Is It Weird For Guys To Dye Their Hair (No, No, No)

Is it weird for guys to dye their hair

Can guys dye their hair?

It is, of course, no problem for men to dye their hair. The products are just for sale, they can look it up and add the most beautiful colors to their hair!

But it doesn’t turn out to be a mainstream thing to dye your hair like a man. It’s funny, or some people even say it’s gay to dye your hair. Let me put an end to this once and for all because this is not the case!

Some men dye their hair because it turns grey

No problem, of course! We, women, understand exactly why you dye your hair and, when I ask around, more and more men are also open to this. Of course, it is not something that only gay people would do. On the contrary, it is about making yourself feel fantastic and getting rid of those grey hairs. Tell me honestly… Who doesn’t want a head full of shiny and beautifully colored hair? Right, everyone!

Men who want to dye their hair in all colors

There is a taboo on this as well. When I speak to men around me, they think it is a kind of attention-grabbing or ‘gay’ thing. When I go off Youtube, I see a lot of men with colored hair (jacksepticeye, ninja, markeplier, and many others). Not something to be ashamed of at all! 

Try to see it as an expression of yourself! Your hair is just an extra something you can use to show the outside world who you are. Are you the man with the most amazingly beautiful fade from black to purple hair ? Fantastic!

What I especially notice around me (even when I ask men) is the fact that both men and women are more and more open to this. For many women, it hasn’t been an issue for a long time, and for men, it is getting better and better!

Here is the most important thing I want you to take away from reading this:

It is not about what other people think of you. Show the world who you are without fear of what others think of you! It is fantastic to do (many are secretly jealous) and of course it looks very beautiful.

If people say it is gay, make it “not gay” and do it with pride. Do you have someone who says you only do it for attention? So what? You know better than that! Enjoy your dyed hair and show everyone who you are!

Have you dyed your hair following this article and would you like to be featured in this blog? Then send me a picture! I’ll put it in this article and together we’ll fight it out and make sure it’s just the new normal!

Do straight guys dye their hair?

YES, THEY DO! It is not something that is only for certain races, or sexual preference, or anything like that. There are lots of straight guys who dye their hair just because they love how it looks. They also dye their hair because it gives them a classy look or to boost their face because together it looks awesome.

Again, it doesn’t matter if you’re straight, gay, black, white, or anything like that. Everyone can dye their hair if they want to! If you want to know which colors would work on you and how to dye your hair, read on! You’ll find the answers below!

When should a man stop dying his hair?

This is a hard question to answer because it all comes down to personal preference. Personally, I would say that you don’t have to stop dying your hair as long as you want to color it. It is as simple as that. As long as you’re okay with it then by all means color your hair.

But, I also think that after a certain age (or point in your life) it doesn’t make sense anymore, or just being grey is something that adds to your personality.

My dad for example is 61 years old (never dyed his hair), and is almost entirely grey. Now, this soothes him! It gives his face more presence and it looks like he is the wisdom himself!

So, for me, I would say that you don’t have to stop coloring your hair after a certain age or any of that. Do it as long as you want and as long as it makes sense to you.

I know someone who dyes their beard but let some of the grey hair sit just because he thinks it looks awesome. Now that is the way to go! 

Again, it is a personal choice! Color your hair or don’t, but make the decision because you want to.

Why do guys dye their hair blonde?

We have seen this happening all over the board and it isn’t a new thing! Remember Robbie Williams in 2016? He dyed his hair blonde and it looked awesome. But also Zyan Malik has portrayed a “fuck-all-I-want-to-do-this attitude”.

Most often we see people doing this to make a statement (besides that it looks good or makes your face really pop sparkles). This statement is often something like “I’m someone outside the normal rules”. What I mean by this is that men who do this often want to scream at the world that they do what they want. Not what society teaches them they need to want or need to do.

Now we also see that people do this for the likes on Instagram, or just because they want to change up their normal routine a bit. 

Obviously, I don’t have all the answers (I didn’t ask all the men with hair dyed blonde), but this is a calculated guess!

how to dye the top of your hair for guys

What do Antoine Griezmann and Zac Efron have in common?

They both had a phase where they dyed the top of their hair blonde and it looked awesome! So I can guess why you want to try it too! 

Now it isn’t as complicated as you might think. I don’t know if you have ever seen a video on how to normally dye your hair, but it is pretty much the same. The only thing that is different is the fact that you don’t do all of your hair. They also call the balayage foil technique.

I’ll describe the steps you need to take below. If you prefer to watch a video you can do that too. Below you’ll find a video that lets you see exactly what you need to do to dye the top of your hair. 

It is not rocket science, but you need to take your time and follow the steps correctly.

Here’s the video:

If you want to know how to do this with darker hair and with less of a change in color, the next video is something for you.

In this video, you’ll see that the hair dye is only applied to the tops of the hair of this guy. So, as I said earlier, coloring the top of your hair is just like a normal dye routine but then you do only the top!

Here’s the video:

What colors should guys dye their hair?

If you now are convinced that you shouldn’t let only the women have some coloring fun, you might want to know which colors are fun to try! You can experiment with a few highlight/lowlights or you can go all in!

Below are some ideas that you can try.

Purple and pink

If you want to go all-in, this is something for you. It looks like a rollercoaster on your head! Do you want to be the Lady Gaga among all your friends? This is how to do it.


A little less of a rollercoaster, but still a daring thing to do. Get your hair mixed up with bright colored lines like blue, purple, orange, and red. You can get nice lines and colors in your hair that way!

Platinum waves

Do you want to look like a pop star? Or are you a big Anime fan? Then this is the way to go. If you have darker hair you can go for platinum waves and you’ll most certainly look very cool!


Do you want something that is less daring than the above? Then you can opt-in for subtle highlights. With highlights, your hair remains its natural color and has some subtle lines of a color close to your natural hair color. It makes your hair “more alive” and looks cool. This is can even be so subtle that people who don’t know, won’t notice it.

Silver Ashy Blonde

This is also a look that is more on the natural side of things. If you have naturally lighter hair (blonde), you can go in with a silver/ashy color to make your hair stand out. The fun thing about this is when the toner begins to fade, you’ll be left with a clean, ash-blonde look!

Final thoughts

I really hope that you now deeply know that you can do whatever you want! Don’t listen to what other people are saying. No, it is not weird for guys to dye their hair. Quite the opposite! It is fun to do, it looks amazing and it can give you the confidence boost that you want!

Are you ready to give yourself the greatest hair color you’ve ever had? Then go for it and let nobody tell you otherwise. You can do with your hair what you want. It doesn’t matter what other people think of it!

Happy experimenting!


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