact that marketers “design” something for a specific market, does not mean that you can’t use them. I know that you might be hesitant to try the product, but it’s all about if the products can do something good for your hair, not if they’re marketed towards a specific audience.

I know that the texture of hair from different ethnic backgrounds varies, but for all hair care, moisturizing is the same thing. Everyone can use a moisturizer.

What white people often do not realize is the fact that our scalps are more oily. But often we do so much with our hair that we strip all oil out of it.

This is different from products for black people. Shampoo, for example, has never actually been made with sulfates. Something that is very good for the scalp and is now finally penetrating the industry for “white” products.

White people often make sure that by washing their hair every day, they strip the scalp of the oils they need. Black people have often known this for a long time and use products that do not do this and balance the natural balance better.

Actually, it is very simple:

You need to use hair products that work for your hair. When your hair is dry, use a moisturizer. If your hair is colored, use a shampoo for colored hair. It doesn’t matter if the product is marketed for black people or white people.

All you can do is an experiment and see what works best for you.

If you’re wondering whether a particular product that would be suitable for black people is right for you, you can easily look at the list of ingredients. Know what works for your hair and make decisions based on what you know what you need!

Are their typically “black” products for “white” hair?

The thing that people should consider is that hair comes in textures and properties and not races. As I said earlier the ethnic product thing is a smart move of smart marketers who try to give you the feeling that you need something special.

I’m going to say it again, and again until you fully understand :).

If your hair craves moisture, you need to use a great moisturizer and probably a great conditioner too so that you can take care of your hair and keep it healthy. 

Other brands know this or, just want to make good products (products like shea moisture, kinky curls, curls). The brands that make these products often do not put a black or white face on the package to make it clear that it is for a specific ethnic group. They just put on “for curly-haired people” or something like that so you know that it is the product that you’re looking for.

Is Shea Moisture products for black hair only?

I think I have said it a couple of times already in this article, but no. Shea moisture is not for black hair only. Please don’t care about whether a product is from the ethnic section or not. You should use the products that your hair needs. For some people this might be almost only natural ingredients, people with colored hair need a shampoo for colored hair and people with damaged hair often need a really good conditioner.

There are so many white people who use Shea Moisture and just love it even though it is a black-owned company. 

Just know what your hair needs. You should know about the porosity, density, and texture of your hair so that you can make a good decision on which product to use. You don’t have to look at which race a product is marketed.

Final thoughts

Okay, here we go one last time! Yes, a white person can use black hair products because it is not about race. It is about knowing your hair, knowing what works for you, and making your decisions accordingly. If you know that you need a lot of moisture, please go and grab a fantastic moisturizer.

If that means that you need to buy the moisturizer from the ethnic section because it works like a charm, then by all means, please do! Don’t let a marketers label or someone else tell you what to use. Know about your porosity, density, and texture, and make decisions that way. Because when you know what ingredients your hair needs, you can just look up which product is the one that you need for your hair.

And what if you don’t know which product would be best? Aks a friend or just try and experiment a bit. Now that you know that you can use all the products as long as you know what you need for your hair, you have a whole lot of products to test!

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