How to Ask a Girl to Wear Makeup Without Hurting Her Feelings?

How to Ask a Girl to Wear Makeup

How to ask a girl to wear makeup – can be a difficult subject for most men. Because this question is often met with discomfort and a feeling of not being enough…

I had this happen to me a year or so ago. There was this guy that I was in class with and we slowly became friends. Then, after a couple of days, he came up to me and asked me if I wanted to wear more makeup because it would make me look more beautiful. This was, as you can imagine, not the thing I wanted to hear. Am I not pretty enough? What do you mean by “more beautiful?” “Why did he ask that question?” were all questions that I pondered over and over in my head.

Now, this was from some guy that I know only for a couple of weeks, imagine what it would feel like if your boyfriend said this! So my first thought would be: you don’t ask a girl to wear makeup. You just don’t. But I also want to let you hear another voice. Because sometimes your boyfriend for example can ask it in such a way that it’s sweet and without hurting your feelings…

So, let’s dive right in.

How to ask a girl to wear makeup?

Now first off, I want to say again that normally you don’t go up to a girl and ask her to wear makeup. Even when you try to do it without hurting her feelings, you probably can’t and will hurt her feelings.

But, What if you are in a great relationship, you can talk about anything, your communication and sex are great and you just love each other so damn much and he then asks you such a question. What do you do then?

I think it is all a matter of how he asks the question. He probably doesn’t want to hurt you and has your best intentions at heart. Now I can imagine the following scenario:

You are in a relationship for quite some time now and your boyfriend wants to plan a nice evening away and you both would dress up nicely. He asks you to dress up nicely for the fun date and make yourself even more beautiful with some makeup because he loves it on you.

In this scenario would you be angry at him for asking the question if you want to wear makeup? No probably not. You are probably extremely excited about the fun date that you are going to have! See? It all depends on how he asks you.

Girl applying makeup in public

How should you ask a girl to wear makeup?

As I said, I think the most important thing about all is the fact that you are gentle with your question. I know there are some forums out there where this question is asked and guys are getting all kinds of nasty answers from girls because you just don’t ask if your girl wants to wear makeup. And if you ask, you don’t value her enough and should break up. 

I don’t agree with this. I think there are ways and occasions where you can ask for this, or if you just really like makeup on her and want her to do it more often, you can ask her. But, as I said earlier. You have to do it in a way that doesn’t hurt her feelings.

So, how do you ask your girl to wear makeup without hurting her feelings?

Below you’ll find some ways in which you can ask your girl to wear makeup more often.

On special occasions, tell her this:

As I described above, if you want to plan a special day or a special evening and you want her to doll up you have to ask her in a way that she gets excited about it. A fun way would be to leave her a note that says something like: I’ll take you out tonight. Where we’re going is a surprise but I know you’ll like it. Put on something fancy, do your makeup and meet me downstairs at exactly 7.

Why this way? She will just love that you have planned something and have probably looked forward to this for quite some time. There is a mystery and she gets to doll up for you! That is going to be a wonderful night!

Reassure that you find her beautiful

Look, there’s nothing wrong with saying “I like my girlfriend and I like the occasional masterpiece she makes with makeup”. The thing is, is that you first need to know that she feels that you’re attracted to her no matter what. You can tell you on multiple occasions (where she’s not wearing makeup) that she looks beautiful. You have to instill in her the reassurance that she is beautiful.

If you then ask her something along the lines of “I love the way you look, and sometimes you put on makeup and I almost lose it because you are just so damn beautiful! Now I want you to know that I love you, and I want to know if you want to wear makeup more often. I just love it on you!

This way there is no “I love you but (with more makeup on…). There’s the reassurance that you love her and you just let her know that you are flabbergasted when you do have makeup on.

There’s a big chance she loves to do that for you. Maybe not every day, but maybe a couple of times a week. That’s already better, huh?

Now, I also want to say that you have to be prepared to hear a “no”. And there’s nothing wrong with that. You don’t pester her about it or anything. If she says “I don’t find putting makeup on fun and I don’t want to do it”. Then there’s no “I know babe but…) No, you leave it at that.

If you want to see it more, take her on more dates like the one I described earlier ;). See if you can let her see that way that putting makeup on and dolling up is fun. But if it’s still no, then leave it as is. You’re not going to accomplish anything by begging her.

How to ask a girl to wear less makeup without offending her?

How fun would that be! Your girlfriend wears makeup (and maybe a little too much), she takes it off and you find her even more beautiful than she already was!

Now don’t go off and think that this is an easy one because this also can be a sensitive subject. But I think that starting to tell her that she looks way better without makeup is a good beginning strategy! Tell her all the things you like about her when she’s not wearing makeup. Maybe it takes a bit of time but over time she will probably grow fond of the idea and is going to see the beauty in herself!

Try the calm and kind approach

Try to talk to her and tell her something along the lines of “babe, you are beautiful to me. You look so much more beautiful without makeup. Why do you wear it?” You can then go on and have an adult discussion about it. If she is warming up to the idea of going with less makeup or even without, that’s great! If she wants to slowly make it less and less that’s okay too. Support her through the various stages and let her see how beautiful she is!


How to ask a girl to wear makeup, or to not wear makeup can be a delicate subject. I hope by now you have a feeling for how you should go about it and how you should discuss it. Whether you are going to date route or just telling her how you feel I want you to know that both are fine. As long as you take her feelings into account.

As long as she knows that you love her no matter what, you can talk to her like a normal human being and work out something wonderful! Maybe she likes the idea and just wanted to hear a lot of times how pretty she is with makeup, maybe she just thought you didn’t like it that much. Just talk to her and find out how she thinks! That could be a great experience for both of you!

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