Can Bamboo Silica Change Hair Texture?

Can Bamboo Silica Change Hair Texture

It may be hard to imagine all the layers of our being, but we are made up of many things, such as molecules and nutrients. Everything that makes us who we are is important and helps create this perfect image of ourselves.

One thing that we have a lot of within our bodies is silica. This trace element is the third most abundant element in our bodies, which shows you how important it might be.

Sadly, most of us are deficient in silica, and we continue to lose this as we age. Now, how does this link to your hair?

Well, silica can help thicken and strengthen your hair, which is the reason many folks are turning to bamboo silica for hair health.

Some may wonder if this element will also change their hair texture?

Does Bamboo Silica Change Hair Texture?

It doesn’t change your hair texture, but it may look that way if your hair isn’t healthy.

Silica is quite abundant in the body and facilitates the production of collagen. This protein is important for your hair. If it’s missing, your hair won’t feel as good. It might be brittle, and your hair might start to thin. If your hair is not given what it needs, the damage could lead to changes in texture.

By introducing silica, you’ll give your hair what it needs to restore itself. If you notice that hair texture changes, it’s the result of your hair returning to its natural state.

If It Doesn’t Change Texture, What Does It Do?

Why is silica so important?

As mentioned before, it is capable of restoring your hair’s natural state, and it does this in a number of ways.

Past of the reason your hair isn’t what it used to be is that it’s not getting the nutrients it needs. Collagen is present during the first stages of hair growth.

It’s there to help your hair grow thick and strong. Sometimes, your natural hair texture is buried in weak hair strands.

You get used to that texture and think it’s natural, but it’s not. Introducing silica will improve collagen content in the body, and that helps restore your hair texture.

It goes beyond that though. The silica element will also make it easier for your body to feed your hair additional nutrients.

This can help return your hair’s luster and volume to its natural state. If you have a problem with shedding or breakage, then adding bamboo silica should help reverse these issues.

Why Should You Choose Bamboo Silica?

The truth is that silica is everywhere. It can be found in many foods, both vegetation and meat products.

While there was a time when you could get all the silica your hair and body needed from food, that’s no longer the case.

Companies that produce food continue to find destructive ways to accomplish their goals. They want to produce the most and spend less doing it to increase their profits.

Businesses use bad farming practices that hurt the soil and rob plants of nutrients. If the plants aren’t getting what they need, then consumers won’t either.

The most effective way to consume all the silica your body needs is to turn to bamboo silica.

What’s So Special About Bamboo Silica?

Now, it’s time to address what makes bamboo so special.

The first thing you should know is that bamboo is the richest source of silica. Most people don’t need more than that, but I like to be as thorough as I can be.

Bamboo contains more than 70 percent of silica. That’s a large amount of natural silica, and it’s yours for the taking. The next best source is horsetail, and that contains about five percent though some eager horsetail plants can contain up to seven percent.

This information shows you why bamboo silica is a prize among beauty enthusiasts.

Keep in mind that silica also helps improve your skin and nails. These changes boost your self-esteem, which does wonders for your overall beauty.

Bamboo absorbs silicic acid from water and converts it into organic silica.

Most of the silica is stored in the leaves, but you also find some in the root branches. The silica you consume is called SiO2.

All this makes bamboo special and the reason you need to rely on bamboo to obtain the silica your hair needs so badly.

Don’t worry about sustainability, which is something many people worry about. Bamboo happens to be quite sustainable, so you can feel great knowing that your reliance on bamboo is eco-friendly.

I had to mention the eco-friendliness of bamboo because I know many of us care about sustainability.

What Changes Will You Experience With Bamboo?

Now, you know that bamboo silica isn’t going to change your texture. You also know that your natural hair texture will come back, thanks to silica.

These changes will have a positive effect on your hair. One big change you’ll notice is how easy it is to comb your hair.

Sometimes, the reason folks have a hard time combing their hair is that it isn’t strong enough.

The weakness forces you to be careful to try to protect your hair. While there’s nothing wrong with being careful with your hair, not having enough silica causes you to be too careful.

Silica will make hair management much easier.

Better hair management isn’t the only thing you’ll experience. Some folks say their hair gets much silkier. Again, this isn’t a change in texture but rather your natural texture being set free.

Thanks to silica, all those nutrients your hair was desperate for finally get where they need to go. You’ll love touching your hair after this.

The dryness issue will be reduced if not eliminated.

Your hair will have an easier time absorbing the moisture it needs now that you’re giving it the nutrients it needs to be as healthy as possible.

Those who had problems with hair conditioners or other hair products that wouldn’t do what they were supposed to may start to see some improvements.

Sometimes, nutrient-deficient hair doesn’t react well to hair products, but you’re taking a big step with silica.

You won’t feel like you’re wasting your money on products that aren’t working.

Keep in mind that healthy hair reacts better to natural products rather than products with harmful chemicals.

This means more moisture and nutrients in your hair, which will strengthen it. This strength creates another change you’ll like. You’ll feel like you used a hair relaxer.

A person with 4a hair type might end up with 3c hair type with silica.

Again, this isn’t a change though it feels like it. Your hair is just returning to its natural state.

How to Take Bamboo Silica?

Bamboo silica could be taken in many ways, You can just take a pill. The supplement is easy to add to your daily diet and could be taken virtually anywhere if you happen to travel a lot.

Now, that’s not the only way you can consume silica. You can purchase the bamboo leaves and dip them in hot water to make tea.

This is a delicious way to consume bamboo silica. Plus, it’s so relaxing. There’s something magical about drinking a warm and soothing tea that you simply can’t get from a pill.

The most beloved way to use bamboo silica if your goal is to care for your hair is to apply it topically. There’s nothing wrong with consuming it because it’ll still help that way, but topical applications offer quicker results.

You’re going to need the bamboo extract powder. Once you’ve obtained the powder, you can figure out how you’ll apply it to your hair.

Those who make natural hair products at home, like flaxseed hair gel or natural shampoo, will have the easiest time adding bamboo extract powder. All you have to do is add a little of the powder to your DIY hair products.

For the products you buy at the store, you’ll need to mix some in. Just open the hair product, and add the powder.

The best products to use with your powder are hair oils and hair conditioners, but you can do whatever you want.

Now, you know everything there is to know about bamboo silica and how it will affect your hair or how it’ll appear to affect your hair texture. You also know how to use it effectively to get the most out of it.

You can talk to your hair specialist to find out how bamboo silica can help.

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